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Summary: teaching a class with your lover in it is distracted, through Severus Snape tries to ignore it but what is an accident shows you just how sticky a situation can be? Will something good come out of a mistake?

Warning: AU and slash

Author: Laurenke1.

Title: A good mistake

Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter.

Severus Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, pinched the bridge of his nose as he surveyed his seventh year Slytherin Gryffindor class. His N.E.W.T students were all working with renewed focus for such a small class at the hard potion he had assigned them.

The sleeping draught was not particularly hard to make but it had to be in the correct essence. This particular one, one that Severus always assigned to his seventh years, was designed to last for a whole hour, but that was also what made the potion hard. Too many ingredients and it would be too strong and Severus would dock points for that.

He tore his eyes away from where they had once more strayed to the messy haired green eyed bespectacled teen in the second row. The saviour of the wizard world, Harry Potter, was the bane of his existence in this class.

The brat, or his brat, really was distracting him in the class he was teaching. Severus was not easily distracted but one look at Harry and oh yes, he could be.

He would be thinking things he shouldn't be thinking about his students, especially one with such a cheeky mouth as Harry. And a distraction could be fatal in the Potions classroom. He had seen it to many times.

One tiny mistake and the whole room would be in shambles, students wounded or worse dead. And all because he had been distracted because of his lover. Severus closed his eyes for just a moment, thinking about the last year and why he was again sitting in this classroom.

Harry had saved him, in more ways then one. Harry had been there when Voldemort had set Nagini loose upon him, had returned after the Dark Lord had been defeated and had stayed with him until somebody came to find them, shouting for help until his voice was hoarse as he continued to whisper to Severus.

Harry had come to visit in that long summer when he had been forced to stay at St, Mungo's and Harry had spoken up at the trial, going through the hard task of gathering evidence to have Severus pronounced innocent.

At first he had shouted many times at the brat and Harry had shouted right back at him, slamming the door many times on his way out. One day on the brat's birthday no less, Harry had appeared before him, eyes red and puffy and Severus had been moved to pity. For some strange reason he still couldn't comprehend, he had opened his arms that day and had allowed Harry crawl against his side on the bed, allowing the brat to cry perhaps for the first time since the Final Battle.

To this very day, the reason still made him angry. Whoever had been thinking to send Harry to the Dursley's that very day had been extremely dense, freaking the brat out before Harry apparated to the only safe place he knew, Severus' bedside.

The long months spent afterwards had created a tentative friendship between them and eventually had blossomed into love. Severus wondered how long it would last. How long would it be until Harry would walk away, knowing he could have anybody else, anybody but this bitter man who was unkind and perhaps loved somebody he didn't deserve?

That was why Severus had kept the ultimate statement to himself. Harry had been with him for nearly 6 months now and everyday reminded Severus more and more why he was beginning to adore the brat. Harry smiling at him, Harry laughing at him, kissing him and….

Severus shifted behind the desk to hide his growing arousal. He closed his eyes firmly, thinking of anything but Harry. Eventually it worked, especially when he heard a loud clatter. His eyes flew open and he hissed. "That will be 10 points from Gryffindor, Potter, for mistreating ingredients. One more time and you will serve a detention with me."

The slightly sunken cheeks flashed an angry red but Harry bit his lip. His partner Draco Malfoy narrowed his eyes, gathering the ingredients as the red head behind Harry, Ron Weasley gaped at him.

Severus raised an eyebrow and Ron went back to work, scowling. "I have told you that adding too many ingredients or even one small mistake will lengthen the potion's strength and that will earn you a zero."

Severus walked around the classroom, noticing Harry yawning as he walked past. His brat was busying cutting the ingredients but he glanced up at Severus for a moment, giving his teacher a quick smile and at which Severus raised an eyebrow. "Go back to your cutting, Potter." He snapped.

