It was another good afternoon on the condor for the Storm Hawks.

Stork was, as always flying the ship and being the #1 Emo in Atmos.

Finn and Junko were at another goofy and stupid project that will probably end in utter chaos.

Aerrow was praticing fighting skills.

And Radarr was eatting a sandwitch.

Just then Piper came bushing onto the bridge of the ship.

"I've done it, I've done it!" She screamed.

"Done what?" Aerrow asked.

"You got laid?" Finn said trying to be funny (seriously Piper has no breasts almost).

"NO!" Piper relpied. "I've invented a crystal that can make a persons body bigger and stronger."

"Cool, let me try," Aerrow said.

"No way man I'm the one who deserves muscles," Finn butted in as he tried to grab the crystal out of Pipers hand.

This caused a tug-of-war betwwen Piper and Finn, and sadly also caused the crystal to fly out f their hands bounce off a few objects and laid in Radarrs mouth. Radarr swallowed the crystal.

"No!!" Piper said

Just then Radarr began to grow, and grow, and grow. Within 25 seconds he was as tall as Junko and still growing.

"Oh no what if he explodes?" Aerrow thought

"I'll have a messy ship." Stork commented

Just then Radarrs head broke the ceilling of the Condor, and all his clothes ripped

"Well we finally got that skylight you wanted Piper" Finn said. Piper kiced him in the balls

"Stork hurry and find a terra to land on," Aerrow ordered.

"Yes master," Stork said in his Emo voice.

Thankfully there was a terra near by and Stork quikly landed. Allowing Radarr to literally step out og the ship.

"He's as big as a two story house," Junko commented

What are we going to do with a really big, blue, furry, naked...whatever he is?" Piper wondered.

Just then Radarr farted.

"Oh it smells," Finn said as he felt his eyes water at the stink of Radarr's tremendous stinky gas.


What will the StormHawks do with a giant Radarr?

How wil they get him small again?

Has Finn lost his sence of smell?

Is Raddar's penis bigger than everyones?

Find out in the next chapter :)