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Zero hadn't looked into a mirror for a long time. Now he was clutching one like the glass would shatter in his hands if he loosened his grip.

For a moment, he thought he was being tricked. The reflection portrayed on the shiny surface was that of a stranger. He was about to ask, when an arm snaked slyly around his waist. Warmth from the contact radiated down his spine, and Zero shuddered, almost dropping the mirror. The thick, crimson silk robe wrapped around him passed on the warmth from its source to the rest of his body, leaving him momentarily blinded.

"That's you." A deep voice whispered behind him. It was Leviathan Drake, the Vampire Lord of the North. His hot breath clung to Zero's exposed neck and he shook once more. This time, the mirror disintegrated into tiny glass shards on the white marble floor. A twinge of guilt gripped Zero's heart.

Leviathan smiled sadly and gently pressed another mirror into his hands. This one was even more beautiful than the one he'd dropped mere seconds ago, but the reflection that shone from the mirror remained the same. Zero gripped the mirror tightly, with both hands this time.

The person staring back at him was beautiful, but flawed. He critiqued the light lilac eyes that would be more alluring if there was some light to them. He panned out and studied the flawless creamy porcelain ivory skin, framed by long mercury silver locks that fell behind frail shoulders. Bangs fell in front of his eyes, and some were so long that they could be swept back and hidden. Within the silver silk curtains hid spiky piercings on each ear. Some hair was caught in them, but they were freed by Leviathan's hand as he moved to brush them away lovingly.

The person looking at him through the glass looked like someone he knew- someone that struck fear and hate into his heart. But… He just couldn't remember who it was, like he couldn't remember so many things that happened before he awoke in Leviathan's arms a few weeks ago. He didn't even know where he was on a map. Zero frowned darkly.

He said nothing as the elder and taller man behind him took the mirror from his hands and set it on the nearest table.

Zero studied the lord while he slipped away spoke with a servant. Leviathan was his name, and it in itself spoke power. The man was gorgeous- dirty blond curls, long and unruly, was tied in a low ponytail. The hair reached for his waist, but stopped short at his shoulder blades. Oceanic dark blue eyes that reminded him of the man's name; a sea monster, ruler of the deep abyss. His skin was not as pale as Zero's, instead it was of a slightly tanned, creamy ivory shade. Most of it was covered by a simple white silk robe, similar to his own save for the color. After all, it was early morning, almost time for them to sleep, thanks to vampire adaptations.

Who knows how long Leviathan had lived. The lord himself had already lost count, yet he still looked like a man in his 20's or early 30's. His broad shoulders and angular features complimented his title.

The mansion the lord lived in was no less beautiful, but Zero suddenly noticed he was cold now- without the man's arm around him, supporting him, feeding him warmth. His heart ached, like the last warming; life giving candle had burned out against his will.

The ex-human wanted to call him back, but his voice failed him, like every other time he'd tried to speak. From the day he left him, Zero hadn't been able to speak- he was mute most of the time, but when it was absolutely necessary, his voice came out tiny, chocked, forced, and filled with rough cobwebs. And what was so ironic… Was that Zero didn't even know who that 'he' was.

The seemingly young servant began to clean up the mess on the ground before Zero, snapping him out of his reverie. What was the boy's name again…? Kegan… He remembered. The former vampire hunter stared blankly at the boy while he worked.

Kegan looked up at Zero while he worked with a weary look in his eyes, as if fearing some kind of rejection, to what he didn't know. The master's pet- no, it's his lover now… The man always had this depressing feeling to his features, to his movements. Being near him dragged Kegan down, suffocating him.

As he swept up the broken glass shards, his mind wandered back to the day Zero showed up in the mansion. His master was carrying him, and at first, the mansion staff were all deeply confused at his very presence. What business did this unconscious hunter have here? 'His name is Kiriyuu Zero,' his lord told everyone with blithe joy in his voice. However, that joy was short lived, because the man never woke up. Seasons came and passed, and their lord mourned sorrowfully every day.

But when Zero did awake one cold and stormy winter night, Kegan couldn't believe his eyes. He'd never seen his master so happy before, even as his right-hand man and close friend. If it weren't for Leviathan, he'd probably be out in the streets- no one was willing to take him seriously, since he looked every bit like a boy of perhaps 14 who never grew up. He was eternally grateful to his lord, but he couldn't hide the dark green envy that was eating away at his soul.

It was easy to see the fond feelings lord Leviathan held for the man, but the silver haired hunter didn't seem to be returning or even acknowledging any of these feelings. Kegan burned with anger at the thought. Here was his master and lord, lavishing the undeserving man with jewels, silks, gifts and his love… While Zero couldn't even give his attention to the man who saved him; even gave him such a luxurious life.

Fortunately, Leviathan seemed to notice Kegan's sudden change in mood. He understood the servant's feelings for Zero, and took the initiative to lessen his friend's stress.

"Come, Zero. Let us go to the garden. The fresh air will do you good."

He gently took Zero's hand in his and led him away. It hurt him to think of Zero as a doll or a corpse, but the man never seemed to have his own thoughts, or did, but never voiced them. He also seemed to want to do absolutely nothing but stare at the closest object unless given enough motivation.

Some time ago, Leviathan almost believed that the former hunter would fall madly in love with him quickly, as they had formed a blood bond, but that belief was shattered after the first week of his wake.

Now, the second belief- the only one he clung onto now like a thin thread of hope… Was that soon, he will completely heal Zero's broken heart, and together they would live happily ever after.

But this belief became more unrealistic every day, as his pale skinned angel showed neither emotional nor physical improvement. He was still weak and tired easily, even from walking, his mind was not any clearer, and his eyes were not any brighter. Today he'd risked showing Zero his own reflection. Leviathan wasn't sure what to expect when Zero saw his own face again. His hair had grown quite a bit throughout the time he was in that deep sleep. Although he acknowledged that his risk today brought out a somewhat negative reaction from Zero, it was what he needed to see. How could one regain himself when he didn't even know of his own image?

But no matter how dark the situation, Leviathan would never lose hope or stop trying, though the damage done by the other vampire lord proved more destructive than he'd previously thought.

Kuran Kaname.

Leviathan gritted his teeth angrily, a feral growl ripping through his throat.


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