She gazed at the sky again, and when the twinkle of the first star hit her eye, she slid them closed, vigorously whispering her wish in her head. 'I wish he'd notice me, I wished he loved me, the way I love him.'

She slumped her shoulders another sigh passing her lips, but she didn't care. All this effort of wishing upon the first star didn't seem to be very effective. She found wishes were foolish things, for hopefuls or people with luck, she was quickly becoming neither.

"Whatever," she mumbled to herself, resting her head on her knees. The cold night chill was wrapping around her body, and it seemed to take her away, bring her somewhere cold, yet not dark. Surprisingly light, surprisingly happy. A beautiful meadow, with a sparkling crystal lake setting in the center, the flowers all seemed to sway in that direction, she walked over to it, careful not to smash any of the perfect flowers with her clumsiness.

She made it to the shore of the lake. She waded in, clothes on and all, she felt the fabric stick to her skin, her shoes filling with the beautiful water, it weighed her down, but she felt - light. Her eyes slid closed, inhaled the fresh crisp air in a deep breath and plunged. In here, it was cold and dark, devoid of the light that seemed to provide the atmosphere above its calmness.

But as she lay there floating under the water she realized, even some place dark, it's beautiful. She burst through the surface rubbing her naked arms, 'wait naked?' She gasped in surprise staring down at her now naked body shimmering in with the crystallized water. And she was…-beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful. That was it, her wish - she needed to love herself.