Written for humanbeldot's alphabetical OTP challenge, letter 'S'

Title: Sympathy

Pairing: Trinity/ Neo

Setting: Trinity's apartment, during Neo's first visit in Zion.

Written while suffering the aftermath grandma's 75th birthday party- stomach ache. Laying on the sofa with nothing to do but write, I decided to make Neo my 'brother in misery' and fill out another space in the challenge. I just wish I too could've had someone like Trinity to nurse me.


''How are you feeling?''

''Like crap'' came the muffled reply from somewhere underneath the thick blanket, sounding so pitiful she almost begun to wonder if he was looking for some extra compassion.

''I told you to be careful with that peach'' she reproached him. ''Your digestive system isn't used to solid food, of course you get stomach ache.'' She sat down at the edge of the bed.

''…From one tiny peach?'' Finally Neo pulled the quilt down from his face and rolled over to meet her eyes, his own looking very dark compared to his paler-than-usual skin. On impulse, Trinity pressed her hand against his brow to check for a fever. Just a bit of a sweat. He doesn't have salmonella, for heaven's sake.

She nodded as answer to his question, putting her hand on his stomach to softly rub his midriff. ''Mm-h. It happens to most newbies. Professionals too, actually.''

Neo sighed and laid his head back at the pillow beneath his neck, remaining silent some time. Trinity had been right about that peach, and he literally had to eat it up. But after two months of nothing but synthetic slop, it was impossible to resist when Zee offered them something to eat after they had left their condolences regarding Tank and Dozer.

''It's starting to feel better'' he commented after a while.

''What?'' Trinity asked, snapping out of her thoughts to realize she still was sitting on the bed, one palm supporting her chin and the other resting on Neo's stomach.

''Your hand. It's warm, it feels…soothing…'' He tried to summarize it, ''warmth lessens the pain.''

Trinity contemplated him another moment before placing her fingertips against his shoulder, urging him to roll onto his side. Laying down behind him she wrapped her arms around his middle, resting her cheek atop of his upper arm.

''Feeling better?''

''Definitely'' he answered, surprised by her affectionate action, and raised one hand to caress her forearm.

''Great.'' She planted a kiss at the side of his neck before making herself comfortable against his back, nuzzling her face into his shoulder.

''You spoil me, Trin.''

Oh well. Once more, I could not come up with any truly good ending- perhaps this one will suffice. Thanks to everyone who reviewed my last story! :)