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The Worlds… Within this universe there are 7 Worlds within perfect balance, each one of them is unique in a certain way, although some may seem identical, they are far from it… well… only two of these worlds seem identical… the other worlds aren't exactly the same… but that's not the point.

These worlds are:

The World pf Pokemon: A worlds mostly covered by forests, where wonderful creatures known as Pokemon live.

The World of The Mamodo Battle: A world that is the battle field for the Mamodo World, it's nearly identical to the World of Chaos but there are many differences.

The World of Pirates: A world made of 4 oceans and a 5th that runs along the equator known as the Grand Line, here Pirates roam the seas searching for truer.

The World of Chaos: A strange world where anything goes, from people changing genders to a splash of water, weird alien Oni that shock their "husbands" to even super genius (and possibly gay) infants trying to take over the world, this world is almost identical to the World of the Mamodo Battle… almost…

The World of Ninja: A place where each country is unique in geography… here almost every country has a ninja village that protects their country.

The Mamodo World: The place where demons called Mamodo live… every thousand years they send 100 children to fight for the thrown of their world.

And finally the World of Crystal Tokyo: A dead world where Neo Queen Serenity once ruled with her husband King Endymion… however during a fierce battle her protectors the Sailor Senshi died, she sent them to rein carted in the different worlds (expect for the Mamodo World) to protect the worlds:

The World of Pokemon is protected by Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak… Ash is a talented Pokemon Trainer while Gary is an up and coming Pokemon researcher.

The World of the Mamodo Battle is protected by Kiyo Takamine and Eido McLovin (yes that's his name… sad isn't it?), both of them are bookkeepers… partners to Mamodo Children, Kiyo is genus partner to Zatch Bell and Eido is the perverted partner to Hyde.

The World of Pirates is protected by Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace and Roronoa Zoro. Luffy is the captain of the of the Straw Hat Pirates, Ace is both the older brother of Luffy and the second commander of White Beard's second division (though currently he's traveling with Luffy's crew) and Zoro is the swordsman and first mate of Luffy.

The World of Chaos if protected by Ranma Satome and Ryoga Hibiki. Ranma is one of the best marital artists of Nerima and also turned into a girls when slashed cold water and Ryoga is also a martial artist but he can't find his way out of a paper bag… and he turns into a pig.

And finally the World of Ninjas is protected by Uzumaki Kazama Naruto, Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto is the son of 4th Hokage Kazama Arashi as well as the holder of the Kyubi no Yoko a dangerous fox demon, Kakashi is the famous copy ninja and Sasuke is the last of the Uchiha Clan… who was killed by his older brother.

Oh yeah… it's forgot to mention that all of them are guys who turn into girls when they turned into their Senshi forms… yeah... that's kind of sad…

However they aren't they only Sailor Senshi…

Adding them are Setsuna Meioh, who helps Kiyo and Eido protect the World of the Mamodo Battle, she's only surviving Sailor Senshi and also the Guardian of Time.

And Kousagi Tendo, the adopted daughter of Kasumi Tendo… the sister of one Ranma's Fiancés (don't ask… just don't ask…) She's also the Duel reincarnation of both Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion... she also helps Ranma and Ryoga… but that was implied.

These worlds are in constant harmony with each other and all the Senshi help each other protect their worlds… but what would happen… if someone attacks in a time before they even found they were even Senshi…

New Lives C: The Movie

4 Years Ago…

The battle was reaching it's peak… the horrible battle between Pokemon and their clones… All the Pokemon and their clones were exhausted and were about to collapse. Ash looked up and saw the sight… Mew and it's clones Mewtwo were about to launch it's final attack… at each other. Ash looked up and saw the attack… he got up and went into the middle of the attack.

"Stop this!" he yelled getting between the two psychic attacks… when the psychic energy died down… he was turned to the stone… Ash's best friend Pikachu ran towards him and tried to shock him… but it didn't work.

In the stands of this evil stadium an evil and mysterious figure laughed…

"Those Tears of Life will revive him…" said the figure, "I can't have that happen… now can I? After all if I just watched why did I come back to this time anyways?"

The figure raised his hand and a wired almost invisible energy surrounded Ash's stone body...

