So... My first story... All the names and info are taken from the English dub. The school system is American. It takes place a few years after 02 and follows the 02 characters.

Tai, Matt, and Sora are 19. Izzy and Mimi are 18. Joe is 20. They're all going away to college, so they won't be seen too often in the story. All the younger digidestined are 16 and going to be juniors in high school except for Cody; he's 14 and a freshman. Ken and Davis are on the soccer team. TK is on the basketball team.

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TK was sitting with his back against the old tree in the park. It was nearly noon. The sun was brightly shining, warming the grass. He was thankful for the shade. Underneath the tree was perfect. There were no worries or troubles under the tree, just relaxation, just rest. He closed his eyes and waited.

His eyes opened slowly. He looked up to see Kari had just arrived and awoken him. "Hey Kar, what's up?" he asked while yawning.

"Hi," replied the shorter brunette. "Tai officially left for school today. That's why I'm late," she said taking a seat beside TK "Seems like you were fine without me though," she joked with the tall, blond boy next to her.

He yawned again before replying, "So with Tai gone that's all of them, right?" He paused to think for a second before continuing, "Matt and Joe left last week. Sora went yesterday, and Izzy's been gone for a few days."

"Yeah," Kari sighed. "We're going back to school tomorrow, too." TK groaned jokingly, obviously he did not want to remember that date. "Fine, I won't remind you anymore," Kari laughed. After a slight pause, she suggested "Let's try to get everyone else back together today before... well... the evil thing happens."

TK, finally awake, laughed at her way of delicately putting it. "Davis and Ken have soccer practice today. Yolei is working at her store, so she's busy. Cody is getting back from vacation in a few hours. I doubt he'd want to do anything today."

"We're really boring TK. Everybody is out there doing something, but we're just sitting here," Kari complained as she yawned with her back against the tree.

"I like this, Kar. No problems, no worries, no stress, just sitting down and enjoying the park," he knew she would fold. She loved this as much as he did even if she would not admit it. She loved being lazy just as much as he did.

"I guess you're right. You know this is my favorite spot, but c'mon it's the last day of summer; we could do something." Anticipating what he was going to say, she added, "I know. I know. Everyone's busy. I just wanted to do something big before the end of summer."

The two sat under the big tree talking. They chatted about everything that crossed their minds: their summers, their friends, their digimon, the "evil thing" that TK refused to name. They joked around and laughed. During the conversation, Kari watched whoever passed by the tree. She liked to observe people; it was possible to see the weirdest things just by watching people. For a day of doing absolutely nothing, it was nice. She wanted it to be more, but it was not. It was relaxing; it was nice. It was not the memorable party she wanted, but she liked it. At sunset, TK and Kari decided they did not have much more to discuss. They both went home in their own directions with nothing better to do than wait for school.

Davis groaned at the first beeps of the alarm clock. He refused to acknowledge that this day had come. He did not throw his pillow at the clock. He did not try to stop it. He did not constantly complain about waking up like he normally would. After the first groan of waking up, he decided not to recognize this day any further; he turned around, put his face into the pillow, and tried to ignore everything, hoping that it would just go away.

Obviously, it did not. The alarm was soon joined by his mother banging at the door and yelling for him to get up. He groaned again before replying, "Alright, alright. I'll get up." After she left, satisfied that he would not go back to sleep, he quietly added, "relax, old hag."

Lazily, he stood up and yawned. "Today's gonna be a bitch," he thought to himself. "Why the hell does school have to start so early?" He walked over to the bathroom and started to shower, hoping the water would help to awaken him. He stood under the streaming water with his head against the wall. After a few minutes, he realized that he was finally awake.

He finished showering a litter later. While getting dressed, he heard a knock on the apartment door. "It can't be that late yet." He looked at the alarm clock in his room, "Shit! He's here." He quickly finished dressing before leaving with Ken.

"You're hair's still wet, and you took a while after I knocked," Ken remarked after a few steps in the hall. "I knew you wouldn't be ready. I think the deal was ten bucks."

"No fair. You came early." Davis tried to get out of paying the bet.

"It's seven right now," Ken replied, showing Davis his watch.

"No way. You set your watch ahead, so you would win."

"You don't have any money do you?" Ken knew that Davis was trying to get out of his part of the deal even though he knew he lost.

