Legacy of the Lighthawk

Chapter 13

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Naruto sighed in relief as the door of his apartment closed behind him. Despite the access of the Senju compound being given to him he had adamantly refused from moving from his apartment. It had been something that the members of the Masaki clan had not understood until the Sandaime had explained it had been where his parents lived and Azusa had declared the matter closed and bought the entire building. Before he had left he had given the blond the deed and informed him that any renovations he wanted to do would be paid for. Naruto had sent a letter to Tazuna explaining the situation and had been pleased when he had replied that he'd send someone to take a look at the place.

Despite whatever renovations would happen however Naruto wasn't going to do much to his apartment maybe put down some new carpet and replace the floorboards in the kitchenette but for the most part he wanted to keep the place exactly how it was. Shaking the thoughts from his mind he wasted no time grabbing a towel from his closet and entering the bathroom turning the shower on and allowing the water to heat up. Moving towards his bedroom he made quick work of grabbing a change of clothes and a few minutes later released a sigh of relaxation as the water beat on his tired and bruised muscles.

As he stood under the spray of the water he took a few moments to think of everything he'd seen during the preliminaries. So far from what he had seen both Lee and Neji would give him a hard time. Rock Lee from what he could see was incredibly fast and his taijutsu style was nothing to laugh at. Still he and Lee had clashed plenty of times in the past and had actually had quite the rivalry in the underground. That place had actually been a place where Lee had held the advantage as chakra usage was illegal, but the chuunin tournament would be a place where he could really shine as he could use his biggest advantage, his huge chakra pools.

His teammate on the other hand while most likely not as fast, Neji had proven why people called him not only a prodigy among his clan but the strongest gennin in the village. Not only was he pretty fast himself but his taijutsu actually allowed for him to do even greater damage than usual as he attacked his opponent's chakra network and internal organs directly. His Byakugan would also render most tricks that shinobi used useless, but he'd have to try and see the effects of the Kirigakure no jutsu. Neji was also someone that he had seen in the underground and if there was one thing he'd learned about the Hyuga it was that not only was he vicious but he was always watching for even a hint of weakness and would not hesitate to exploit it. The Suna kunoichi Temari he would also have to be wary of as she had proven herself to be a pretty good wind user but even more pressing she hadn't shown much of what she was capable of against Ino. He'd like to believe that she would be taken out by Shikamaru but knowing the Nara heir as well as he did he figured he'd do just enough to win and secure his promotion and then he would quit allowing Temari to move on.

Hinata as a Hyuga was also dangerous in a close range fight. However her opponent was Sasuke and since Kakashi had already informed the team he would be taking control of Sasuke's training, at the behest of the council, he was sure the teme would have something aside from his array of fire techniques by which to get past her. On the other hand Hinata was a Hyuga and with the rivalry that had developed between the Hyuga and Uchiha clan over the years he wouldn't be surprised if Hiashi himself actually took an active interest in her training. The most dangerous of everyone participating however were Gaara and Fu. Gaara himself had an ability to manipulate sand of all things to great effect and on top of that was clearly unstable. Fu on the other hand had barely shown anything outside of the fact that she had a wail that hurt worse than Sakura's and Ino's greatest fangirl shrieks combined. The two of them were also Jinchuriki and according to the fox clearly had at least some working knowledge of the benefits that came with that burden. He however couldn't boast such a thing though the fox had hinted at a few abilities he could possess it had given no definite answers. Of course the fox really wasn't all that talkative at all and gave the blond the feeling that he was currently being tested.

Half an hour later he emerged from the bathroom with steam billowing out behind him dressed in a simple pair of grey cotton sweatpants and a white tank-top along with a pair of black slip-on sandals that he only wore around his apartment. As he emerged however he stopped short upon finding four people had entered into his apartment. Three people weren't so bad Sasami, Yoshi, and Airi pretty much came and went as they pleased, it was the fourth however that stopped him cold. Forget the fact that he hadn't ever seen the man, at least to his knowledge and he was lounging on his couch seemingly without a care in the world, no what brought him up short was something much more important as far as the blond was concerned.

"My ramen." Said the blond eyebrow twitching dangerously.

"Hah, definitely Kushina's kid, find a strange man in the house and the most important thing is that I'm eating your ramen." Said the man causing both Airi and Yosho to sigh while the blond smiled pleased with the comparison.

"So what's going on?" questioned the blond

"We wanted to inform you of what will be happening for the next month leading up to the finals." Stated Airi causing Naruto to immediately stand straighter, though it was Jiraiya who spoke up next.

"For the next month I'll be in charge of your training. First and foremost we will be travelling to a location outside of the village were your training will be held. There you will be put through more advanced taijutsu, chakra control, and ninjutsu training. You will also be signing the toad summoning contract and I will begin instructing you in fuinjutsu. Finally I want to get you started on learning to control the Kyuubi's chakra." Stated Jiraiya.

