Title: Spark
Author: Jakia
Word Count: 158
Summary: Sometimes when she's around him, it's like he just sparks.
Spoilers? Only for The Western Air Temple. Otherwise, spoiler-free.


She never realized it until he began teaching Aang how to bend lightning, but everything about Zuko was electrifying. There is something about him that just…sparks. Like electricity ran in his veins and he just let it out occasionally.

(Sparks…Sparky. Of course Toph's nickname would make sense now of all times.)

Especially when he touches her. He's a rather touchy-feely type of guy, she was surprised to learn. He'd hold her hand if she was sad, grab her arm and keep her from doing something she'd regret later, give her a comforting brush on the shoulder when he thought she needed it. He'd touch her a lot.

And then, it would spark. Like a tiny little volt of electricity that came whenever she was in contact with Zuko. It wasn't harmful; rather, it was a quite pleasant. A little buzz of energy, a small, pleasurable warmth.

It gave her an excuse to touch him, though; that was enough.


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