"Yes… and hopefully this will cause the chain reaction I'm looking for." Said the man.

Present Day, World of the Mamodo Battle.

Setsuna was teaching Kiyo's class when she got a feeling…

"Oh no…" she whispered she took out her time key which was pulsating a red glow.

"Ms. Meioh? What's wrong?" asked Mary Lou.

"I'm sorry… it's a an emergency… I have to call Study Hall… I'm sorry I have to go." Said Setsuna who quickly ran out of the classroom.

"What was that about?" asked Yamanaka.

Everyone in the room looked at Kiyo.

"You're a good friend of hers! What do you think is wrong?" asked Iwashima.

"Hey… I'm just as a clueless as you." Said Kiyo with a shrug, but he was thinking, "I bet something was altering the time line." He thought.

4 Years Ago… World of Pokemon

All of the Pokemon gave their heart and soul to Ash… but it was not enough… their tears couldn't revive him… Misty broke down crying, while Brock comforted… everyone else was shocked… Mewtwo was in shock the most… that boy just gave his life to save the Pokemon… what just happened played over and over in his head.

Meanwhile the Mysterious Figure laughed…

"This is too juicy… I just have to wait a few days to what else happens…" said the mysterious figure.

Time Gate…

Setsuna transformed into Sailor Pluto and began to examine where time was altered… she instantly paled.

"No… it can't be… not then…" she said "That one alteration will have disastrous consequences."

She raised the Garnet Rod… but that's when she faced back form the time gate.

"No who's ever causing it is preventing me from entering…" said Sailor Pluto who began to cry.

4 Years Ago… a few days later after Ash's death.

Gary ran all the way to his Grand Father lab… what happened when he called his grand father kept playing over and over in his head.


Gary entered the Pokemon center when Nurse Joy asked him, "You wouldn't happen to be Gary Oak, would you?"

"Yeah, why?" asked Gary.

"You have a message to call Professor Oak." Said Nurse Joy.

"Okay." Said Gary going over to phones.

Gary called his grand father…

"Hey Gramps, what is t?" asked Gary.

Pro. Oak had a grim look on his face, Gary knew something bad happen.

"What happened?" asked Gary.

"Ash died…" sighed Pro. Oak.

"What?" asked Gary.

(End of Flashback)

"I can't believe it…" thought Gary.

Present Time… Time Gate…

Sailor Pluto was examine the effects of the timeline, in all the worlds… while changes weren't that severe in the World of Pirates or Chaos… one was a chance in a certain event but when factoring what it was, it was wasn't bad when compared to the others, while the World of Chaos wasn't as bad either… but it did cause something to happen earlier then was planned… while World of the Mamodo Battle was somewhere in the middle, Kiyo wouldn't mind, but the changes were pretty drastic… the World of Ninjas would suffer form major changes and couldn't help but to feel sorry for Naruto and The World of Pokemon… what she saw was horrible… it was too horrible.

4 Years Ago… Pro Oak's lab…

Gary ran into the lab breathing heavily… of all times he had to get rid of car… he saw Ash's mother was crying, Misty was too… and Brock tired to keep a strait face…

"What happened… how did it… happen…" said Gary trying not to cry.

"Well it happened like this…" sighed Brock.

Present Time… Time Portal…

Sailor Pluto took out her communicator and decided what was best was to leave a message… even though she didn't know if it would survive the time change…

"Please! A severe time change is happening! Things are going to change a lot… I can't tell you about the changes… but all I know is that they're going to serve!" cried Sailor Pluto, "Who ever did this is blocking my powers to fix it." Said Setsuna.

4 Years Ago…

Gary was staring at Ash's… well stature… all of his Pokemon that lived in the lab… and the ones he had on them were crying over him… even his Charizard who never listened to him.

"I can't believe that happened…" whispered Gary.

Thing began to play all around in Gary's head… Ash gave his life to protect Pokemon… Ash was a bit of dork and loser… but Ash beat him where it counts… loving Pokemon. He also came up with a decision.

"Grandpa… I want to train Ash's Pokemon…" said Gary.

Pro Oak nodded, "On one condition." Said Pro. Oak.

"Let me guess… have Pikachu be the only member of my permanent team…" said Gary.

