I sat straight up breathing heavily

I sat straight up breathing heavily. My face was covered in a cold sweat. Edward! I looked around my room, but I didn't see him. I stumbled for my clock. The glowing red numbers said 9:30. Nine-thirty?! Crap! I threw off the covers and ran downstairs. I saw a note on the counter. I took it in my hands. In perfect handwriting it said:


Good morning, love. Alice called for me earlier this morning for more wedding plans. Sorry to leave you so soon. Meet me at my house when you awaken.

I love you,


I set the note back down. I walked upstairs and threw on my jeans, yellow tee, and a green jacket. I combed my hair neatly and got my keys. I rushed out to my car, started the ignition and took off for the Cullen's.

As I parked my car and barely had one foot out of the car, Alice tackled me in a hug. I had the wind nearly knocked out of me.

"Bella!" She squealed.

"Hi. Alice." I squeaked.

She let me go. "Come with me Bella. We have a few things to do today" She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. I followed her reluctantly.

Emmett and Jasper were wrestling yet again in the living room, Esme was yelling at them to stop, and Rosalie sat on the couch occupied with her nails.

"Bella." I looked up to see who the velvet voice belonged to. None other than Edward of course. He hugged me.

I smiled and hugged him back. "Hi Edward"

Alice rolled her eyes. "Alright you two. Bella and I have to do her alterations so Edward you're going to have to leave us alone for a bit." Alice broke our hug by pulling my arm. "Come on"

"See you in a few?" I asked Edward hopeful. He nodded. I followed Alice up to her and Jasper's bedroom. She closed the door and walked to the closet.

"Strip." She command as I stood on the stool in the middle of the mirrors set up 270°.

I blushed. "What?"

Alice giggled. "Your clothes silly!"

"Oh!" I blushed even more embarrassed. I slid off my jeans, jacket, and tee and she unzipped the bag with my wedding gown in it.

Alice looked at my shoulders and gasped. "Bella! What on earth happened to your shoulders!?" She tenderly touched one of the larger bruises.

"Uhm." I hesitated. I couldn't tell her the truth. Jacob would be dead within the hour. "I fell down in the shower and I must've knocked into the water spout."

She eyed me suspiciously. "Okay..." she slid the dress over my head. I gapped at the dress.

I was gorgeous. Long, white, dropped bottom, embodied with little tiny pearls in the corset, and it was on me.

"No hold still otherwise you're going to have a serious problem." Alice giggled. I glared at her. Then we both burst out laughing.

Throughout the two hours of Alice doing my alterations, I had been stabbed with the pins 63 times, and bled a little twice. Thankfully it didn't get on the dress. I finally had my clothes back on landed myself on the bed in Edward's room. It felt really good to lie down.

"Bella?" Edward said softly as he closed the door to the room.

"Thank goodness that's over" I mumbled. He placed his body next to mine. "I was stabbed countless times" I gingerly touched the one that had hurt most. It was when Alice and I started laughing again and she stabbed me in the forearm.

"I can make it better" he whispered into my ear. He pulled up my sleeve and kissed it softly. I shivered. I don't think I would ever get used to his kissing. It felt too perfect.

"My neck is stiff too" I sighed.

"We'll have to fix that won't we?" He kissed the front of my neck.

"And my lips are kind of sore" I smiled.

He leaned in. "This should be easy to fix" he kissed me gently. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He didn't object. I kissed him back with a little more force.

"Bella!" Alice burst through the door. I was startled by her sudden outburst that I accidentally bit Edward.

"What is it Alice?" Edward was annoyed by his sister and was rubbing his lip. Oops.

"Carlisle called! Bella! Jacob's in critical condition in the hospital."

I could feel my eyes glaze over and my expression go blank as I registered her words. "Jake..." I murmured. I got up and bolted out of the room. I hopped in my car and sped all the way to the hospital.