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Annie wondered if her face was forever doomed to be the shade of cherries as she looked herself over in the mirror. Nothing fancy. Nothing special. Just a cute red t-shirt with some green apples on it that read 'An apple a day!' Which her doctor had bought her on her birthday the previous year. Along with one of her oldest pair of jeans. And knowing her mother, that meant that they were only a couple months old, all of her old clothes being donated to orphanages, per her family's request. She refused to try and look cute for Max, even if she had to burn the clothes later just so as not to remember this day every time she looked at them, she would. As she examined herself in the mirror for what felt like the hundredth time, she gave a sigh on irritation as she marched back towards her walk in closet, looking around for something else to wear. She didn't want him showing up in fancy clothes and making her feel like she was some loser who didn't look right next to him. Not that she had anything against losers, or like she cared about what he thought. "I'm one of the most important teenagers in the modern world!"

'So is he.' Her inner conscious said as she let out a growl of irritation. "Maybe… I should just forget this. I'll call him and tell him to cancel it." She murmured as she reached out for her cell phone, scrolling through for Max's number. Then she realized she didn't have it, since she hated his guts.

'You don't hate him.' Her inner voice butted in again. Sometimes she could be so annoying, even if she was referring to herself. Annie prayed she wasn't going crazy, hearing voices in her head. 'No, it's just your worried reflex. This voice will go away once you calm down or your heart rate speeds up a lot more.'

"Hmph." Annie muttered as she picked up her hairbrush, running it through her shoulder length curly hair, as she tied it up into her latest and most comfortable hairstyle. Two curled pigtails on the sides of her head both a light orange colored red that always gleamed dark red in the sun. After she was finished she sat down on her bed, and waited. When she finally glanced up at the clock she let out a sigh. It was 7:59. He had one more minute or she was done. Gone. Finished with his silly proposal of a date. Just as the clock struck 8, a knock sounded at her window, leading to her balcony. She opened it cautiously, peering outside, not really sure what she was going to find.

"Bonjour, Mademoiselle." Max said with a sly grin grabbing her hand and pulling her from her room, closing the balcony's door behind her. He was dressed in a pair of black, French cut jeans with a chain hanging around the pocket, signifying a wallet was present. His shirt had the band 'ACDC's' logo printed on it, and she could swear the autograph's near the name looked authentic. His hair was ungelled and tussled lightly giving him a playful look that Annie tried not to think about.

"Hi." She said sourly, giving him a look of distaste that only spurred the corners of his mouth to widen. "Where are we going?"

"That is a surprise. Have you eaten yet?" He asked as he pulled her towards the balcony edge and motioned to the vines that she had not asked to be cut down.

She wanted to say yes, and hopefully cut the time she was stuck with him in half, but she wasn't about to turn down a meal that she didn't have to pay for. Not to mention she had been to nervous to really eat anything all day, so she just shook her head.

"Good. Follow me." Max said hoping over the side of the balcony and grabbing a hold of the vines, shimmying down quickly. Annie walked over and looked down at him, at first unsure of how safe it would be to climb vines. Thankfully her tomboy senses kicked in and her 'Never admit defeat to boys' attitude took over, leaving her without a hesitant thought as she followed him over the ledge.

She began to climb down, finding foot holes and grips where she could, enjoying the loose, bouncy feeling of the vines. For a moment she forgot all about why she was climbing down them and only thought about the feeling of doing something dangerous again. Something boyish. It was fun.

"Going to take all night?" Max called down from beneath her, surprising her out of her thoughts. Her foot which had been loosely tucked into a ring of the plants slipped causing gravity to take effect over her. For a moment, as she felt her hands lose contact with the vine and her quick descent towards the ground begin, she thought of what she could be doing. She could be talking to Molly or Pepper over the phone. Practicing martial arts with The Asp in one of the mansions studies. Or even just playing around with Sandy. But no. Of course not. She had to go on a date with the cute, rich kid.

