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Chapter 8: Back to Normal

The gasped at what they saw, the 4 inner Senshi laid there motionless wearing their normal civilian clothes.

"Oh no…" whispered Sailor Cosmos Moon.

The Senshi ran towards the bodies and some of them took their pulses…

"None of you have a pulse… do you?" asked Sailor Cosmos Moon on the verge of crying.

Sailor Uranus who was checking Naruto's pulse, Sailor Pluto who was checking Kiyo's pulse, Sailor Saturn who was checking Ranma's pulse and Sailor Neptune who was checking Luffy's pulse were all were silent.

Both Sailor Pallas and Sailor Juno had the same reaction… both of them clenched their teeth… keeping their feelings in, Sailor Cosmos Moon, Zatch and Pikachu all started to cry, Sailor Vesta fell to the ground, she was pale, Hyde just looked at his partner, Sailor Ceres began to shake as if any minute she was going to attack Ranma's body, the 4 Outer Senshi, just kept everyone thing in… even if they did loose precious people to them.

"How could this happen!" yelled Sailor Ceres, "How could Ranma…"

"Ryoga! Now's the not the time for this!" shouted Sailor Cosmos Moon, "Now's not the time…"

"Hey wait…" said Hyde, "Setsuna, can't you go back in time?"

Sailor Pluto nodded, she lifted her time key... but she sensed it.

"The barrier's still up…" said Sailor Pluto, "I can't fix it…"

The air became silent… there was no way to go back in time to fix this…

"Even though we defeated him… Jeffy still won…" cried Sailor cosmos Moon.

Pikachu was crying possibly the most out of anyone, that's when his tears fell the to the ground… when they did there was a bright flash of light… and that's when small balls of light appeared there hundreds of them maybe even thousands.

"Fire flies?" asked Sailor Juno.

"No… they're the souls of departed Pokemon." Said Sailor Cosmos Moon.

The souls began to gather around the 4 inner Senshi… all four of them glowed slightly… before waking up.

"Huh? What happened?" asked Naruto waking up.

"Is Jeffy gone?" asked Luffy rubbing his eyes.

Before Kiyo and Ranma could say something, both of them were hugged tightly.

"Uncle Ranma!" cried Kousagi.

"Kiyo!" cried Zatch.

"Okay… are we missing something?" asked Kiyo.

"You died and were brought back to life because of the souls of departed Pokemon." Said Sailor Uranus like it was nothing.

"Okay…" said all four with sweat drops.

"Hey look!" yelled Sailor Cosmos Moon.

The Souls of the Departed Pokemon began to surround the stature that was once Ash, there was glow and Ash became flesh and blood again.

"What happened?" asked Ash who noticed something, "Why dressed like I was when I was 10?"

"Pikapi!" cried Pikachu going into hug Ash.

"Pikachu?" asked Ash blinking knowing he was missing some thing big.

"Ash is alive…" said Naruto.

"Well at least we're together again." Said Luffy.

"With him alive I have the feeling that the Master of the Sun will reappear." Said Sailor Vesta with a smile.

"You just want your girlfriend to be born." Thought the other Senshi.

"It's can't be…" said Sailor Pluto.

Every one looked up and saw that the Departed souls began to gather in a cycle that began to glow.

"What is that?" asked Naruto.

"It some sort of time portal." Said Sailor Pluto.

A strange beam went thought the time portal…

4 Years Ago…

Past Jeffy was about to place the barrier on the Stature that was once Ash before the Pokemon could heal him… but that's when a strange beam of light came in and destroyed him.

"I can be… I failed in the end!" he yelled out.

Not too surprisingly no one noticed the beam of light that occurred.

The Present, the Dead World.

That's when the Senshi noticed a wave of white energy coming towards them, it was the same type of white energy that when the time line was screwed up.

"Looks like everything's going to be fixed after all." Said Sailor Cosmos Moon.

That's when the light over took them.

When the light cleared, Sailor Pluto noticed that she was at the time gate and noticed that every thing was now normal.

"So it looks like everything's okay." Said Sailor Pluto.

In all 5 worlds, all of the Sailor Senshi, noticed that they were before the time alteration. They quickly realized it was fixed…

In the World of the Mamodo Battle…

Kiyo blinked noticing he was suddenly at his desk... he knew right away the time line was fixed.

In the World of Pirates, Luffy suddenly found himself at the lion's head of the Thousand Sunny, he grinned his usual grin knowing things were right again.

In the World of Chaos, Ranma and Ryoga realized what happened and where they were… sadly because they were fighting at the time of the change… they sort of crashed into each other.

"Those idiots…" muttered Akane.

Kousagi only laughed at what she saw, and she was happy that she was now a two year old again as opposed to three.

In the world of Ninjas, Naruto and Sasuke noticed what happened right away.

"Looks like everyone is back to normal." Said Naruto.

Sasuke smirked, he didn't show but he was glad to be free of being a butler once again.

In the World of Pokemon, Gary noticed that he was once again his right age and that the others of the groups were in pain, which suddenly disappeared.

"That was weird, I'm not in pain any more." Said Dawn.

"So what just happened?" asked Brock.

Ash stared at Gary and Pikachu, who began to seat drop.

"Can I talk to you guys in private?" asked Ash.

The two of them sweat dropped.

"Okay…" sighed Gary.

Ash, Gary, Pikachu and Dianna went into the bushes.

"So what happened?" asked Ash.

"Before we talk, we need to get the others." Said Gary with a sweat drop.

Gary took out his communicator and called the other Senshi, fortunately all of them came right away, including surprisingly Kakashi.

"So what happened?" asked Ash.

Everyone hanged looks with each other.

"There was a serve time alteration but it's fine now." Said Kiyo.

"Is that it?" asked Ash, "That cant' be all!"

"It's best you don't know… a lot happened." Said Setsuna, "And it's over so it's best you don't know the full story."

"Oh come on!" whined Ash.

"Some of us would rather forget what happened." Said Sasuke.

"You're only saying it because you were stuck as my butler again." Said Naruto.

"Well you didn't have your dad around." Said Sasuke.

"Oh come on! I want to know." Said Ash.

"Like Setsuna, said it's best, a lot of weird things happened." Said Ace.

And so, the time line was fixed, everything was okay and the Senshi refused to tell the whole story for various reasons…

The End…

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