Malfoy threw him a concerned glance and Severus sneered. The Slytherin student went back to his work as the older wizard walked past. "What is up with Professor Snape? He hasn't snapped at you this bad since your fifth year."

"I don't know. It wasn't me, I know that for sure. I haven't done anything to make him be this displeased with me." Severus could hear Harry mutter and he wanted to turn around and snap at his lover again but he decided against it.

Harry was right. He hadn't done anything to warred such a respond from his lover except for him laughing at Severus. It was Severus who was afraid Harry was going to leave him, not Harry.

He stalked back to the front of the class, hearing the other students mutter softly to themselves. "You should be done with adding your ingredients now or adding the final ones…"

"Draco, I doubt that that is the correct ingredient…." Severus could hear Harry say as his head snapped to the two former rivals. He wanted to deliver a scratching comment when his worst fear was confirmed.

Draco was splashing in an ingredient, causing the potion to splash and Severus could see it hitting Harry, causing the younger male to sway with the sudden power of the sleeping draught. The front of the younger man's shirt was drenched and he felt himself moving forward.

Ronald Weasley was the one who sat Harry down heavily. The younger male slumbered backwards as Severus reached him. He caught Harry, steadying him with shaking hands by the shoulders. "Go and warn Madam Pomfrey that I will soon send up a student." He forced past his lips, telling the shocked class what to do.

One of the students moved, Severus thought it might be Dean Thomas but he wasn't sure as he focussed upon his brat who was rapidly falling asleep. He wanted to say Potter but instead thumbing from his lips came something else. "Hush, Harry, I got you…"

"So sleepy…" Harry murmured, head lolling backwards against Severus' chest. He knew he should be professional now and create some distance between which was appropriate but he couldn't help himself as out of habit, his long and slender fingers stroked the dark messy hair away from the forehead as the unfocussed green eyes drifted shut.

"Mister Weasley…" Severus cleared his throat to make it smooth again as he remembered the fear that had gripped his heart and tried again. "Mister Weasley, levitate Mister Potter up to the healing wing and explain to Madam Pomfrey what has happened. Remain with him…." I will be up as soon as I can…

He hoped that his brat's best friend understood the meaning behind the words. Through tact and subtleness had never been the youngest son of the Weasleys strongest point. Ron nodded, pointing his wand at Harry and saying the correct incantation.

Finally he turned back to the class even through he knew he was shaking with rage. His patience had never been remarkably well but seeing Harry hurt, although it wasn't even so bad and his brat would benefit from the two hour nap, he was trembling with wariness and relief.

"Mister Malfoy, after seven years in my class, one would think you would have had more care with your potions. Explain to me, why you had to splash in the ingredients after I explicitly told you not to."

The youngest Malfoy flinched and Severus could see nothing of the usual arrogance in the pale face. He knew that after the war ended Harry and Draco had called a truce. In the past he would have thought that Draco had done it on purpose but now he knew it was not the case.

The floo in his office flared but Severus continued to stare down at the blond haired boy. "I didn't mean for it to happen, Professor. It was a mistake. I was lost in thought…"

Severus didn't even have to ask what Draco had been thinking about, his mother of course. Narcissa Malfoy had been falling ill. It was stress from the war, the doctors had said but Draco had been worried sick. His father was still recovering from Azkaban and it would break both Draco and Lucius if Narcissa was to die.

"I will take 20 points from Slytherin, mister Malfoy and you will serve detention with Flinch cleaning out this classroom for your carelessness. Go back to work or I will dock more house points." He barked at the rest of the students who scurried away.

"I will leave you for a few moments. Any more mishaps and I will make you all stay the whole of Saturday to clean out the storage room." With that thread and a few more glares Severus left the classroom to go into his private storeroom.

He leaned against the shelves for a moment, his fingers holding his forehead in his hands. It had been so close. If it had been any other potion Harry could have been severely wounded. He had allowed himself to become distracted because of his brat's nearness. He had to make a choice. To end it or to stop Harry from going to his class.