Pro Oak smiled…

Present Time… World of Ninja.

Naruto and Sasuke took a break from training when both of them got Setsuna's message.

"I wonder what's going on." Said Naruto.

3 ½ years ago…

It had been 6 moths since Ash's death… he decided to start all over again with just Pikachu and Blastoise… his first Pokemon. He decided to go the Hoenn Region for some reason… it's as if something told him to go… he was currently in Fortree City… the weird thing is that it never snowed in this area yet they here they were it was getting worse and worse any minute.

"What is it with this weather?" asked Gary.

Pikachu knew something terrible was happening on the other side of the world, in the Orange Island islands, but stayed close to Gary… after all both of them suffered a huge loss with Ash's death…

That's when Gary doubled over in pain.

Present Time… World of Chaos.

Akane and Kousagi were watching Ranma and Ryoga fight again.

"Are they going to stop any time soon?" asked Akane.

That's when Kousagi got the message… she took out her communicator, she paled when she got the message.

"Aunty Akane… please make them stop! It's bad!" cried Kousagi.

3 ½ Years Ago

Pikachu ran towards it's second trainer and notice the mark of Saturn appeared on his forehead… that's when there was a Purple flash of light and in flash Gary was gone… and stood in his place was Sailor Saturn… however… this Sailor Saturn had the cold look in her eye… meaning one and only one thing… that this word… was going to die…

Present Time… World of Pirates

Luffy enjoying himself on the Lion's head of the Thousand Sunny, that's when he got the message.

"I owner what's going on?" asked Luffy.

3 ½ Years ago…

Pikachu stared at Sailor Saturn… that's when the Time Gate appeared… it was Sailor Pluto… of that time period.

"Sailor Pluto…" said Sailor Saturn.

"I think you should know that something has severally altered the time line." Said Sailor Pluto.

"I know… I can sense… I can sense Ash was never supposed to have died." Said Sailor Saturn.

Pikachu's eyes became wide.

Present Time

Kiyo got to the message while everyone chatting in class… his eyes went wide.

"I knew it…" he thought.

3 ½ Year Ago…

Sailor Saturn bent towards Pikachu… "Please Pikachu… we've become friend during this time… and I really want you to go with Setsuna…"

Pikachu looked at Sailor Saturn with his eyes wide, he looked at Sailor Saturn with a slightly confused face.

"Yes, I am Gary…" answered Sailor Saturn, "I know… that Ash would be sad to see you of things die… I know that there are many people and Pokemon will die… and that would make you the only survivor of this world… so please go with Sailor Pluto."

Pikachu looked at Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto and nodded. Pikachu followed Sailor Pluto into the time gate... the doors slowly closed and Pikachu had one last look of the world.

Present Time, World of Pokemon…

Ash and Gary both answered their messages at the same time…

"I wonder what that means." Said Dawn how heard the message.

That's when everyone but Gary and Pikachu double over in pain.

"Pika?" asked Pikachu.

"No… the time change couldn't be…" said Gary.

3 ½ Years Ago…

Sailor Pluto and Pikachu looked at each other… but now the world was dead… that's when Sailor Pluto sense something… she open up the gates once again.

Sailor Pluto didn't seemed fazed but Pikachu was, the town was desolate… the once before town, where people lived in tree houses… was all dead… that's when both Sailor Pluto and Pikachu saw something… it was a small bundle… the bundle was of a baby Gary.

"But… how?" whispered Sailor Pluto.

She lifted now the now baby Gary and saw what was underneath him… the blue Rainbow Crystal. She looked at it and gave a small smile, "Of all places… he just had to end the world here… I'm guessing he sensed it here and knew the exposure would ensure rebirth." Said Sailor Pluto.

Pikachu looked at Sailor Pluto… with a confused look on it's face.

"Don't worry Pikachu… I'll explain soon… very soon…" said Sailor Pluto.

