First Camp Rock Story

First Camp Rock Story!

Ok, to all those who read my HSM stories…I'm so sorry for not updating in like…3months? But, hopefully a new chapter will be up by this weekend. I've had serious writer's block for them. Sorry!

Ok so, this story is going to be a little different I hope.

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Summary- its Mitchie's third year at Camp Rock. At last year's Camp Shane Grey ended his and Mitchie's one year relationship claiming they'd be better off as friends. Although she was upset she got over it; telling only Caitlyn that she was indeed in love with Shane Grey. Now, with it being Mitchie's third and last year at Camp Rock, Shane's also back for the last time…but, this time, he has a new girl on his arm…

Chapter one- Welcome Back

Blue skies, green trees, log cabins and many adolescents dancing, singing and catching up with old friends. This could only describe one place…Camp Rock.

Mitchie smiled, grateful to be back at the place she'd never forget. In the back of her head that little voice kept telling her though that 'it's the last year you can come here' but, she ignored it. She'd cross that bridge when she came to it.

Looking around her eyes caught sight on a group of people; her friends. Running forwards, leaving her mother with all her bags, she jumped into the middle of the circle.

"Mitchie!" someone squealed before she felt herself getting surrounded by many bodies.

"Hey guys! I've missed you so much!" she exclaimed looking at each person and smiling at all of them.

She noticed how Ella had grown in height slightly however, her hair was still just as long, Peggy hadn't changed one bit except for the few highlights that stood out in her jet black hair. Tess; who she had befriended after her first year at Camp had allowed her hair to grow a bit more, dyed it a darker shade of blonde and also now had a full fringe resting on her forehead. Lola looked exactly the same and Caitlyn, her best friend, had grown about an inch and had her hair straightened; but, that was probably just for today. Mitchie was so glad to be back and to find her friends hadn't changed too much.

"Wow, I can't believe how fast this year has gone!" Tess said once everyone had stopped hugging each other.

"I know, one minute it was Christmas and the next, here we are!" Peggy giggled.

Mitchie continued smiling but, stayed silent. Caitlyn smirked when she saw her best friend barely paying attention to the conversation at hand because she was looking around. Looking for one person in particular.

"He's over there." Caitlyn whispered as a long, stretch limo came into view. It slowly came to a stop and the door opened. Mitchie held her breath only for it to be released quickly when Jason stepped out. He looked about him, looked confused for a moment before opening his arms wide and taking a huge sniff of the forest-y air. Mitchie couldn't help but giggle when she saw a leg swing out and kick Jason out of the way. She sighed when she realised the leg belonged to Nate. Then, as if in slow motion, two legs swung out of the limo, a hand grasped the door and the person heaved himself out. Mitchie's breath hitched when she saw him take off his sunglasses and look around; shaking his hair slightly.

Even in an outfit of skinny jeans, sneakers, and a slogan t-shirt made him look so amazingly hot that all the girls at camp had stopped to admire the rock star that he was.

Just as Mitchie was about to take a step forward, he turned around and reached his hand inside the limo. A smaller, more delicate hand grasped onto his larger one and the person was gently pulled to her feet. Mitchie gulped.

She was beautiful. With long curly, blonde hair. She was slim, way slimmer than Mitchie could ever be. Her legs looked as if they'd go on forever in her small denim skirt and knee high, high heeled boots. Her tank top clung to her perfectly and gave her the right amount of cleavage to keep the boys leering after her. She was perfect.

Mitchie was snapped out of her reverie by a voice; not just any voice but his.

"Mitchie!" and before she could even breathe she was engulfed in a bone crushing hug sending fireworks coursing through her body.

"Shane." She whispered as he pulled away from her and her eyes caught sight of the model-like girl. "Welcome back." She smiled half-heartedly as his arm wrapped around the girl's petite figure.

"It's good to be back." He smiled; she melted. "Mitch, this is my girlfriend, Remi."

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