In this state was how the Headmistress found him. He felt her hand on his shoulder and he looked up through his fingers in the stern eyes as he said. "I can't do this. It got so close….if it had been any other potion, he could have become injured, and simply because I was distracted….I need to end it…I need to protect him…"

"You will destroy Harry utterly if you do this, Severus. Why do you refuse to see how much he loves you? The Severus Snape I know has never been distracted by any student in his class, not even his lover." Her voice was soft but stern and Severus peered up as he said.

"The Severus Snape you know wasn't softened by Harry bloody Potter."

Professor McGonagall merely squeezed his shoulder and said with a sweet smile, her voice still stern. "I will not allow you to destroy yourself and Harry by ending the best thing in your life. We will work something out. Now go up to that healing wing and remain by his side as long as you need to remind Harry of how you feel about him and to tell your mind to follow your heart for once. He is very insecure about this if you are drawing away from him."

"I can't favour him in class…." He cried out, trying to find a reason.

She scowled at him. "You do no such thing! I know that for a fact by the many whispers that I hear in the corridors that you are still as mean to Harry as always. We will find a way to deal with this. Now off with you, young man and hurry up to the healing wing…"

"How did you know what had happened?" Severus felt like a student as he was dismissed but he darted around her to quickly pick up a headache cure and an energizing potion to put it in his pocket.

"Ronald Weasley floo'd me. He thought it would be wise to inform me about the current events since you seemed ready to explode. You do care for Harry, Severus, in case you were wondering. One would have to be blind not to see it." She smiled at him and then gestured for him to leave, something Severus finally did.


Severus silently entered the ward. The healing wing was silent and Poppy Pomfrey, the mediwitch came bustling out of her office the moment he entered the wing. She looked concerned at him as he stalked in. His black eyes darted across the empty ward.

Only one bed was occupied and he could see the small figure of Harry lying on the bed. He swallowed thickly, unaware of smile that lid the mediwitch's face. "I came to check upon Mister Potter. He was injured in my class and I…"

"Oh nonsense, Severus! Never in all your years have you come to check upon any student other then your Slytherins. Go and sit with him. I will draw the curtains around the bed. Ronald Weasley already said that you might be visiting. Harry is fine, Severus, go on and sit with him…do you have…?"

"Yes, I have the headache potions. Just in case." Severus found himself stammering a little. It was such a relief to know that Harry was going to be fine and he was just sleeping.

He approached the bedside, enjoying the rare view of Harry relaxed in sleep. His brat's nights were usually disturbed by nightmares or him if he was being honest with himself. The slightly sunken cheeks were relaxed and there was even a small smile playing around the well curved lips.

Severus drew up a chair, placing his hands in his lap. He sat staring at Harry first, unable to look away for even a moment. Harry slept on his side, turned towards Severus and Severus noticed the moment his brat's sleep became disturbed.

It was only a faint stirring and Severus slipped out of his robe, kicking off his shoes as he slipped onto the bed, curling up on his side and guiding Harry to him. He tucked his brat's head under his chin, hands loosely holding Harry as he spoke.

"You will be the death of me, Potter. I am sorry I snapped at you in class but I allowed myself to be distracted by you, something I never thought would happen. You changed me. You made me into a better version of myself. I started caring…how foolish of me, really…."

"Not foolish….foolish enough for not saying it." Severus nearly fell out of the bed as Harry's voice came. He glanced down and smiled as he saw the green eyes blinking up at him. "I was waiting for you to say it." With each passing word Harry's voice grew a bit stronger and Severus sighed.

"I am sorry I made you wait so long then…"

"And you still make me wait but I didn't mean to distract you….but if I had known that landing myself in the hospital wing would mean that you would finally say it, I would have done it a long time ago." Harry yawned, snuggling closer.

"You would, wouldn't you?" Severus murmured.