"I will likewise continue your kenjutsu lessons as well as your etiquette lessons while Airi will work to continue your general education in preparation for our departure."

"And when are we supposed to start with this?" questioned the blond knowing that this was actually quite the work load.

"Right now we were just waiting for you to get out of the shower." Stated Jiraiya tossing the blond a scroll which he recognized as the storage scroll that held his gear.

"Fine let me get dressed." Stated the blond as he turned back to enter his room.

Sakura sighed as she walked through the doors of her home already envisioning crashing out on her bed. After the thorough ass kicking she'd gotten from Hinata she had been confined to the hospital for several hours due to the fact that they had needed to wait for her tenketsu to open before the doctors could treat her. While the doctors could have treated her it would have put her through more pain to force her tenketsu open. Because her injuries weren't that threatening they decided that it would be easier and less painful for her to let her own chakra open her tenketsu naturally even if it would take longer. The time lying on the bed had given her a couple of hours to think, her mother had constantly told her that if she was going to continue down this road and be a kunoichi she had to take it seriously.

After getting out of the academy she had thought that's what she had been doing she did fifty push-ups and sit-ups a day, twenty-five in the morning and another twenty-five at night. During team training she always finished whatever exercise Kakashi had tasked her with as well so she thought she had been doing well. Hinata had proven however she hadn't in fact she hadn't even seen much as Hinata had laid into her and in fact her body had just been reacting to the strikes that the other girl had delivered to her. If that wasn't enough than seeing just how far Naruto had come in just a couple of months had truly forced her to take stock in the situation after all he had went from being easily beaten in the academy to beating on Sasuke as if their roles had reversed and putting out so much chakra that it was actually visible surrounding him.

Her thoughts were broken as she looked up at the sight of her parents moving around the room obviously packing. She and her mother were almost mirror images of each other with the exception of the fact that her mother Haruno Mebuki stood at 5'6" and wore her long pink hair in a tail that fell to the end of her back. Her eyes were brown, one of the few differences between them, and of course she was much more mature in the development area with her curvy figure and large C-cup breast. You wouldn't know it as looking at her but she was like many all of the mothers of Sakura's social circle a chuunin ranked shinobi, currently in charge of the shinobi library. By trade she was a librarian which explained Sakura's love of books once you thought about it.

Her father Haruno Kizashi was only a few inches taller standing at 5'8" and had long red hair styled into the shape of a cherry blossom and blue eyes. He was currently carrying three travel bags as he descended the stairs down to the first floor of the house. He was the first to spot her considering she was standing in front of the door and made quick work of placing down his burden and gathered her up in his arms though he held her gingerly obviously already knowing of injuries.

"So what's going on?" questioned the gennin as she was placed on her feet.

"Well your mother decided that we're going to be taking a little trip."

Jiraiya breathed out a deep relaxing breath as he stood in his spot as the others around him rested. It had taken three hours judging by the position of the sun for them to reach their current position and he had to admit if only to himself that he was impressed. He had paced himself at the standard speed of a chuunin and Yosho, Airi and Sasami had been able to keep up, though the two females were the ones currently using the opportunity to rest due to the current path they had to take. They were surrounded on all sides by forest however in front of them was a step hill with stone steps leading up it for about three miles as far as their eyes could see, though Jiraiya knew it stretched further.

Finally after he deemed they had taken enough time to rest Jiraiya led the group as the made their way up the stairs taking their time and walking. As they walked he took the opportunity to regale the blond with a few stories of his departed student and his wife which he listened to with rapt attention. Finally nearly an hour after they began their ascent up the stairs the group was greeted to the sight of a pair of large gates that were currently closed. Looking upon the gates they could tell that they were exactly like the ones found at Konoha's main entrance and as such they towered over them easily. Jiraiya merely walked up to the gates and without hesitation in a single moment delivered a palm strike into the center of the gates. The effects were immediate as not only did the sound of flesh striking wood sound out but the gates swung open in an instant something that causing Naruto, Airi and Sasami to gape wide-eyed and dropped jawed, while Yosho managed to maintain his composure relatively well his eyes were still wide. As the gates opened the group was greeted to the sight of a large temple which actually made Yosho feel right at home.

Looking around they found that straight ahead of them was actually quite breath taking as the place was obviously well maintained. On each side of them the ground was lowered about six inches and instead of grass it was simply solid ground. The stone path they currently stood on led up from the staircase to the foot of what Yosho guessed was the main hall while what he figured was the lecture hall was situated off to the right.

"Well you certainly took your sweet time getting here." Came a voice catching everyone's attention.

Looking up towards the direction it came from the group was greeted to the sight of an old woman who stood at perhaps 5'3". She had shoulder length hair that had long since greyed but still held a bit of a pink tint to it and brown eyes. She wore a pair of white pants and a long sleeved white shirt over which she wore a deep red robe held closed by a green obi which did well to match the green trim on the outer edge of her robe. Finally she wore a pair of purple close toed shoes that only went up to her ankles but matched well with the purple trim on the upper portion of the robes inner edges. As she looked over the group her eyes lingered on Yosho for several moments before they locked onto Naruto.

