A/N A Jack/Ianto pre-Cyberwoman fluffiness. Ianto's point of view to go with Running, which is Jack's POV

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Thank God they all took the same coffee beans, most of them because they didn't notice, admittedly, but it made his life much easier. Gwen took her coffee with almost more milk than coffee and three sugars; Tosh took it with one milk and one sugar, Owen two sugars no milk and Jack, well that was the only thing about Jack that was remotely straight or neat. He'd once eaten the beans on their own for a dare, which was the closest Ianto would ever let him get to instant coffee. Not that they'd want to go back, in that department at least he was indispensable.

He sighed as he turned to pass out the coffees, earning absent-minded thanks as he went round. It had been a very long day and everyone was tired; even Jack. The captain was the last stop on his round, Ianto always did it this way in the knowledge that one day he would pluck up the courage to stop and chat. Jack always cheered him up with his bawdy humour, the opposite of Ianto's dry satire, and his constant flirting. It was hard work keeping a fa├žade of disinterest but he knew he had to. For his own sake, for Lisa and even for Jack. He couldn't betray Lisa, not when they were getting close to healing her, and there would be repercussions if anyone found out. Equally, he couldn't betray Jack any more than he already was doing and he knew that even if he gave in and let Jack get through to him and even if he never found out about Lisa, Jack would move on quickly and leave Ianto feeling guiltier and emptier than ever. All things considered, it was better this way.