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Weapons Of Mass Extinction

"Honestly, woman, do you ever shave your legs?" Draco sneered as he glanced past the hem of her grey wool skirt at the mass of blonde hair that was shooting out in sharp spikes from her pale legs.

Only Loony Lovegood… Draco thought in disgust.

"Oh, the hair keeps the Krumple Horned Snorkacks at bay. It's unsafe to shave. You never know when you'll stumble across one." The girl said aloofly, her eyes shining with mirth, "But I would say the better question is why are you are wearing Oompa Loompa goggles? I thought they didn't exist."

"Don't exist?" Draco shrieked, reaching up to retrieve the goggles from his forehead. "Why, they're all the rage in London! No self-respecting person would be caught crucioed without a pair!"

"Oh." Luna sighed, staring at the white goggles with the oddly black lenses. "Well then, maybe I should get myself a pair. Perhaps they would help me ward off any Nargles I happen to meet."

Without another word, she flounced away, leaving Draco to stare after her.

"How dare she say my Oompa Loompa goggles don't exist? My father will hear about this!"