"Well come on in slacker, and you can introduce the extra's you decided to bring." Stated the old woman

A few minutes later found the group all sitting within an empty room within the main building. The woman herself had sat herself cross-legged in the center of the room on the floor while all the rest of them likewise found a place to settle. As he sat himself down Naruto was studying the woman, she reminded him of the Sandaime as despite their appearance age wise both of them gave off this subtle presence as if they were just harmless old people, but Naruto knew better. He remembered once years ago he had been with the old man when someone had done something that they shouldn't, the old man hadn't spoken a single word yet the feeling of everything around him had changed, however instead of being terrified like everyone else Naruto had been filled with awe, it had been the instant where the thought of becoming Hokage had been impressed upon him. Now looking upon this woman she gave off the same vibe, which told him she was actually dangerous.

"Well slacker mind telling me who these people are, and why you brought them here." Stated the woman

"Of course sensei. The man is Masaki Yosho and with him is his wife Masaki Airi, the young girl is his sister Sasami." Said Jiraiya.

"I see Kushina's parents. I suppose I can forgive you for bringing them here in this instance than." Stated the woman getting Jiraiya to release a breath he'd been holding.

"This one would obviously be young Naruto, he looks almost exactly like Minato at that age. His hair is slightly darker and he has a different facial structure but it's still almost like looking back in time." Mused the woman.

"If I may ask what is your relation to Minato-san?" questioned Yosho.

"He was my son." Stated the woman causing Naruto's eyes to widen in shock.

"If that is the case why was Naruto not raised here, by you?" questioned Airi.

"That is quite the complicated answer. But the most obvious answer is because the hidden villages believe me to be dead. My name, my true name is Tatsuki Miyako." Started the woman

"The heiress of the Tatsuki clan, I thought you looked familiar." Stated Yosho.

"I can't believe this the galaxy police have been looking for you for nearly 600 years and you mean to say you've been on this planet the entire time." Stated Airi her head falling into her hands in disbelief.

"Well it's not like I could leave, my ship is still on Jurai. Besides I like it here and my mother was from here." Stated the woman shrugging her shoulders.

"Still Naruto was supposed to be raised here; in fact that was the plan. However from what I understand when Jiraiya tried to bring him here under the guise of taking him in himself the village council denied it stating that he was a very important figure for the village and couldn't just leave. Furthermore they wouldn't let a jinchuuriki, a newly born one at that live outside of their village. He also could not come outright and say he was bringing the baby to me as no one there knew who I was. Also due to other factors we couldn't even announce his heritage in order to protect him from his parents enemies. So instead I through Jiraiya have taken care of all of his expenses which was the most I could do with my hands tied." Stated the woman.

"Now then Jiraiya from my understanding he should be only just exiting the academy a few months ago so why have you brought him here now and not after his first year of service as planned?" questioned Miyako.

"A few reasons. Firstly when they came to the leaf they made no attempt to hide their origins and as such revealed Kushina's. Following this Sarutobi-sensei decided to reveal the full scope of Naruto's heritage, so I figured I may as well knock this last revelation out while we were at it. Finally there is one last reason, recently he had the Kyuubi removed from the seal however after a scan covertly done by a medic-nin Kakashi found out that he has an imbalance in his chakra with a ratio of 65:35 in favor of his yang chakra, so we put the Kyuubi's power core back in as a sort of band-aid solution. Finally from what sensei explained the gaki actually used a 'reigun' during the chuunin exam preliminaries.

"With an imbalance like you're saying it should be utterly impossible for him to use that technique even if it is a basic technique. Also from what I know Minato only sealed the Yang chakra into Naruto so only that kind of chakra has been added to his system. We'll have to do a transfusion to balance out his chakra though and I'm guessing we'll be using the rest of the month as training time for the main exam." Stated Miyako getting a nod from the sannin.

"Alright I'll prepare a room for the procedure. In the meantime show them to some rooms of their own." Stated Miyako as she got up and left the room.

"Well gaki you took that better than I thought" said Jiraiya as he turned to look at the blond who didn't respond.

"Naruto-kun?" questioned Sasami tapping the blond only for him to fall over; he had fainted with his eyes open.

