OH MAN! It's been too long! All I can say is that life is to blame. I don't think I've been on fanfiction in about 2 years, which breaks my heart by just admitting that. But guess what, THE BITCH IS BACK!

Just to give you a little timeline on what's been going on…I graduated from high school last May and now I'm in my second semester of my freshman year at my first choice college. It's a lovely liberal arts college; somewhere I never thought I would go, but I'm in love with it.

Anways, I'm currently in the process of writing the final chapter of Wedding Cake…finally. It's so weird to go through my old chapters. Sometimes it seems as if I never wrote them myself and sometimes I cringe at the numerous flaws, but I look at all of your nice reviews and I remember how loving and dedicated my fans are.

I will post the final chapter in the next few weeks and I would just love to hear some of the things you would like to see, things that you may want to revisit, or it could be about anything as I write the end to our little story.

Much love & kisses to you all.