"Not even a little." They both laughed. Ken wondered why he kept making bets even though Davis never pays. Was it pride? He would never describe his feeling as pride. The bets were so obvious that anyone who knew Davis would know that he would lose. He assumed that it was the way Davis would defend himself. He always thought it was funny.

Eventually, they reached the school. Davis stopped. He knew he would have to go in soon enough, but if he could delay it, he would have to try. Ken quite easily convinced him to enter by mentioning the reunion with the digidestined and, probably more appealing to Davis, the reunion with the many girls of Odaiba High School. Together, they walked into the building.

Ken's words quickly became truth as a group of girls immediately noticed the soccer star. Davis, standing next to him, intercepted the girls before they could reach him. Davis obviously thought that he should get these girls because Ken had Yolei. They did not care that it was him instead of Ken. He was one of the stars of the team too.Ken wanted to leave as quickly as possible. He wished that he could play soccer without having to become the center of attention. He loved soccer; he hated so much attention.

"Davis, c'mon. Let's get going." Ken felt awkward with everyone around him.

"No way. This is awesome." Davis, unlike Ken, enjoyed both soccer and being the center of attention. This was the kind of moment that he always loved. Davis did see the feeling of awkwardness in Ken's face and surrendered his own pleasure for the sake of his friend. They walked to the cafeteria, where the school placed the schedules on the first day. After finding theirs, they walked to their favorite courtyard where they saw three people already sitting.

TK's head shot straight up after the very first beep. He had set his alarm clock volume much too high. He quickly hit the top to stop it. He yawned. After the initial scare, he found time to realize he was exhausted. This was what he hated most about school, waking up early.

He stood up and yawned again, thinking about how painful waking up everyday for the next year would be. He quickly showered, changed, and headed to the living room. His mother was not in the apartment that day. She rarely was home before he left for school; sometimes she tried to get the day off when it was the first day of school, but she could not today. He was used to it. Usually, she would go into work early and stay late. It had been going on since they first moved to Odaiba. At first, he did not like it, but by now he had gotten used to it.

While thinking about his mother, he made and ate breakfast. He thought that what he made could hardly be called a meal: A few pieces of toast could not really satisfy an appetite, especially not his; however, this was all the food he had the time to eat. He noticed the oven's clock and grabbed an apple to eat on his way to school.

TK, Yolei, and Kari had always walked to school together. He met both of them on the ground just outside the building. They walked together discussing their hopes and goals for this year of school. After walking for some time, they entered the school. TK noticed that the mood of the three became suddenly darker as soon as they entered the building. He was not sure if it was his imagination or if they could honestly not make light and easy conversation within the school. Together, the three went to the schedules, found theirs, and left to go to their favorite courtyard. Upon arriving they found it was empty.

The continued to talk about anything that crossed their minds. The chat eventually became as light-hearted as it was before entering school. Obviously, school could not stop them from having a good time. TK was wondering why he had thought something this harmless could cause so much darkness. It was absurd, almost comical. He considered sharing his musings with the others, but decided against it. After what they had been through, calling school a cause of darkness was beyond laughable. The talk continued as two others entered the courtyard. They were only waiting for one person now.

Cody arrived at Odaiba High School. He looked around, checking for anyone he recognized. He did not see anybody familiar. Gathering up some courage, he entered through the doors. He had been in much more danger before, and he had handled it much more easily, but that had been a long time ago, at least by his standards it had. He was nervous as he entered, maybe even to the point of fear. He thought of it as normal. It was a new school with people he did not know; it made sense to be anxious to an extent, but he was neurotic. "Oh well," he thought to himself, "I guess I just get really nervous really easy. I guess I'll just ignore it. That's really the only thing I can do."

"OK," he started a dialogue in his head. "Luckily, they gave us our schedules earlier than the rest," he said internally, referring to the freshman as us. "I need to find my locker then meet up with everyone at some courtyard near the cafeteria." He searched the halls for his locker. He saw some of his classmates and slowly relaxed. The calming effect of his friends allowed him to ignore the small fear the school inflicted in him. He, after once again talking to himself internally, went to find the courtyard. He searched for a few minutes before finding the place. He entered and noticed that five others had already arrived.

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