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I opened the door to be filled with the aroma of chocolate, vanilla, strawberries, and cinnamon. I stood there taking in all the sweet scents.

"Bella, quit day dreaming, put on your apron, and come box up this cake," said Billy, my boss.

"Sorry Billy, I'm on my way." I hurried into the back room, picked up my apron off the rack and headed towards the cake.

"Bella, I've got to go with Karen to the hospital for her ultrasound," you see Billy's wife, Karen, was 5 months pregnant they were expecting a little girl. "So I need you to look over the bakery while I'm gone, I think today's going to be a slow day so don't worry. But the Cullens will be coming by to decide on the wedding cake."

The Cullens were the richest family in Forks; I never got a chance to meet them in person. But they sure were the talk of the town, since their youngest son Edward was getting married to his high school girlfriend Jessica Stanley. Every female was jealous of Jessica, sure she was pretty, but she didn't have the best personality out there.

"Don't worry Billy, I'll have it all under control, tell Karen I said 'hi'."

With that Billy walked out the bakery and headed toward his car. I really appreciated Billy for allowing me to work in his bakery. It was his mother's and Karen and him took it over. But since Karen was pregnant, they needed help around here. He offered me the job and I accepted.

I boxed up the cake and put in the refrigerator and looked out the window. It was pouring, but hey, it's Forks.

I walked over to one of the tables and pulled out my old copy of Pride and Prejudice, it was my favorite book by Jane Austen. Living the college life and working always kept me busy. I rarely ever got time for myself, so I began reading and go into it so deeply that I didn't noticed that there were customers standing there until I heard the door close and the sound of the bell.

I looked up and saw a small pixie with black hair sticking out everywhere, but she was beautiful, I then noticed a ordinary looking girl, she was pretty but nowhere as pretty as the other girl. And that's when I saw him.

His bronze hair ruffled in every direction with raindrops at the end, he was tall, with broad shoulders and was wearing a black t-shirt that hugged his muscles perfectly. His jeans looked as if they were made for him, they probably were.

Then I glanced up toward his face, it was the face of a Greek god, his bone structure was perfect, and his pale skin was flawless. But what made my breath get caught in my throat were…his eyes. They were the most beautiful emerald green I had ever seen.

I recovered from my zoning out and looked back at the black haired girl. "Welcome to Helen's Bakery, my name is Bella. How can I help you."

"Hi Bella! My name is Alice Cullen and this is my brother Edward and his fiancé Jessica." Oh my. They were the Cullens, that was Edward, he was marrying her?

She began again, she had so much energy that I had to keep myself from jumping up and down myself. "Bella, we're here to pick out the wedding cake from their wedding." I looked at Edward again, he had his hand in Jessica's, then he flashed me a crooked smile that I could have died for. Jessica looked up at him and he smiled up at her and kissed he gently on the cheek; they looked so in love. But, for some reason I felt a little tug on my heart, but I ignored it.

Instead, I pulled out my fake smile and went and got the decoration book, so they could choose a style from there.

"These are the styles that we've made before-"

"No, I want something unique, something that no one at the wedding has ever seen," said Jessica in the rudest voice possible.

I looked up and say Alice giving me an apologetic smile. I only smiled back, "Well, is there anything you have in mind and we can start to designing it."

"Well I want it to have pink roses on the top, three layers, ribbons and bows on the side, and well I don't know, that's your job." said Jessica and that nasty attitude of hers.

I nodded, "Of course, your wedding cake will be one of the best, trust me."

Jessica began talking again about what kind of icing, the kinds of flavors she wanted, and other details. I tried my best with writing down all her demands. I looked over at Edward, he didn't have the slightest interest in what Jessica was talking about. He looked like there was something else on his mind, troubling him.

Everytime I looked up him, his eyes would look into mine. I would have melted if didn't look back down to my paper. I could feel his eyes on me, all I wanted to do was to stare back. To take in his beauty and charm; he had this mysterious effect that I wanted to learn about.

Then I heard him getting up and for the first time I heard his voice.

"Thank you for your time Miss Swan, I think we've had enough for today. We'll come back tomorrow to continue our work." His voice was like velvet, I melted away like honey. Wait, he called me "Miss Swan"; how'd he know my name.

"Yeah, I think we should be heading back home." Alice got up as well followed by Jessica.

"Thanks Bella, I would love to hang out with you." Alice walked out, I just nodded, me hanging out with Alice Cullen. Yeah like anyone would believe we could be friends.

And with that Jessica ran up to Edward and hugged his waist, another tug on my heart, and walked right out. But before they walked out, he turned his head and smiled that crooked smile. My heart swelled.

I fell into my chair, not believing what had happened today. That was the first time I ever saw Edward, no wonder women would swoon over him.

Then I thought back to all those tugs at my heart, what were they getting at, I never felt that way before. There could be no way that I was falling for him, I mean sure he was handsome, gorgeous, and perfect. But he was engaged to Jessica, he loved her, and chose her over all the other women.

That night I slid under my covers and sighed when I remembered Edward. I had to be professional, I was the wedding cake designer and he was the customer. Nothing else, but I knew that I was lying to myself.

"Edward Cullen," I said over and over again until I fell into a deep sleep.

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