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- - - - - - -


- - - - - - -

EVE was not in the truck when WALL-E awoke.

He sighed softly, eyelids drooping, looking around hopefully though he knew he would have spotted her moon-white form had she been anywhere near. The world was under restoration, and both of them had been helping as best they could ever since the Axiom had landed, but WALL-E still wondered why she would sometimes disappear in the mornings. He was concerned for her, of course, always worried, because he was hopelessly in love and there was no way around it. But he never questioned her when he saw her again, possibly stemming from the same worry, the answers she might give and weather or not he would really want to hear them.

Maybe she just needed some privacy.

WALL-E rolled out of the truck, looking around once before heading toward one of the half-built houses, all open sides already dutifully painted by the other eager robots. In the distance he spotted two humans walking together and, recognizing them, began to head over in their direction. One of them stopped and pointed, the other waving enthusiastically. WALL-E waved back energetically.

"Oh!" said Mary as she stooped down to look into WALL-E's eyes. "Look who it is! Hello there, WALL-E!"

"Hey, pal!" John greeted happily as WALL-E's eyes traveled over to their pudgy hands, which were joined together affectionately. Distantly, he heard himself react excitedly, even saw his hand jut out to point as a thousand memories of him and EVE flashed through his mind's eye, and Mary laughed happily.

"I guess you could say we're boyfriend and girlfriend now." She smiled.

"B-oy-friend." WALL-E tested out the word. "G-irl-friend." They were nice words, and he liked them immediately. John nodded. "That's right, pal." he said cheerfully. "Just like you and Miss EVE, right?"


"Your little girlfriend." Mary supplied, beaming.

"Right! Where is she, by the way?"

WALL-E felt his eyelids dip downward again. Mary lifted a hand to her mouth. Then; "Out working?"

"Don't worry about it, pal. She's been pretty busy helping, right?"

WALL-E tapped his knuckles together thoughtfully, looking down at the worn shades of silver and gray. EVE's beautiful face floated into his mind, her smiling blue eyes, her perfect hands that she so often entwined in his, just like John and Mary – just like in their treasured film.

"Girl-friend." he sighed.

Mary stooped down and patted his arm with her free hand.

- - - -

WALL-E's eyes were still hidden from view when EVE awoke.

She watched him for a long time, reverted to his boxed form, docile and fragile. So fragile. Pictures of him, broken and worn and unresponsive, haunted her until she forced them out of the way with new memories; holding hands and laughing together and the way WALL-E still reacted to each and every kiss as if it were their first. Her eyes fell sadly, watching the ground, the trickle of light that seeped through the hole in the truck's roof from where she had shot it during her attempt to save him. The golden pool of color always made her sigh, remembering the fate that had almost stolen him away.

She should be happy now. Why wasn't she?

EVE hovered away, outside, past the strangely half-fixed terrain and newly budding plants that used to always make her giggle with happiness. Her arms floated by her sides, fingers lax, wondering about everything and nothing at all. WALL-E made her feel like she never thought she could, let her break through and into a mix of emotions she didn't know she was capable of. But this emotion was a rare one, one she could only connect to those horrible moments when she thought WALL-E was gone. Emptiness.

Hours seemed to pass by as EVE roamed. There was no cause for it at all. Nothing bad had happened – things were going just fine, if not steadily better every day. She wondered briefly if it was a fault in her programming but quickly dismissed it. She was sad. Just sad. But why?

At last she remembered WALL-E and headed back toward the truck with a sigh. Nothing had been accomplished for the day, but she knew how he worried when she left without a word, and there was no reason for the both of them to be sad.

WALL-E was back in the truck, standing just outside her circle of light. His back was to her, and she tried to smile for him but found it only felt fake. Sighing, EVE glided forward until he finally turned around, beeped excitedly, and rushed to her side.


"WALL-E." she said, leaning down and placing a motherly kiss between his eyes. WALL-E faltered, his eyelids falling, but then quickly held his hands out, clearly worked up about something. EVE complied, threading her fingers through his.

"Girl-friend." WALL-E said.

EVE stared. She had heard the word before, one or twice, but had never truly heard it as she did now. It was pretty, delicate. She liked it. "Girlfriend?" she repeated.

WALL-E nodded happily. "E-vah. . .girl-friend."

She giggled. An honest laugh. It was nice, the fleeting slice of happiness.

"WALL-E. . .boy-friend."

"Boyfriend." she repeated, and giggled again. WALL-E's fingers tightened in his. Relief. Her eyes curved upward into blue crescent smiles. Sadness…how silly. There was no reason to be sad, not when things were being fixed, not when she had him, her little bot 'boyfriend.' No reason at all.

WALL-E released her hands and pressed the play button on his recorder. Music gently floated into the air – a song that gave her both good memories and bad. Determined to make this one good, she took WALL-E by the arms and turned him around in a slow dance, laughing contently.

It only takes a moment. . .

This one she knew how to hum to.