The ground wasn't as bad as she had expected, mostly because Max had jumped underneath her, providing a less than savory seat. She quickly rolled off of him as soon as she gained her bearings, jumping to her feet faster than she thought possible. She turned to help Max up but he was already standing, brushing his bottom off from the grass that was clinging to him like hungry fan girls.

"Jeez you are heavy." He teased as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder leading her towards the front gates.

She puffed out her cheeks in that admiringly cute way she often did before growling, "It's just muscle." Max had to look away to hide his smile that luckily Annie hadn't noticed.

When they reached the front gate the guard stopped them, about to ask where they were going. Upon seeing Annie and Max together he swiftly rethought his choice of words and told them to have a pleasant evening before opening the gate.

Outside, down the road a bit, sat a vacant black car with normal looking features. Max immediately steered Annie to it, signaling her to get in on the other side. She was relived he wasn't being overly gentlemanly by holding the door or anything she would find demeaning to her naturally ruff nature.

As they settled into the small automobile Max slipped in the keys listening as the engine roared to life.

"Where are we going." Annie asked again, this time a serious look in her eyes that made Max pause before he took off down the road. He knew Annie was smart and possibly even a little paranoid after what had happened to her when she was younger.

"It's nothing special. Just something I've been wanting to see and I didn't want to go alone." He mumbled as he pulled out onto the road and began down the street.

"… And it would be a…?" She asked, trying to prod information from him.

"A surprise, of course." He said with a controversial nod that told her no more questions should be asked. She heaved a sigh and decided to enjoy the night time scenery of the lights and sounds of the city. They were so beautiful at night, but she would never forget how they looked from so high. It was a terrifying and amazing experience all at once, but being chased by a madman wasn't really helping with the amazing side of it. She hadn't been in a helicopter or airplane ever again. Land or sea, that was it.

They continued on, Annie not even wanting to look at him for having more or less blackmailed her into a date. Though, when he started on a topic of conversation she couldn't help herself to not join in and argue back with him. He never got overly angry about a subject like Annie tended to, but always kept a somewhat distant smile on his face that the girl had to use all of her subconscious not to look at while she spoke with him.

About half an hour of driving later they came to a stop behind a long row of cars parked on the side of the road. People where walking back and forth down the street excitedly and children could be seen all over. Before Annie had a chance to ask where they were Max was already out of the car and making sure the doors were locked. She followed suit, stepping out onto the sidewalk and checking to see if her own door was properly locked.

An arm wrapped around her waist leading her down the street where the noise of many people could be head. Immediately Annie smacked at him to let her go but he only ignored her and walked on, a frustrated girl in his grasp.

As they neared the source of lights and buzz of many people gathered together, Annie was overjoyed to find a quaint little street fair taking place on the city street. Police where set up at the end of the road, eating fair foods as they kept traffic from turning down the road. A family walked past chattering happily as they went to play some games at one of the stalls. Food stands and gaming centers were set up all over the sidewalk with bright lights and booming voices of vendors on microphones to try and get peoples attentions.

"I didn't know there was a street fair today?" Annie said as she became lost in a sea of childlike wonder. She may be a teenager, but she had always loved such things since her younger years had be dark and gloomy.

"I saw a poster for it the other day, and I was interested, but it would be strange to see a teenage boy walking around by himself." Max said as he looked over at one of the corndog stands curiously. It was obvious he wasn't one to eat fatty fair foods (Note: Try saying that ten times fast.) often.

"Um. I didn't bring any money, so can I pay you back later?" Annie said, suddenly feeling guilty for expecting him to pay for everything. She had originally thought he would drag her on another boring dinner date that she was usually reduced to when she had gone out with other guys. It wasn't often she went on a date, but sometimes her old orphan friends would pressure her to go on a blind date. They never ended well. 'At least I know my fighting skills haven't deteriorated these days.' She thought, remembering the last time she had gone out with a boy and how he had ended up in the hospital after insulting her.

Max looked at her in surprise, as if he hadn't expected her to even bring up the subject. Apparently he was used to girls who relied on him to pay for everything all the time just like Annie's dates.