Elsewhere another old man could be seen at his desk with a huge stack of papers placed upon it. In appearance he was very short, with a triangular beard and a moustache that has angular corners, a big red nose and thick eyebrows. The top of his head is completely bald, although he has long white hair on the lower-half of his head which is styled in a traditional chonmage haircut, the back of which is tied with a yellow ribbon into a topknot. He wore a green and yellow coat with a red collar underneath which he wears the standard outfit consistent with his village except with a light green version of the village's flak jacket and mesh armor. He however has both his sleeves of his shirt, but kept the single lapel on his right side. This man was the Sandaime Tsuchikage known as Ryotenbin no Onoki

At the moment he was looking upon a missive that had arrived not five minutes ago by way of Konoha and from the Sandaime Hokage of all people. Over the years he had come to respect his counterpart, still hated him and wouldn't hesitate to kill him, but he respected the man. You couldn't live through all three great shinobi wars as the two of them had and not come to respect others that had did the same, and fought on the frontlines. The missive itself explained that a leader's summit was to be held in Konoha on the day following the chuunin exam final tournament the subject matter of which could determine the future of not just the hidden villages but the entire world. As such not only were the five Kage's to attend but so were the Daimyo of all the countries and the heads of the minor villages and countries. He narrowed his eyes seeing two specific names requested to come as part of his entourage

'What the hell are you thinking? Furthermore what's so important that the whole of the elemental nations need to be involved?' the old man thought to himself.

The truth of the matter was there had never been a full gathering of all of the world's leaders under one roof. It was rare just to see the five kage's all gathered together, in fact it had only happened once during the era of the Shodai's. It had been that meeting that determined the five great villages as each of the village's would command at least one of the bijuu. Frowning he set about writing a few missives of his own at least thankful he'd be able to leave the paperwork for a while.

Later that night found Sarutobi Hiruzen sitting within his office with a serious frown adorning his features. Across from him stood Kakashi calmly though with his book conspicuously absent from his hand. At the moment the masked jounin had just finished informing him of some of the troubles that had befallen on him during the day these being Yakushi Kabuto's attempted murder and the inability of anyone being able to find him, a search he himself had been participating in along with several squads of ANBU members.

"For the duration of the training break I want you to take Sasuke out of the village and train him." stated Hiruzen after several moments of thought.

"While I understand the motive for that what about Sakura, the original plan was for me to focus my attention on her and Sasuke equally this month while Naruto's off with Jiraiya." Stated Kakashi.

"True enough however Haruno Mebuki has requested the month off for her entire family so she and Kizashi could work on Sakura's training themselves, they'll be leaving in the morning."

That Kakashi could understand as it was not unheard of for parents to request time of to personally train their children and in Sakura's case he could definitely see her benefitting from the training. While not jounin level her parents were actually well known in their respective fields. Mebuki specialized in barrier techniques and had been so skilled in the area she had been placed on the village's barrier squad which due to their job duties and importance paid out like a continuous S-ranked assignment. Kizashi on the other hand was one of the best kenjutsu practitioners in the village second only to Gekkyo Hayate in the art however was only ranked chuunin due to the fact that he'd yet to master his elemental chakra. Currently the man was on the reserve list due to the fact that he was covering for his own father as the head of the merchants guild after the man had a heart attack a few months ago.

"I see. I'll collect Sasuke as soon as the medics clear him." said Kakashi getting a nod, a clear dismissal before he left.

The morning found Sasami, Yosho, Airi, Jiraiya and Miyako up in shock and a bit of awe as the sixth member of the group young Naruto went about as a blur. Everywhere they looked they could see copies of the blond at work many of them running or trying to run the surface of the surrounding trees. Unknown to them Naruto had also sent clones out to explore and many of them had stumbled upon a beach to which they had taken to training the water walking technique. Despite this none of them had awoken due to noise made instead it had been the level and the pure potency of his power that had forced their attention upon him, the procedure had been a true success.

Unknowing of his audience the real Naruto stood still as he took it all in. When he'd first woken up he'd felt better than he had ever felt in his life, after emerging from the temple he'd decided to get a bit of early morning training in and went to create some clones only to create 400 whereas before even at his max he could only make around 150. Even still these clones were different whereas before they would dispel with even the slightest bit of damage these were taking some serious damage to dispel he hadn't even felt one dispel until it lost control of its chakra and blasted off from a tree and smashed its leg against another one which ended up breaking the limb and dispelling the clone. Before that it had witnessed others having things happen yet not dispelling even when they were scratched enough to draw blood, in fact the wound would just heal right up.

His attention was soon pulled in another direction when an extremely thick sheet of fog appeared seemingly from out of nowhere from deeper in the forest causing his eyes to widen. In the forest when he'd used the move during the second exam it had taken some time to gather enough mist just for that small clearing yet this mist had rolled in like a breeze and was even covering the majority of the massive trees that surrounded him. Thinking to himself for a moment Naruto held out his hand and concentrated getting immediately yet unexpected results. Instead of the hand size ball of power that had taken him forever just to create once in Nami no Kuni this time he got a gargantuan sphere big enough to contain a man larger than even Jiraiya that he was forced to hold over his head.

"Holy shit dude!" exclaimed one of the clones stopping what it was doing and gaping with a dropped jaw an action many of the others copied.