Present Time…

All worlds a strange wave of white energy engulfed all the world… this energy was part of the process of the Time Line Changing… and the only ones who would sense the effects were the Sailor Senshi, the Guardian Cats and for some reason Pikachu… for when the effects settled the Sailor Senshi would wake up in a completely different world… well half of them anyways…

Chapter 1: Serve Time Changes

Gary felt weird… he realized he was sleeping on a bed the last time he remembered was the warning of the server time change… he remembered not too long after the Outer Senshi awaked when ever a server time change that Setsuna could fix would occur that the Senshi and the Guardian would remember the true time line while everyone else would act like nothing else ever happened…

That when he noticed something was truly off with him… he knew he was in a bed… he got up and saw something that would make him scream so loud it would wake any neighbors that was sleeping.

Meanwhile Kiyo was woken up by some next door neighbors who was screaming their heads off… the weird thing it sounded like a little kid… he got up wondering why the next door neighbor had a little kid… they never had a little kid.

"That's weird…" said Kiyo.

"Hey! Temper Dude." Said Hermes getting up.

"For the last time Hermes, my name is Kiyo!" yelled Kiyo.

"Well whatever, there's something I have to show you down stairs." Said Hermes.

"Okay…" said Kiyo with a sweat drop.

Kiyo noticed that Zatch was sleeping despite the little kid crying.

Meanwhile in the World of Pirates… Ace was sleeping out on the deck… when Aries slashed his face, as he was sleeping and not expecting it he woke up right away.

"Hey I have a sleeping disorder you know…" muttered Ace.

"Yeah I know… and don't you think the time line problems are more important to your sleeping disorder." Said Aeries rolling her eyes, "There's no change in the girls room."

"None in the boys room either… everyone's accounted for." Said Ace rubbing his eyes.

"So crew wise, there's no change… we're going to have to ask Setsuna what's the change in this world." Said Aeries.

Ace nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile in the World of Chaos, Kousagi began to wake up.

She got up and began to wobble.

"Okay… something's wrong." She said.

She noticed the mirror and walked slowly towards it, she immediately noted her height and her looks.

"I'm a year older…" she said.

She sighed, "Great… that means my center of gravity is going to be way off…"

She began to walk slowly to the Satomes' room… she noticed right away that Nodoka and Genma were sleeping together which meant that she did indeed find out Ranma being a girl and since Ranma was there it meant he didn't have to go with the Nuclear Option.

"So you're going to have to explain it too…" said Luna who was carrying P-Chan in her mouth.

P-Chan looked at Kousagi and noticed she looked taller for some reason… that's when Kousagi blocked off Ranma mouth and nose… Ranma woke up and began to cough.

"Kousagi! What the…" said Ranma who noticed Kousagi change in height, "Did you get taller?"

"Yeah Uncle Ranma… but something bad happened!" said Kousagi.

"We need to wait for Setsuna to call first though." Said Luna.

Ranma and P-Chan looked at each other.

Meanwhile in the world of Ninja Naruto woke up... noticed something off right away… he was in his old bedroom… the one of his old apartment before he moved into his dad's mansion.

"What the…" he whispered.

That's when the curtain that was Opal's side of the room opened up…

"Hey Naruto-Niichan… I'm head off to Academy…" said Opal.

She noticed that Naruto seemed frozen.

"Hey Naruto-Niichan… are you okay?" asked Opal.

"Don't worry I'll look after him." Said Artemis.

"Okay." Said Opal with a shrug.

She left the apartment, on her way out she ran into Kakashi.

"Morning Kakashi-Sensei!" said Opal waving at him.

"Morning Opal." Said Kakashi happily.

"So she's living with him… that's good…" he thought.

He went into the apartment and into Naruto's room.

"He's in hock or confused." Said Artemis, "So let me guess… part of this world's time difference is that Arashi never was revived."

Kakashi nodded, "If it's only just that…" he said.

Naruto finally snapped out of it, "What the hell is going on! Why am I in my old apartment!" he yelled out.

Back with Gary he looked at himself in the mirror… he looked at himself, judging by his appearance he had to guess he was 3 or 4 years old.

"Okay… what just happen…" said Gary.

Pikachu was who sleeping at the foot of his bed woke up and blinked.

"Pika?" asked Pikachu with a sweat drop.

"It's me Gary…" said Gary with a sweat drop.

Pikachu merely sweat dropped.

"Wait you remember that weird white light, right?" asked Gary.

Pikachu nodded…

"Weird… usually your not supposed to remember." Said Gary blinking.