"But go on, you were saying…" His lover was watching him in a lazy fashion, reminding Severus of those early mornings when you would wake up before the alarm clock ran and unable to go back to sleep.

"Ah yes, I was distracted by you….I thought it had been you who was making a mistake but it wasn't. I was worried I would be unable to keep a professional relationship with you but I was wrong. It changed the moment you were wounded. I was worried about you….but then again, only you would be the one to make sure that the story will now go around the school that Professor Snape lo…likes Harry Potter…."

"Your doing, actually. You rushed to my side and the whole class heard you call me Harry. I knew it was going to be alright when you were at my side, you make things better. But can't you honestly not say it…" Harry's eyes were filled with mischief.

"Say what?"

"What you wanted to say. Go on, it isn't so hard."

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Potter, perhaps you managed to hit your head…"

"I doubt it. What are you afraid of, Severus; surely it can't be of losing me because you always make sure I stay where I want to be…you always show me that you want me to stay…." Severus' throat was closing up as his brat hit the sore point.

Harry fell silent, solemn green eyes taking in the dark ones, the uncertainty on the pale face of his Professor. Harry sat up, wincing a bit as he asked. "You are afraid of losing me?" In that moment Harry's voice sounded so small and Severus felt his own heart break and his soul shatter.

Stuttering he pushed the broken pieces at Harry's mercy, putting himself on the line. "I am. I am afraid that one day you will wake up to know that you can have anybody better then this bitter man who hated your father. Who has been unable to tell you that he loves you because he is afraid that you will laugh at him when he does say it? That one day, you will go because you can't do it anymore…" Severus fell silent, unable to go on as he laid his heart bare for Harry to judge. He steeled himself for the rejection which was surely to come.

Taking a deep breath and glancing up shyly at his beloved, Harry spoke. "Do you know that you are the only one who knows me? The only one who puts up with me, dark thoughts, tantrums and moods? The only one who drives my fears away and who makes me laugh when he is himself. Who makes me love him when he is himself and who demands nothing of me except to be myself? One who knows my deepest fears, thoughts and desires and one who acts upon them or sooths them? You are the only one I want and I am going to stick around, whether you want me to or not but I am going to. Even if it means I have to camp out in the office, but I will be there. Just promise me, you will do the same."

"There is no other answer for it, Harry. Of course I will do the same. You know that there is a word for this…commitment that we are engaging in?"

Harry raised an eyebrow, smiling a little as he said. "Well, let's hear it then. I knew you were going to flaunt your big use of words in my face…."

"It is simply called marriage…." Severus fell silent as Harry's expression changed. It became startled and shocked and his brat exclaimed.

"Are you asking me to marry you?"

"Would it be what you want?"

"Well, are you asking?"

"I suppose I am if the answer is yes."

"Of course it is, you git."

"I doubt I will fancy marrying somebody who calls me a git."

"Simply because you are one! So we are getting married then…" Harry eyed him.

Severus glanced down to inspect his fingernails and then said in a bored voice "I suppose so then."

"You know you can say it then…"

"Say what?"

"That you love me. You have to say it at least once you know…" Harry relaxed against him, easily fitting in the arm that looped around his shoulder.

"You know I do…"

"Well then, say it."

"Very well…." Severus sighed heavily and then said, lowering his lips. "I love you."

The light in the green eyes was breathtaking as was the smile Harry gave him as his brat cheekily said. "Now was that so hard?"

"Aren't you going to return it?"


"Potter!" A low growl.

"Oh right, I love you too, Severus."

His brat might push his buttons and he might distract Severus in class but Severus knew that despite it all, he would overcome it with Harry by his side and as he finally said what he had wanted to say for so long, he knew that whatever he feared would never come to pass because Harry loved him just for who he was and as his brat dozed lightly against him, Severus knew that something good had come out of a mistake in the Potions classroom and silently he thanked Draco for finally making a good mistake.

The end

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