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Naruto and Sakura were waiting outside of the Hokage's office for Kakashi, who had been late for about 2 hours now, not much to their surprise. Naruto was wearing his same orange and black jumpsuit. But Sakura was wearing something completely different. Her Anbu Uniform consisted of the grey-ish black vest, underneath was a tight black shirt, without sleeves, showing off her anbu tattoo on her right arm (for girl's it's on the right arm) And instead of pants, she was wearing tight black short shorts and her right leg was bandaged up, showing another tattoo(not anbu tattoo) on her left thigh. Her hair was no longer short but long and up to her mid-thigh. She was also wearing her wolf anbu mask.

"Damn that Kakashi-sensei! He's always late!" Naruto yelled. Sakura's arms were crossed together in front of her chest and her foot was tapping on the floor, but all of a sudden the door to the Hokage's office opened.

Tsunade came out of the room, and she was smiling.

"Naruto, Sakura, come inside." She told them. They nodded and followed her inside, but there was someone in there was unexpected to be there. Naruto's eyes went wide with excitement.

"S-Sasuke!" Naruto yelled and he glommed onto Sasuke. Sakura just stood there, because she got rid of her feelings for the Uchiha a long time ago and focused on her training instead. And by throwing away her emotions and feelings, it got her to become the strongest kunoichi in the Hidden Leaf and Captain of the Anbu-black ops. She has surpassed her teacher Tsunade in many ways possible and she was looked up to by everyone. If she was the same way when she was twelve, she would have died when she saw Sasuke, but, all she did was stare at him with a calm face.

"Who's that?" Sasuke thought looking at the girl under the mask, not knowing that it was Sakura. (A/N, how can he not notice the pink hair?)

"Sakura." Tsunade said. Sakura walked over to Tsunade.

"Yes, Tsunade-shishou?" Sakura asked. Tsunade gave her a folder filled with papers.

"You and your former team have a mission." she said with a blunt smile. "The mission will last for a year, or even more, you and your team are assigned to protect a boy, Harry Potter." Then Naruto spoke up,

"What?! What kind of name is that, he doesn't even sound like he comes from here!" Narut shouted.

"He doesn't, you're all going to England, and you have to protect him from a mysterious man named . . . Voldomort?" Tsunade said looking at the papers. Naruto bursted up lauging.

"VOLDOMORT!" Naruto said in between laughs, "THAT SOUNDS LIKE MOLDYWART!" Tsunade looked at him with her piercing hazel eyes, making him shut up.

"Sakura, you will be the leader for this mission, you all have an hour to pack whatever it is necessary for the mission and you will meet me outside the gate." Tsunade said. Then the four of them walked outside.

"So, Sasuke-teme! Are you glad you came back?" Naruto asked Sasuke, who was still currently looking at Sakura. Naruto waved his hand in front of Sasuke's face.

"Oi, what are you lookin' at?" Naruto asked with a devilish grin. Sasuke ignored him and continued to look forward. Sakura was walking right in front of them, not listening to even a word they said. Instead, she was talking to the voice inside of her.


"I don't really care, you know." Sakura reasoned.


"Like I said, I don't really care, end of discussion." Sakura said with an icy tone. That made her inner shut up for the mean time. Then Naruto came up right behind her. With Sasuke right beside him.

"Hey, Sakura, why aren't you saying anything?!" Naruto asked, Sakura ignored him.

"Sakura, that's Sakura?" Sasuke asked confused.

"Yeah, why?" Naruto asked.

"It's nothing." Sasuke said.


"Who the hell are you?" Sasuke asked.


"What makes you think that, I don't really care about her."Sasuke said.

"YES YOU DO, YOU'RE JUST DENYING IT." Inner said again. Sasuke ignored his comments and his Inner stopped talking for now. Sasuke observed Sakura, how she gained her curves in all of the right places, how her hair grew out, her pale and creamy skin became more and more luscious and soft, Sasuke didn't know how her face looked like since she still had her mask on. Then Sasuke made his way to Naruto.

"Hey, dobe, why is Sakura wearing that mask?" Sasuke asked.

"Well, because she's in Anbu, that's why, I thought you were smart enough to know that?" Naruto said.

"Anbu? Sakura is strong enough to be in Anbu?" Sasuke thought.

"Oh, and she also is the Anbu black-ops Captain, Sakura-chan also surpassed baa-chan years ago and is the most skilled and powerful kunoichi/ medic-nin here!" Naruto ranted on. Sasuke was amazed in 

how much more powerful Sakura got over the past few years. Then Sakura caught Sasuke staring at her.

"Do you see anything that you like, Uchiha?" Sakura asked.

"Hmph, why would I?" Sasuke said trying to sound confident.

"Then I will tell you this once, if I ever catch you staring again, you won't live to see tomorrow." She said with an icy tone, that even made Sasuke shiver.

"Is that all?" he asked as soon as he shook it off, she looked at him and took off her mask, and smiled at him. Then turned around and put back her mask.

