Here it is guys! The 4th part of the story. I think this will be a very exciting one. It's going to be very dramatic and lots of suprises! For this story to work I have to have set ages for everyone. I am sorry if it doesn't go along with the ages in the last story. I pretty much am picking random ages that don't go along with anything. After I change these it will be the same for all future stories. No more random ages. Ok. Everyone has grown up quite a bit in this story. Derek and Casey are 28. Andrea is 14 (yeah I know Casey didn't have her when she was 14 but it has to be that way). Nathan, Nicholas, and Ariel are 10. Lizzie and Edwin are 17 (wouldn't be that way but in this story it is). Marti is 16(wouldn't be that way regularly either! Sorry) Nora and George are like 45. These ages are all screwed up so please don't hate me for it. Just focus on the story not all the details in between please... Ok well here goes nothing! #4

Casey woke up feeling sick for yet another morning. She knew she had all the symptons of pregnancy. So she decided that she would go get a test after she took her kids to school. (A/N: Yep I know. Everyone is thinking ANOTHER ONE?)

"Mom! Nathan stole my hairbrush!" Andrea screamed as she came running down the steps after Nathan.

"Nathan give your sister her brush!" Casey said. Nathan threw the hairbrush at Andrea and hit her in the head.

"Nathan!" Casey screamed.

"Sorry..." Nathan said and he ran upstairs. Andrea just huffed and began to brush her hair.

"Good morning Dree." Derek said as he came downstairs. Andrea gave him a mean look and ran upstairs.

"Whoa what's her problem?" Derek asked.

"Nathan stole her brush then threw it at her and hit her in the head." Casey said.

"So much like we used to be." Derek said and laughed at the memory. Casey again felt nausiated and ran to the bathroom and puked. Derek did what he always did. Held her hair back while she did it.

"What's wrong?" Derek asked.

"I think I'm pregnant again." Casey said miserably.

"You have to be kidding me." Derek said.

"I don't know for sure. I'm going to get a test after I take the kids to school." Casey said. Then she heard fighting. She ran to see what happened.

"What happened this time?" Casey asked.

"Nick pushed me down the steps!" Ariel screamed.

"Nick and Nathan no tv tonight!" Casey said.

"But Mo-om! Why?" The two boys said together.

"Because you injured your sister's! No but's or it will two nights." Casey said.

"Fine" Both the boys said and all four children ran and got into the car.

"Good luck." Derek said as Casey walked out the door. The ride to school was filled with fights and yelling but Casey finally reached the school and dropped her children off. She rode to the nearest store and picked up a pregnancy test. Then her phone rung.

"Hello" Casey answered.

"Hey Casey." Nora said.

"Hey Mom! I haven't talked to you in so long!"

"I know. Listen you need to come home. Me, Lizzie and Marti have some big news. We want everyone to be there when we tell."

"Can you tell me now?"

"You have to wait until you come. So when can you all come?"

"Can it wait 2 weeks?"

"Sure. I'll see you in 2 weeks."

"Ok. Bye. I love you."

"Love ya too. Bye."

Casey hung up and drove home. Derek was still there since he didn't work. They had enough money for both of them to be stay at home parents. (A/N: Amazing right?) Casey came home and immediatley took the test. Derek and her sat on the bed waiting for the results.

"We really need to invest in protection." Derek joked.

"Yeah we really do. My mom called me today." Casey said and looked at the timer.

"What'd she say?" Derek asked.

"We are all going over in two weeks. They have some news." Casey asked. Derek picked the stick up.

"Looks like we have some news too." Derek said and showed Casey. That was the third time she had seen that little pink plus sign in her life.

"I'm actually happy." Casey said.

"Amazingly me too. Let's just hope my super sperm isn't super this time. We can't handle anymore multiples." Derek said.

"I know. I hope so too. It's hard giving birth three times at once." Casey said and cringed at the thought. Derek laughed. Casey spent the whole day cleaning the house and Derek helped. Casey went and picked up the kids from school and amzingly survived the ride home.

"Mom, Dad can I talk to you?" Andrea asked. Casey and Derek nodded and they went upstairs to her room.

"So what's up babe?" Derek asked.

"I need to ask you something." Andrea said nervously.

"Ok well shoot." Derek said.

"Dad, do you promise you won't be mad?" Andrea said.

"Yes your father does. Now just ask us baby." Casey answered for Derek knowing he wouldn't say that and then Andrea would not ask.

"Alright here goes nothing. This really awesome quarterback asked me out today and I was wondering if I could go out with him." Andrea asked. Casey smiled remembering how excited she was when she got asked out.

"How old?" Derek asked.

"He turns sixteen today. But he's really responsible and nice." Andrea said.

"No, nada, uh uh, never, no way!" Derek screamed.

"But dad. He is sooooo cool and I have liked him forever. There was like a one in a million chance of him asking me and he did." Andrea said pleadingly.

"I said no! You are fourteen and he's sixteen! N-O No!" Derek screamed.

"But please. Mom what do you say?" Andrea asked.

"Let me and you dad talk about it and we will decide. What time will he pick you up?" Casey asked.

"Six and I will be home by ten like always." Andrea said and Casey and Derek walked out of Andrea's room and went into their own.

"Listen you have to swear not to tell her I told you this okay." Casey said.

"I'm not swearing anything!" Derek screamed.

"Then I won't tell you anything!" Casey said.

"Fine I swear. Now tell me!" Derek said.

"Alright sit down." Casey said and Derek did as she told.

"You know how An has been going out with her friends to the movies and the mall and everywhere?" Casey asked.

"Yeah" Derek said.

"Well those friends were the guy. She didn't want to ask you if she could go out with him because she knew you would react like you are now. So she asked me and we agreed to not tell you until later. I'm sorry Derek but she really likes this guy and I don't want her heart to be broken." Casey said


"Derek I know and I'm sorry. She just really wanted to and I knew you wouldn't let her. I'm really sorry." Casey said. Derek sat in silence and amazingly calmed down.

"Does she really like him?" Derek asked.

"Yes she has since the 4th grade." Casey said.

"She'll hate me if I don't let her won't she?" Derek asked.

"Probably for a while." Casey said.

"Fine." Derek said and he called Andrea in.

"So can I go?" Andrea asked.

"Yes but you have to be home at exactly 10:00." Derek said.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Daddy! I love you!" Andrea screamed and ran to get ready.

"Gosh it seems like yesterday you were giving birth to her and now she's dating." Derek said sadly.

"Derek it's okay. Ariel isn't dating yet and I may have another girl in my tummy." Casey said.

"Yeah I know. Go help her get ready like I know you want to." Derek said and Casey did. Andrea took a shower and dried her hair. Then Casey helped her curl her hair and put make-up on. She put on a mini-skirt and a pink tank top. She looked just like Casey with Derek's hair. She was beautiful.