TITLE: "And Grace, Too" (1/1)
AUTHOR: Marie-Claude Danis
EMAIL: mc@fangy.net
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
SUMMARY: Just a moody lil ficlet, to the tune of the Tragically Hip.

* * *

Perhaps they were never meant to hunt.

A vampire is born a remarkable predator; incredible strength, sharpened senses, inborn skills. An exceptionally cunning hunter, stealthy, a master at disguise, lies and subversion. Ready.

Yet, perhaps in the most contrasting irony, its main prey is, at best, sluggish. Humans, lulled senseless by their own naiveté, are lazy, over-confident creatures, easily approached and just as easily fooled. Killing them takes next to no artistry, barely any skills at all.

It is no wonder the undead likes to play with its food.

A careful onlooker might notice the young man, immobile against a faintly lit brick wall, barely noticeable in his commonness. Nothing on him moving, save the cool breeze tugging at the hem of his shirt, rearranging softly the dark curls on his brow. Unblinking, the black lashes come closer together, as piercing orbs focus sharply on one single point two city blocks ahead. He is met by the expectant yellow irises of his mate, and the young man can smell the faint scent from where he stands, always taking comfort in its familiarity.

Almost imperceptibly, he nods at his partner and moments later he is on the move.