"Wow, she really is beautiful." Sasuke thought looking at her bright emerald eyes, which were now had a tint of lapis lazuli on the iris, her face had no blemishes and her skin was pale and creamy. Sasuke wanted her now even more just as before.

(A/N I'm not going to write the part where they all go to their houses and pack all of their stuff, so I'm skipping to the part where they're in front of the gate now.)

Tsunade was waiting for all of them to arrive and saw them all coming. She was standing next to a strange man with a blue-ish robe and a weird stick thing in his hand, Naruto's eye-brow rose,

"Hey, baa-chan, who is that man?" Naruto asked. A vein popped from Tsunade's fore-head.

"What did you call me!?" Tsunade asked as she punched him through a tree, let's just say Naruto stayed quiet for a while after that. "Well, this man is Albus Dumbledoor, head of Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizardry."

"Witches and Wizards?" Sasuke asked. Tsunade nodded,

"Yes, their school is located deep within England, no humans, or to them, muggles, know about them, just like us." Tsunade said, and that made everyone understand a little bit more. Then the man spoke up,

"You don't all speak English, I may presume?" He asked, everyone nodded, then he lifted his wooden stick and a bright light emitted out from it.

"W-What did you do?" Naruto asked, but then caught himself speaking perfect English.

"We can speak English now." Sakura said. It felt a little weird at first, but they all got used to it.

"Well, Sakura, you are in charge of this mission, good luck." Tsunade said. They all nodded and with the wave of Dumbledoor's wand, they were all gone from Tsunade's sight.

"Kami help us." Tsunade prayed.

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were now in a weird train station waiting for the old man, then he appeared behind them.

"I will meet all of you when you get to the school, the train is located between Platform 9 ¾ , I must now get going." And with that, he was gone.

"Platform 9 ¾, what's that?" Naruto asked. All of a sudden they saw a family of red heads (A/N bet you can't guess who they are?) walk up to Platform 9 ¾ and ran through the pillar and disappear out of nowhere.

"Whoa, who could've guess that?" Naruto said. Sakura walked up to the woman watching her kids run through the pillars,

"Excuse me Miss; is that the train going to Hogwarts school?" Sakura asked her.

"Oh, yes, you must be new students, you see, you just run in between and you will end up at the train, it's simple really." She said. Sakura thanked her and walked back to Naruto and Sasuke.

"Well, you heard the woman; we have to run in between those pillars." Sakura said, and with that, she was the first one who did so, after that was Sasuke and then Naruto. They ended up in front of the huge train with kids around their age wearing weird cloaks of some kind boarding onto the train.

"I think we have to get on the train." Naruto said.

"Well, that was obvious." Sasuke said. And they boarded the train. Kids were staring at them and also giving them glares, since they were new to this place and world and dressed differently too. But they mostly looked at Sakura, since she had her porcelain Anbu mask on, her tattoo, and most of all, her ninjato (it's a Katana, or Japanese sword) strapped onto her back. The kids were already talking behind their backs basically about their appearances, but the three ninja couldn't care less. Then they found a compartment that could hold all three of them, but there were three others inside, it was none other than Harry Potter and his gang.

"Isn't that the boy?" Sasuke whispered so silently that Harry and his friends couldn't hear but Naruto and Sakura couldn't, Sakura nodded, not saying anything.

"So, um, are you three new this year?" a bushy haired girl asked, still somewhat afraid.

"Yes, we are." Sakura said. "We're exchange students actually." She added.

"Well, I'm Hermione Granger." the girl said.

"I'm Ron Weasley." Ron said.

"Harry Potter." Harry said.

"What are your names?" the red head asked.

"My name is Sakura Haruno." Sakura said.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, the next Hokage!" he yelled.

"Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke said in a dark and brooding way, Hermione's eyes went to him and examined him fully, in other words, checking him out.

"He's really handsome, and dark too, hmm." Hermione was secretly planning something in her head while pretending to listen to her friends. Then the compartment door opened, showing a pale blond teen with two plump ones in the back. Harry, Ron and Hermione had disgusted looks on their faces.

"Well if it isn't you three, what are you doing in ourcompartment?" the blond spat. Then he looked at Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke, who just simply ignored him.

"Hey, you three, the outcasts." Malfoy said to them. Still, they ignored him. Naruto had an urge to punch him in the face but Sakura told him not to. Then Malfoy walked up to them,

"When I call your names, answer to me, you bunch of muggles." Malfoy spat at them. "Why don't you come back where you come from, trash!" He said looking at his two friends signalling them to laugh at this remark. When he turned back around to make another remark, he found Sakura's hand around his neck, holding him up in the air, squeezing the life out of him.

"What did you say, I didn't quite hear it?" She said. He shook his head and she smirked, then she threw him on the floor, quite hard, and he ran out, followed by his two plump friends. Harry and his friend's eyes were wide.

"That boy needs to be taught some manners and respect." Sakura said running her fingers through her silk pink hair. Everybody kept quiet for a while now, until the train came to a stop.

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