That's when someone opened the door… it was Setsuna.

"Setsuna… what's going on… why am I like this! It's not like…" said Gary who realized something, "Which world…"

Setsuna didn't say anything… she just bent down and hugged Gary… who realized what it meant.

"You mean… everyone… Gramps…" said Gary.

"Yes… you and Pikachu are the only survivors." Said Setsuna.

Gary's eyes went wide, "What about Ash?" he asked.

"I'll explain later." Said Setsuna taking out her communicator, Gary noticed that three buttons from her communicator was missing… the Sky Blue, the Crimson and the pink… which were Sasuke, Eido and Ash's buttons. She pressed all of them… everyone but Naruto, Ryoga, Luffy and Zoro answered, Setsuna noticed that P-Chan jumped on Ranma's shoulder so she didn't need to ask.

"Where's Naruto, Luffy and Zoro?" asked Setsuna.

"Don't worry, Naruto's right here." Said Kakashi over the communicator.

"And…" said Ace.

That's when they heard in the background Sanji shouting and the sounds of what sound like a fight.

"Get up you idiots! You're communicators are rigging!" they heard Sanji yell in the background.

That's when Luffy answered the communicator.

"Is Zoro with you?" asked Setsuna.

"Yeah…" said Luffy, "Why is our communicators different?" asked Luffy.

"Everyone… meet me at Pro. Oak's laboratory right now… Don't worry Ryoga, I'll bring a kettle of hot water." Said Setsuna.

P-Chan nodded over the communicator.

Setsuna hung up her communicator…

"So Setsuna…" said Gary.

"I'll explain when we're there…" said Setsuna in all too grim tone.

Meanwhile in the World of Pokemon, the other Senshi arrived… to find a disturbing sight…

"Hey…" said Luffy, "Are we sure we're at Pro Oak's lab?"

They looked around and saw the place they were at looked like the ruins of Crystal Tokyo… desolate and a place of eternal night.

""No it's differently the lab." Said Naruto pointing at the building.

"The time alternation couldn't be that serve, could it." Said Kousagi.

"Time alteration?" asked Naruto, "Oh right that weird message Setsuna sent."

"Weird message?" asked Ranma.

"You didn't get it… you and Ryoga were fighting over nothing again…" said Kousagi with a sweat drop.

Both Ranma and P-Chan sweat dropped.

""I didn't get the message either." Said Zoro.

Everyone else sweat dropped… they knew he was sleeping when he got his message, no one dare to call him a lazy ass.

That's when Setsuna and Gary arrived… and of course landed in a pile.

"Ow…" moaned Gary.

"We're okay…" said Setsuna.

Kakashi and Ranma began to help them up… That's when they all saw Gary.

"Don't stare at me!" yelled Gary, "And Setsuna will explain why I'm a little kid."

Setsuna sighed… she really didn't want to explain what was happening… but it was her duty… she couldn't help but to wonder who was the one who did this and what was their goal…

Meanwhile a young man with silver hair and yellow eyes who wads wearing glasses was pleading to a join a group of people.

"Are you sure you want to join us, I mean…" said a voice that belong to a female.

"I may not look like much, but I will bring as a much I can to the Neo Dark Kingdom…" said the young man with a evil smile.

He was indeed talking to the members of the Neo Dark Kingdom… for in this time line they never fell… or even Amethyst hasn't even began her take over plans… so Jadeite was still leader.

"He seems like a decent member… you can join us." Said Jadeite.

"Thank you." Said the young man bowing.

Amber, Ruby and Aquamarine didn't know what to think… but Amethyst stared at him… knowing that he was up to something… and that it ruin her own plans for taking over the Neo Dark Kingdom for herself... either way whoever this young was… he was indeed the one that altered the time into this…

Next Time: Each group of Senshi must deal with something, Naruto must deal with the fact that his dad was never received and Sasuke never returned, Ranma and Ryoga have to help Kousagi relearn how to walk, Ace must deal with having one of world's highest bounties and Kiyo must deal having a real living room again... okay that last one wasn't so bad... but questions are raised... do Eido and Sasuke remembering being Senshi or will this newly Naruto lead team have to deal with out them? Find out next time!