Dear Max Dear Max

Author: Maiyri

Rating: G/K

Category: General

Summary: An unsent letter from Ella to Max

Disclaimer: Don't own Max Ride, or Ella

Dear Max

It's me, Ella. I know you're not going to read this letter, because I don't know where to mail it to. You didn't leave me with any thing other than your name. But that's okay, I can understand, you're different and there's probably people who are after you, who want to hurt you. You said you don't remember them, but they probably remember you.

Anyway, I'm writing this just after Thanksgiving. Mom's got this really weird tradition of writing letters to say thank you to all the people who do good stuff for us during the year. You stopped José and Dwayne and that lot from beating me up for telling on them when they were doing bad stuff. I know that I probably shouldn't have let them corner me by walking along that route. But you saved me and they shot you for it.

Anyway, they haven't bothered me for a while now. José got put into a home down south somewhere coz he was stealing from one of the shops in town. José was the ringleader so the other guys have stopped bothering me. They've got no reason to now that he's gone.

I'm learning Karate so that if they try again some time I can defend myself. Mom's taking classes too, she things it is a good idea for us girls to be able to fight. You'd probably approve of that seeing how you beat the goons up!

So I'm writing to say thank you about that. Even though I don't think you'll ever read this letter. But that okay, coz mom say's it's the thought that counts.

We're making Chocolate chip cookies (your favourite!) tomorrow afternoon. Mom has the recipe pinned up on the noticeboard in out kitchen. We called them Max's chocolate chip cookies, and every time we make them we think of you.

Hope you're okay wherever you are Max, and I'm glad to have met you.

Your friend forever,

Ella Martinez.