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I remember when I first came to Wammy's Orphanage. You were there, sitting by yourself, engrossed with the chocolate, devouring every morsel as if it was a daily meal. It was later on that day, did you come up to me and ask what I was doing. I just merely peered up at you, still crouched over the puzzle.

" Well?" you wondered.

" I'm solving a puzzle." I said after a while, taking in your features. You had bright yellow hair, shoulder length and wearing black garments. At first with a beautiful face like yours, I had mistaken you for a girl. But when you spoke to me just now, it was of a lower tone of voice, much like a boy's.

" What's your name?" you asked, leaning down at me.

" Near."

" Mello, nice to meet you!" you beamed. We got along fine that was until L came into the picture. Can't say that I blame him of course. I mean, he chose me first in the ranks in becoming L's next successor and Mello second.

Ever since then, Mello has changed for the worse. He never saw me as a friend again. But I continued to do so, because he was my friend and this ranking stuff was blinding the blond from the truth. That we could still be friends no matter what was thrown between us. We became rivals in your world and we continued to be friends in my world. I continue to think of you as my friend even when you heard that L was killed and decided to run away from the Orphanage.

I still continue to think of you as my friend when you showed up, half of your face scarred and threatened me to return your photograph, which I held so dearly close to me. Even with news of your departure had an impact on me. Friends should be there for each other and I just failed to do that.

I tried protecting you, I did. That's why I sent Lidner to check up on you, because I was worried about you, friend. But then, I had to show L your picture. I had a hunch that the new L was in fact Kira, but there was no evidence that he was.

It wasn't until I heard that you died in church which had set itself on fire. I couldn't believe that you committed suicide. It wasn't like you to die lowly as to resort to that. So my only conclusion was that it had to be the work of Kira.

Two days later, was the intended date where I'll meet Yagami Light for the first time in person. I wanted to see the person who's been the current L so far. I confronted him, drawing him out by using Mikami and the Death Note. It worked, Yagami Light confessed to everything, including him being Kira. Kira was dead and the revenge was made.

Mello, no. Mihael Keehl, I want you to know that even though I made it as being L's next successor, I can't help but feel alone without you beside me. These sweet memories of you and I will forever be kept in my heart. Rest in peace, my friend.



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