Looking up at the massive ball Naruto let his control slip from the top immediately causing the giant sphere to rupture the amount of power inside forming a giant tornado that stood and spun for nearly a minute ripping the unprepared clones from their positions and forcefully dispelling them as they were ripped apart once sucked inside before the thing faded.

"Alright gaki I think that's enough messing around don't you." Called Jiraiya catching the blond's attention.

"Ok what did you guys do, I've never had this much power before." Said Naruto as he made his way up

"It's not that you didn't have it, but that you couldn't use it. Your chakra imbalance was very lopsided with it basically being almost completely physical. Because of this and the nature of chakra and jutsu it caused you to force out more chakra in order to get jutsu to work and even then not at their full potential. Think of it as if you had been carrying weights on you your entire life without any knowledge of it, it forces the muscles to grow stronger but you're still straining to use them. Now that your chakra ratio has been fixed it's like removing the weights and after giving your body a bit of time to relax you start moving at full speed, whereas before you were moving at half that speed." Explained Miyako.

If he would have been the same person he was in the academy that explanation would have flown right over his head. Instead with the knowledge he had gained he was easily able to understand it and simply nodded that understanding. Before anyone else could speak however Naruto found Jiraiya standing in front of him just as someone new burst onto the scene leaping out of the trees in a blur only to slide to a stop in an instant. Looking over the woman Naruto found himself raising a curious eyebrow at the disturbingly familiar looking woman, though he was sure he'd never seen her before.

"Mom!" called another voice one that he actually was familiar with.

True enough not several moments later emerged the familiar form his kunoichi teammate along with another person this one a man who was fingering the hilt of a sword. Pushing past Jiraiya he stood forward causing Sakura to blink in shock. At the same time Naruto was also a bit shocked as he realized why the other woman had seemed so familiar, she was an older, hotter version of Sakura!

"Naruto? What in the world are you doing here?" questioned Sakura.

"I was going to ask you the same thing. I was told not many people knew about this place." Said the blond evenly.

"Well it seems the entire family is here. Let's talk inside." Said Miyako.

Several minutes later found the large group once again gathered within the same room within the main building they had gathered in the previous day only now with the addition of Sakura and who she had introduced as her parents. For a while no one said anything as the Haruno family settled themselves while the members of clan Masaki watched them curiously.

"I wish the lot of you would have let me know you were all coming up here." Stated Miyako with a sigh.

"Well I wasn't planning on it until I got word of how Sakura did in the Chuunin Exams and decided it was time she got more hands on training." Stated the older Sakura.

"I see I suppose it's good you came anyway. At least I can get this out of the way. I'd like to introduce the three of you to Masaki Yosho, his wife Airi, and his sister Sasami. The white haired man is my old student Jiraiya of the Sannin and you already know of young Naruto here I'm sure." Stated Miyako.

"I'm sorry but how could that young girl be your sister? You look old enough to be her grandfather." Said Mebuki only to be shocked as Yosho's image wavered and in his place was a much younger man.

"Well the truth of the matter is I'm not that much older than her and I've gotten rather used to keeping up my illusion." Stated Yosho calmly.

"It's been quite a few years since I've seen you Mebuki." Stated Jiraiya.

"You as well Jiraiya-sama, I'm glad to see you in good health." Stated the woman.

"How exactly do you know her?" questioned Naruto as he turned to the sage.

"Well she and your father were actually quite close, so close in fact that he called her his sister." Stated Jiraiya shocking the blond.

"That isn't just a saying Minato and Mebuki are twins." Stated Miyako shocking everyone.

"Wait what?" questioned Naruto turning to the elder woman.

"I never said Minato was my only child, Hiruzen assumed that and I made no move to correct him. The two of them being fraternal twins meant that the subject of their relation was never brought up as really the two of them don't look anything alike. While Mebuki as you can all see received her looks from me, Minato is a mix of my father and his father." Explained Miyako.

"Wait what are you talking about, you've never mentioned our father." Said Mebuki.

"With good reason. Because I didn't and Hiruzen knew to keep his mouth shut the two of you got to lead your own lives." Stated Miyako.

"So their situation was just like my own. Hidden and as such not forced into the shadows of their father." Stated Naruto.

"Indeed not only would they have had to deal with being known as children of the Nidaime Hokage but as heirs to the Senju clan." Stated Jiraiya shaking his head.

"Wait didn't Sandaime-sama say that Yondaime-sama was the son of the Nidaime? But if that's the case and he is actually my mom's brother than that would make me and Naruto…" stated Sakura with wide shocked eyes.

"Indeed the two of you are cousins." Stated Miyako.

"But in that same vein it would make Sakura an heir of Jurai." Stated Naruto.

"Okay where did that leap in logic come from?" questioned Kizashi with narrowed eyes.

