Chapter 9

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With the time I had left before going to prank our most loved Forks citizens I decided to check on my kitty, Dracula. I assume that since he is such a small thing that it wont take as long to transform. I walked into my room and pulled open the closet and instantly a small furry creature launched itself onto my face.

I was pulling at the cat tripping over the stray things in my room. Finally I crashed into the bed and was knocked backwards. I pulled the creature off my face and it turned out to be Dracula. He looked really super cute and was super strong and flexible. His eyes were blood red. I stuck him back in the closet and I went to the refrigerator I had in my room under my desk and pulled out of container of mouse blood. I put in into a bowl and went downstairs to put in in the microwave and warm it up for Dracula. As I waited I pulled out my phone and sent Edward a text.

How's the shopping going buddy??

Well I haven't seen Bella yet but hopefully I will.

So when are you going to get sexy for your date with Lauren.

I don't plan on it. It was a joke Emmie-Bear I was planning on standing her up.

OH NOES! Eddie-Puss you can't do that. It will soil your reputation for ever!

Who cares.

I do! I don't want to be seen with the women ditcher. But then again Lauren might just pretend that you guys had an awesome time and cry herself to sleep. -sigh-

Like I care and by the way Alice said to get the blood out of the microwave its going to get cold.

Well soorray Mrs. Psychic.

I shut my phone and pulled the microwave door open and headed back upstairs to feed Dracula. When I opened the closet door Dracula lunged for the bowl of blood and slurped it all up. Well thats a first, a vegetarian vampire cat. I laughed heartily as I went to go call a Ms. Lauren Mallory. I typed in the number and did my best impression of Mike.

"Hey Lauren, girl.. why dontcha come round my place and we can slam back a couple of beers and maybe bump uglies and what not."

"Maybe I'll come around after my date with EDWARD CULLEN! Yeah! You heard me the one and only...tell ALL your friends."

"Awesome...I'll be waiting for you and your Barbie-like self." With big plastic boobs to match. HAHA this is going to be awesome.


I slapped my phone shut and went to go get Dracula. I found him lying on the couch in the living room he was clawing it up.


I pulled him off the couch. I ran to Carlisle's study and pulled open the door praying to the vampire gods that there wasn't something going on in there that I definitely did not want to see. Luckily when I burst in Esme and Carlisle were talking. I banged Dracula on to the table and pulled out one of the chairs in front of the desk.

"We have a demon kitty in our mist and you need to fix him Carlisle." I said.

"What did you do? Oh crap. What did I tell you about experimenting with animals!" Carlisle said.

"Well sorry I just wanted to see what would happen, That's all. Honestly." I sighed.

"Okay, But honestly will you ever learn for god sakes Emmett you are 104 years old. You act like such a child, constantly. But I will fix your problem. After the tiger situation in 69' you thing you would have learned your lesson but alas, you still act like the Neanderthal that everyone knows you are. You should prove yourself otherwise. Hope you didn't get too attached to this cat." Carlisle ranted at me.

I screamed in terror as he pinned Dracula down on the table and pulled each of his limbs off and threw them into the fire. I was dry-sobbing as Esme came over and cradled me in her arms and comforted me. She was so nice to me...she reminded me of my mom back in Tennessee. Except less active with the rolling pin and more nice and not all screamy.

R.I.P Dracula.

I will never forget you.



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