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Harry turned to watch Ginny as she walked down the aisle and realised, with a start, that he felt nothing. Her dress was beautiful, her hair lovely; she looked very pretty, and yet despite all this, Harry remained unmoved.

She gave him a warm smile as she drew nearer, but even the fullness of her red, pouty lips, that had once fuelled many a fantasy, now left him cold.

Harry returned the smile immediately, twisting his lips into a mockery of the genuine expression. This was something that came very easy, a skill he had been forced to hone in the ministry-function-filled days that followed his defeat of Voldemort. Then, he had been trotted out at will, forced to make nice with complete strangers. The fake smile had become his shield in those days, protecting the reality of his true feelings from people he didn't want them exposing to, and who probably wouldn't care anyway.

He couldn't help but wonder when it was that his girlfriend had fallen into that category.

Before Harry could give that thought any consideration, the Minister began speaking and he was forced to face the front and at least pretend to be paying attention.


As Harry watched Blaise and Luna exchange their vows, he was filled with an unidentifiable ache. He wasn't sure exactly what caused it. It could have been the dreamy expression, so filled with love, which lit up Luna's face like a summer's day. Or it could have been the tenderness in the once-cynical Slytherin's voice as he promised to love his bride for all eternity.

Whatever it was, standing there in a room full of his friends and loved-ones, Harry couldn't remember a time when he had felt lonelier. Being surrounded by happy couples, in functional relationships, just further crystallised for Harry how truly shallow his and Ginny's relationship had become.

They had been together, on and off, for almost four years. It had been common knowledge during their time at Hogwarts that Ginny had had a major crush on her boy-hero. Harry had humoured her in a manner befitting that of an honorary older brother, never for one moment considering her in a romantic light.

Firewhisky had a lot to answer for, Harry decided. If only he had stuck to butterbeer at the celebrations following his defeat of Voldemort then he would never have gotten himself into this situation. For some reason, and Harry rather suspected it was Ron's nagging, Harry had thought it a good idea to consume vast quantities of the wizarding liquor that night and, as a consequence, had woken up in Percy's old bedroom at the Burrow with a very naked Ginny beside him.

Being the noble Gryffindor that he was, Harry couldn't bring himself to tell her that, not only could he barely remember their drunken coupling, but that it meant nothing to him. Plus there was the 

added incentive of her six older brothers, several of whom were likely to take offence at him deflowering their little sister and then abandoning her.

So that had been the start of their relationship, and almost four years down the line, Harry was about as emotionally invested in it now as he had been then.

To start with it hadn't been too hard. Ginny was an attractive girl, one who was eager to please the Boy Who Lived, and Harry was your average red blooded teenage male. He had come to love her over time, but it wasn't the passionate devotion of Bill and Fleur, or the gentle, unspoken adoration of Hermione and Theo. He felt about her the same way he felt about Luna and Hermione – almost like a sister

They had had many volatile break-ups over the years, most of them due to Harry's refusal to commit further. He lived alone at Grimmauld place and liked it that way, thank you very much. Ginny on the other hand, was still living at the Burrow, and as the only Weasley child still in the family home, found herself the focus of all her mother's attention.

Their last break-up had happened only weeks before, and had it not been for a rather alarming one-night stand that he had had during that time, Harry rather suspected that would finally have been an end to it.

Not satisfied with the mere prospect of living together anymore, Ginny now had her heart set on marriage. The very fact that their first public outing since the reconciliation happened to be at a wedding had Harry very much on edge.

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