"It is no leap, but an actual fact. As I told all of you there are many secrets buried in my past. For instance the reason that you Mebuki were able to attend school within the capitol with the children of the Fire Daimyo is because at one point I worked training the bodyguards of the Daimyo. At that point I went by the name of Genkai, and it was during that time that I met Tobirama. However before that before I became stranded and forced to live on this planet I was called by my true name of Tatsuki Miyako, and I am the heiress of one of Jurai's four noble clans" stated Miyako.

"Okay I'm confused." Stated Mebuki.

"Not surprising. Not long ago the council was made aware of certain things and the majority of it was classified by Hokage-sama's law as an S-class secret. As you know such secrets are punishable by death, however as this secret now concerns our family I suppose I can share it with you. From the information packets we received it was revealed that Jurai is a planet far from our own which is considered to be the center of civilization which controls several galaxies worth of planets." Stated Kizashi.

"Okay are there any more revelations that need to be revealed? Any more long lost relatives I need to know about? Anybody, last chance for more life altering news here, no… good. I've got training to do, honestly." with that the blond got up and left the room all the while everyone could only sweatdrop as the boy muttered all the way out the door

"Well he took all this better than I thought he would." Stated Jiraiya after a few moments only for a loud explosion to suddenly rock the place.

Ten minutes later the large the large group came outside to find the blond laughing as he was lay sprawled out on the ground and a large tongue went about licking his face.

"Okay you caught me, Ayame-chan get off." Called the boy only for the large hellhound to lick him once more before moving back and allowing him to sit up.

While most wouldn't be able to tell the three creatures apart it was quite easy for him to do so. The trick was all in the eyes as Ayame had violet eyes, Kameko had red eyes and the third whom he'd named Haku had blue eyes

The group could only watch as the large beast circled around him before lying down and resting its head in his lap. As the group moved to approach the beast only opened a single eye and looked at them before closing it again. Taking that as a sign to approach they stopped dead as two more emerged from out of the forest however Airi and Sasami didn't stop and soon they too were sitting comfortably petting one of Naruto's pet hellhounds on the head. Kizashi himself found the sight odd as he remembered watching the three of them pin down a trio of ANBU with ease during a council meeting. Sakura's first memory of them however was much more memorable as it was full of blood and body parts and as such made her extremely weary of the creatures.

"Oi gaki break times over!" called Jiraiya getting the blonds attention

"So how's this going to work?" questioned the blond not moving from his seated position as everyone else gathered around him.

"Well for one thing gaki as you've demonstrated earlier we need to get your chakra back under control and if possible improve it even further. Also Kakashi has made me aware of what he's been teaching you taijutsu wise and we'll further that training as well as Kakashi was only allowed to learn the basics of that style. Along with taijutsu we're going to be working on improving your speed and strength, and well start you on some basic fuinjutsu finally we'll be working to expand your catalogue of ninjutsu." Explained Jiraiya.

Back within the village the 'Devil Princess of Jurai' Kimiki Seto-Jurai sat with an elegant poise as she took a sip of tea. Across from her sat Hyuga Hiashi, the head of the Hyuga clan along with two members of his clans elder council. Sitting the cup of tea down she regarded them calmly their emotionless mask doing little to unsettle her as she placed her hands in her lap.

"Lady Kimiki by your presence here I assume that our proposal has been looked over." Stated one of the elders.

"Indeed it has and after a discussion between himself and Hinata-san, Naruto has agreed to accept her as a bride." Stated Seto.

"Well then there is only the discussion of the tribute to be made to marry into the clan." Stated another elder causing the woman to raise an eyebrow.

"You misunderstand. While Naruto has indeed accepted her your contract has not been signed." Stated Seto causing all the Hyuga's to pause.

"First and foremost you should understand that Naruto will not be marrying into your clan. Instead Hinata will be marrying into his as such upon their union she will take the Masaki name as her own, unless they are here in which case they will use the Uzumaki name. Your name and status while having significant importance here, means nothing within the vastness of the Jurai Empire, the name Masaki means everything as it is the name of not only the founder of Jurai and our Empire but the name of the current emperor and in all truthfulness it is your status that is being raised.

Second the bloodline protection seal you wanted to have placed on Hinata, Sarutobi-dono has told us all about it and I will tell you now that there is no way that it will be placed on her or any of her children. As it stands Naruto has a very high chance of taking the throne once our current emperor steps down. With that in mind we cannot allow his wife to be sub servant to anyone in any way, shape or form. Furthermore slavery has been outlawed throughout the entirety of the Empire and while we do not like to interfere with the goings on of other places too much the relationship this clan would have to clan Masaki and as such Jurai will be under much scrutiny, as such if you wish this union to take place all of the seals must be removed.

"Preposterous there is no way we can do such a thing, that seal is the only thing…" started one of the elders only to be cut off as Seto suddenly glowered all pleasantness gone from her features.

