Title: face down

Disclaimer: Tetsuya Nomura owns the character designs of these three while The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus holds legal rights to the title and lyrics I placed in here.

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Do you feel like a man when you push her around?

She never cries. The pain she would receive from such torture never affects her. It can never break her, but it always does its job.

They always get her to do what they want.

"I feel fine." Naminé speaks before he can ask. Her features are paler than normal, Axel notices. She is trying not to quiver in speech or with her art. He watches her sketch again. He does not look at the colorings of himself or any of the others she creates. There are scars running along her slender arms. No doubt Larxene's doing.

The cuts are still fresh, but she doesn't bleed. Nothing crimson pours out from her veins; only dark matter, which were clot mere seconds before. Axel still says nothing of the duo who have done this to her.

"Your knight will be here soon," He reassures her.

She gives him a sad smile, "Not if they break him first."

Do you feel better now when she falls to the ground?