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The planeteers with help from Captain Planet had just put a stop to Verminous Skumm's plan. When the police arrvie they handed Verminous Skumm over to them.

"So what should we do now?" ask Kwame

"How about we take a look around the city." said Ma-ti

"That is a great idea Ma-ti and I can be the one to show you around." replied Wheeler with a smile

"You guys can go. While me and Linka do some shopping."said Gi

"I agree with you Gi we need sometime alone away from you guys." replied Linka

With that said they all agreed to meet at Central Park in three hours.

Across the street Frank Castle the punisher had heard everything they said to each other with his listing device . He decide that this would be the perfect time to kidnap Linka and use her to lure out Wheeler as the ghost rider to him .

"Soon I will get my revenge on you for what you did to me." said The Punisher

With that said he started his van and followed Gi and Linka so he could put his plan into action.

Meanwhile Linka and Gi were going in and out of some stores and had bags in theirs hands with stuff they brought for themselves and for the guys.

"So Linka when are you and Wheeler going on a date?" ask Gi with smile

"I am going to ask him when we get back to Hope Island." replied Linka

"You have any idea what you want to do for a first date?" ask Gi

"I was thinking just a nice dinner and a movie." said Linka

After Linka said that a metal ball came out of nowhere and smoke came out from it.

"Gi help me." said Linka through the smoke

When the smoke cleared Gi saw a man with a skull on his shirt holding Linka by the arms with her ring in one of his hands.

"Let her go now you creep." demanded Gi

" I don't think so." said the punisher

"What do you want with Linka ?" ask Gi

"I don't want her . But I do want you to give your friend the ghost rider Wheeler a message for me." said the punisher

"How do you know Wheeler is the ghost rider and what do you want me to tell him?" ask Gi scared

"I am a old friend .Tell him to meet me in two hours on top of the Empire State Building if he wants his girlfriend back and also tell him that Frank Castle the Punisher wants payback for what happen a year ago." replied The Punisher

With that said he took Linka into a van and drove off. When he left Gi took off to where the others were to tell them what happen.

In Central park Wheeler,Kwame,and Ma-ti were sitting on a bench waiting for Gi and Linka to meet them. All of sudden they saw Gi running up to yelling that something happen to Linka.

"What Happen to Linka Gi?" ask Kwame

"She was taken by some crazy guy who knows that Wheeler is the ghost rider." said Gi

"What did he look like Gi?" ask Ma-ti

"He was tall and he was wearing a shirt with a white skull and he told me to give Wheeler a message." replied Gi

"What was the message he gave you?" ask Wheeler

"He told me to tell you to meet him on top of the Empire State Building in two hours if you want Linka. He said that his name was Frank Castle the punisher and he wanted payback for something that happen a year ago." replied Gi

When she was finish Wheeler had a look of anger and rage on his face.

"You look like you know this guy Wheeler?" ask Kwame

"I am afraid I do know him." replied Wheeler with a sad tone

"How do you know this man my Friend?" ask Ma-ti

"His name is Frank Castle also know as the punisher."

"Why is he called that and what happen between the two of you one year ago?" as Gi

"He is called the punisher because he shows no mercy for the criminals he faces and kills them in cold blood. What happen one year ago I take the soul of the man that killed his family and since he didn't get his revenge on the man. He instead vowed revenge on me for cheating him out of it."

"So now he is using Linka as bait so he can get his revenge on you." said Kwame

"That is right ." said Wheeler

"So what do we do now?" ask Ma-Ti

"You guys do nothing and I will bring back Linka since it is me that he wants." replied Wheeler

As soon he said that he turn into Ghost rider and called his Motorcycle and hop on it.

"Be careful Wheeler and bring back Linka safe and sound." said Gi

"I will bring Linka back and deal with the punisher once and for all." said Ghost rider

Ghost rider then took off on his motorcycle leaving behind a trail of fire behind.

Meanwhile on top of the Empire State Building the punisher was waiting for the ghost rider to come and save Linka.

"When Wheeler comes to get me. You will be very sorry taking me." shouted Linka

"I don't thinks so." said the punisher

" What do you mean by that you jerk?" ask Linka

"When he comes I plan on killing him and you at the same time." replied the punisher

"It will never happen." said Linka with a angry tone

All of the sudden the ghost rider appear on his motorcycle and he look very angry.

"Long time no see ghost rider or should I say Wheeler Blaze." said the punisher with a smile.

"Let Linka go now or I send your soul to hell." demand ghost rider

"Why should I since I got you where I want you." replied the punisher

"What do you mean by that?" ask ghost rider

"I mean I am going to make you feel what it like to lose something." said the punisher

With that he grab Linka and threw her over the side of the building .He then look at ghost rider and smiled.

"You will pay for doing that to Linka ." said Ghost rider

"Then come and get me ghost rider." said the punisher

With that they charge at each other and begin to fight.

Mean while Linka was falling to the ground and was thinking about her and Wheeler . She was also thinking how much she loved him and hope he was alright.

All of a sudden a line of what look like spider webbing came out and a man grab Linka.

Linka look up at her savior and saw he was dress in red and blue cloths with black lines running through wearing a mask that was red with two white spots where the eyes would be with the black lines on it to. But what drew Linka's attention was the black spider symbol on his chest.

"Thanks a lot for saving me but who are you?" ask Linka

"Your welcome miss and I am just your friendly neighborhood spiderman." said the man

"My friend the ghost rider is fighting a guy name the punisher and he need my help." said Wheeler

"You mean your a friend of the ghost rider Wheeler Blaze?" ask spiderman

"You know Wheeler ?" ask Linka surprise

"Yes I do because me and him are old friends." replied spiderman

With that spiderman shot another webline and headed towards the top of the Empire State Building to help ghost rider.

At that moment on top of the building the punisher was still fighting ghost rider who he knock to the ground.

"This is over now." said the punisher

"No it not." relpied ghost rider

With that said ghost rider get back on his feet and sent a fireball at the punisher that knock him to the ground and knock the wind out of him.

"Now you will pay for killing Linka." said ghost rider

All of the sudden ghost rider look up and saw spiderman with Linka save and sound.

"Your okay Linka." said ghost rider surprise

"Yeah thanks to your friend spiderman here." said Linka

"Thanks for saving her old friend." said ghost rider

"Your welcome and good thing I was on parole in this area when I saw her fall and decide to save her." said spidrman

"What should we do the punisher?" ask Linka

"I think we should let spiderman bring him into the police and send him to jail." said ghost rider

With that said ghost rider and Linka thanked spiderman for his help and headed back and when they got back.They told the rest of the other planeteers what happen and they were all glad that Wheeler and Linka were safe. They then got into the geo cruiser and headed back to Hope Island for some rest.

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