"Let's get this straight, that abomination isn't meant to protect your bloodline as you like to claim otherwise all of you would have one. Now instead that is a marking of forced subjugation, of slavery and something your Hokage hasn't been able to deal with due to the laws put in place by your villages founders. The truth of the matter however is you aren't so much worried about the protection of a bloodline but you are worried of the repercussions of your actions coming back to hit you once those poor people are free of your control over them. That however would be a problem of your own making and I won't allow your problems to place a stain on the reputation of the Imperial House of Jurai something I have spent the last one thousand years to build up. You have created a negative situation you will fix it in the appropriate manner or all talks between us will cease. Good day gentlemen."

With that the Devil princess rose from her seat and with the grace of someone of her stature left the room leaving four startled Hyuga clan members in her wake.

Meanwhile within the meeting room of another clan compound Inuzuka Tsume paced back and forth through the room while a few members of her own council watched her go. Unlike other clans the Inuzuka were a lot more rowdy and as such they didn't have any type of seat or table within the room as moving around helped them once they got agitated which Tsume clearly was.

"I don't get it! As far as suitors go Hana is a jackpot! Not only is she an heiress but she's a damn chuunin so obviously she can take care of herself! Hell they've interacted enough times where he should have a decent feel of her character over the years and I don't even have to mention her looks!" ranted the woman as she paced.

For their part the council members simply watched her not even bothering to hide their amused looks. Unlike with the Hyuga clan the Inuzuka council didn't have much sway in the operations of the clan, in fact they were more of a body for their Alpha to field ideas with. Sure they helped with the day to day operations of the clan but at the end of the day the final decision always rested with the Alpha, that was pack mentality. Also unlike a lot of clans they didn't gain their leaders due to succession, instead it was the member with the most bite to back up their bark that was eventually elevated to the position of Alpha. Tsume despite her relatively small size compared to her male counterparts had been a shoe in as her time as a gennin under Jiraiya had put spotlights on her from an early age and she had eventually become the single most vicious member of their clan, even if she wasn't the strongest physically.

"Well according to the missive we received it is due to his relationship or rather the lack of relationship in regards to our partners." Stated one of the council members, Hideki.

Hideki had the rather obvious appearance of an Inuzuka clan member with short cut but spiky black hair and feral looking brown eyes. The clan markings on each side of his face added to his feral-like appearance and he had a rather strong build standing at 5'10" with a torso that was bulging with muscles.

"Not surprising most animals are wary of him." stated another this one female, Cagalli.

She had spiky brown hair that fell to her shoulders along with the clans signature feral eyes and clan markings. She was only a few inches shorter than Tsume at 5'1" and there was a running joke that you should add another two feet for her attitude.

"It's because of his chakra." Stated another of the councilors bringing attention to himself.

"What do you mean?" questioned Tsume.

"As you all know animals whether trained or untrained have a better feeling for chakra than humans. Goorudomaru ran across him once and told me it was like the boys chakra was literally clashing inside of his body. He said it was like being back in the Third Shinobi War all over again." Explained Hideki

"You don't believe that's the real reason do you?" questioned a different councilor

"What are you thinking Gin?" questioned Tsume.

Unlike the others Gin didn't have the standard feral-like appearance of an Inuzuka. His father had married someone from outside of the clan and as a result Gin had been born with features similar to her own, for instance his black hair was not shaggy or spiky naturally but he kept it cut short so that it came up in spikes. His eyes were not slanted but round and his temperament was actually much more reserved than the norm for an Inuzuka. With his mother's influence he had developed a fondness for reading at an early age and had become fascinated with mystery stories to the point that his own deductive skills had actually flourished as he had developed an eye for detail. With that an the keen senses gifted to him as an Inuzuka he was always able to find anyone or anything he was after, it was for that reason she had not been surprised when he had been invited to join the intelligence division, a first for their clan.

"While it may be true that our partners don't initially take well to his presence Akamaru is proof enough that it is something they are able to get used to, that pup doesn't so much as twitch in his presence anymore." Stated Gin giving each of the others pause as they remembered the shivering, whimpering mess the pup had been after his initial meeting with Naruto.

"Now what if I told you his reasoning was something much different for turning down our offer of Hana, something that in normal situations would not be looked at as favorably as his given reason." Stated Gin now having everyone's attention.

"What could it be then?" questioned Cagalli with a frown.

"Kiba." Stated Gin simply causing Tsume to narrow her eyes.

"The relationship between Naruto and Kiba, as well as Akimichi Choji and Nara Shikamaru is much closer than they allow it to appear in public." Stated Gin elaborating a bit.

"Go on." Said Tsume her curiosity piqued.

In no time at all a week had passed and Jiraiya had to admit that he was impressed all things considered. He had always considered Minato as something special, a once in a generation genius when it came to the shinobi arts, but Naruto was proving to have just as much if not even more potential than Minato had. With Minato things had seemed to come to him easy after a bit of time and he had never required much instruction. Naruto however was the type of student teachers would kill for, first and foremost he wanted to learn and had no problem letting it be known and it wasn't just ninjutsu he was after. Instead everything he touched he went at it with one hundred percent focus, it showed a hunger that not many possessed.

