Upwards and Onwards

AN: My first doctor who fic. I've become a bit obsessed with him and thought I'd give fanfic a shot. Please be nice, no flames. But do review please. One-shot. Fluff.

Yeah, I know the Doc's not that in character, no talk of all the crazy sci-fi stuff, but oh well I know okay. It is a fic about the doc's true feelings flowing the effects of Journey's End. Please do not read if you haven't watched Journey's End. Major spoilers!

Disclaimer: I do not own doctor who. This is for entertainment value only. The rights belong to Russell T Davis and the BBC (I think).

I leaned heavily against this machine – this machine that was is now my only companion. Thinking about all those that have left, that I had left, and who all have some else. I can't help but feel… lonely, standing alone, wet and cold, in this box as everyone else gets on with their life. Looking around the Tardis now, empty and hallow, it seems almost impossible to think that just a few hours ago the place had been filled with more people than it had ever carried, all working, all friends... family.

I moved around the control panel, running my fingers along the surface as I did so, contemplating that each of them had been there, on my side… working the buttons and switches as I told them. Well… except some, wasn't really anything left, but well, you know…

You know, I've just gone through one of the most difficult days of my life. I frowned; but then, weren't most of my days difficult – always an adventure, often dangerous, sometimes hard to work out? But this wasn't like other days. It was different. They were all here.

Now where are they? Are they Happy? Are they in peace?

Is Sarah Jane happy? Probably, she has her son, thinks seem to be working out well.

Is Martha happy? Yes, I'd say so now. She has a fiancé.

Is Rose happy… with the other me? I don't know... I hope so...

Is Donna…? Perhaps, but not the way I'd want her to be. All that potential… and she'll never know…

Still! Upwards and onwards! My whole future ahead! I'll see them again, no doubt about it! Well… I won't see Donna and Rose again, but… that's okay. It's the way it has to be.

I wonder if Rose is okay with the other me, I can't help my thoughts going back to the two of them… I trust her to fix him, to care for him, and make him better. Of course, but there's still regret, and… jealousy. Jealousy - ha! – what an emotion. I'm jealous of myself - how odd...

Ah well, it'll get better. Time heals all… I grinned as I began to pilot the Tardis... and, after all, time is what I do best.


AN: Is it really terrible? Ugh, I hope not. I know it's not really IC of the doctor to say all that but – like I said – it's his real feelings. And we all know how he keeps them hushed up. I guess it's kinda short, sorry about that.