The problem with most shinobi now was that they just wanted to be good, even the clan heirs would settle for good. Naruto didn't want to be good or even great, instead he wanted to be the greatest. As such in just that one short week he had gone from novice to a decent seal maker capable of creating storage scrolls and explosive tags without problem and even improving the designs. His chakra control had improved by leaps and bounds as had his taijutsu and though Miyako was not giving many details the fact that she was giving positive feedback at all was enough. Jiraiya hadn't actually started teaching him any new jutsu at that point instead he had made the boy go back over all the ones he knew as with his new balance of chakra he had been pouring way too much power into the moves.

As it was Naruto had finally gotten his control to a level where he was able to use the moves in the way they were supposed to be used, and not in ridiculously overpowered ones that would most likely kill him once he decided to try and use it. As such Jiraiya felt now was as good a time as any to begin ninjutsu training.

"Alright gaki the first technique I'm going to teach you is classified as a C-rank. Despite the low ranking however the jutsu is a rare one and in all actuality it is a game changer."

As he finished speaking Jiraiya bit his thumb and Naruto's eyes widened as with a few quick seals the sage slammed his hands to the ground and vanished in a cloud of smoke. Swiftly the smoke was blown away to show the man standing atop of a very large toad. The toad had orange skin is covered in blue markings with bandages wrapped around its body and left foreleg, along with a necklace with seven large beads on it, with the kanji for 'loyalty' on the central, largest one. All in all Naruto thought the massive toad was cool, especially as it was orange and orange was still awesome.

"Alright gaki this is Gama, the holder of the toad summoning contract. As should be obvious the first technique I'm going to teach you is the Kuchiyose no jutsu."

At the words the toad dropped the scroll which had been held secure by its tongue. As it hit the ground Naruto was surprised slightly as it unrolled so that an empty slot rested in front of him before it just stopped moving. Looking the thing over he saw that it actually had quite a few names written in it though the ones that took the most notice were Jiraiya's and the last one which was his fathers. Following Jiraiya's direction he bit into his right thumb enough to draw blood and quickly went about writing his name 'Uzumaki Naruto' in the scroll along with placing down his handprint as well.

"Alright gaki I know you already know the basics as I've seen you summon those three dogs of yours. However the difference is that the amount of chakra vary for each class and size of summon. Give it a try, let's see what you can do." Stated Jiraiya before taking several steps back.

For several long moments Naruto was still as he slowly built up his chakra. In his training to better control the well of energy he had at his disposal he had discovered that it was often better to take his time with things instead of just rushing in as he was used to. At this point his control was leaps and bounds better than it had ever been but even still he didn't want to risk overpowering this jutsu and summoning something too big for the space they were occupying. Finally however he determined he'd collected a decent amount of chakra and after biting his thumb once more sped through the quick chain of seals before slamming his hand to the ground and releasing the chakra in the same instant. Immediately there was a large cloud of smoke that appeared that covered him from view only for it to quickly be blown away. As the smoke cleared it revealed a large toad standing before him that was a dark orange color and had on a pair of metal bracers on its forelimbs and a metal chest and back plate for armor causing Jiraiya to whistle.

"Not bad gaki first try and you summoned Gamahiko, and here I thought you would summon a tadpole or something." Stated Jiraiya

In another area of the property Miyako sat calmly as she overlooked a group of Naruto clones at work. Spread out were sixteen clones, eight on either side of her all of them balancing on the tip of a needle using only a single finger. She could tell quite a few of them were glaring at her heatedly but she didn't let it faze her, instead she merely moved her chopsticks from the bowl in her lap and elevated the ramen they held to her mouth.

"How much longer do we have to do this?" questioned one of the clones gritting its teeth.

"Hm well about two hours have passed, so ten more hours to go." Stated the woman causing all of the clones to whimper.

Hearing this sound caused something deep within her being to glow with warmth. It had been quite a while since the last time she'd had someone to train and it always provided her such great entertainment. The last group that had come up to be trained by her had been especially entertaining. However Naruto was family and from what she'd been able to learn he had unknowingly began learning the techniques of her own style. Not only did he use the basic form of her taijutsu style but from what Jiraiya had told her he'd actually managed to use her 'Reigun' technique, something which no one else had been able to pull off.

That was one of the reasons she had for the clones doing the current exercise. Not only would it help boost Naruto's chakra control but his control over the 'Reigun' would improve dramatically as would the potency and power of the technique once he got used to channeling chakra to his fingers. From there she would be able to take him further into the real training in her Reiko Hadoken taijutsu, that however was for later after the clones completed the exercise or dispelled whichever came first, regardless she was sure the next few weeks would prove entertaining.

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