"I asked you out, so it's on me." He said as he ventured foreword to the stall where hotdogs where turning on a small machine and the smell of French fries lured in hungry passersby's. Annie, by this time, had slipped out of his grasp and was now simply walking beside him, leaving her less embarrassed and with more dignity.

"If you say so." She said shrugging, receiving a small smirk from him that went unnoticed as she looked over the delectable treats.

"What are those brown, puffy-like things?" He asked looking at a corndog that a little boy was chomping on happily.

"Those are corndogs. You've never had one before?" She asked in surprise as she watched his gaze turn away from the boy and down to her.

"I've had a hot dog before, but never a 'corn dog'? I would imagine corn and hot dogs would not taste well together." He said confused at the combination of food that people where happily eating. Annie's hand flew to her mouth as she pretended to rub it and pointed over at the stall.

"Go buy two of them." She said, turning his attention away from her and back to the wonderful smelling food. Without a second thought he walked over to wait in line, while Annie stood off to the side and watched him peer over people's shoulders like a child trying to see a parade.

'C-cute!' Her mind screamed as she tried to rub the red from her cheeks. 'He's like a kid, not knowing what corndogs are!' Her eyes widened as she realized what her mind was hinting at, and her common sense didn't like it.

"Urgh! What am I thinking?" She muttered as she rubbed her head in agitation, as if that would clear the thoughts she was having. "He's just a chauvinistic, self-centered, bastard who only finds joy in messing with you." She looked up and saw him discussing with the man behind the counter, probably asking him what exactly made up a corndog. "Hmph. We'll see how child-like he really is. I bet before this date is over he's going to make some sort of perverted move on me."

The man behind the window looked a bit unsure of what to say to Max, so as he handed out the corndogs and the boy still didn't move demanding an answer, Annie decided to show the poor guy some pity.

"Max, come on!" She called out, stirring him from his prodding of information from the cashier. As the teenager walked away from the stand Annie could see a look of relief at having not to explain the process of making corndogs.

"I just asked the man a simple question, but he wouldn't answer me." He said with a look of frustration as he held out a corndog for her.

"Everyone has their secrets. If he went around telling everyone how he got the hotdog inside of the coating, he wouldn't have much of a business anymore, would he?" Annie explained as she grabbed his shoulder and led him on down the street.

Max didn't say anything, and for a moment Annie wondered if he was mad about something, but when she looked over at him she found her face becoming flushed with color. He was giving her one of his 'serious' looks that would have made any teenager with half a sense embarrassed.

"W-what?" She stuttered as she immediately whipped her head foreword to avoid his eyes directly.

"It's nothing." Max finally said as he took a bite of his corndog without thinking. As the flavor set in he stopped walking, catching Annie's attention. She turned and looked at him with a confused look, but he only just stood there not moving a muscle.

"Max?" She asked questioningly as he spaced out not even noticing the rush of the crowd around him.

"Brilliant." He whispered so quietly that Annie hardly heard his voice. She leaned foreword, inquiring as to what he meant only to jump back at the intensity of his voice.

"This is BRILLIANT!" He shouted startling men, woman, and children who were previously minding their own business. "This strange treat is delicious!" He said with vigor that made Annie's eyes widen as the vain, rich boy ate the corn dog hungrily. People began to stop and stare, and a flare of whispers floated amongst the nearby crowd. Annie could hear words such as rich, Extran, and Maxamillion being said loudly putting her instincts into effect. It was never good to have people realize a rich kid or two were close by. It usually led to ransoms, muggings, or worse.

She grabbed Max's arm and ran down the street before dashing into an alley between two stalls. After she was sure no one had followed them she turned and gave Max an angry look, but he didn't seem to notice. He had gobbled up his corndog and now had a look of sadness at not having bought more.

"I swear. You are an idiot!" She said feeling the urge to cuff him in the face. He finally raised his eyes to look at her and for a moment she felt her heart flutter. 'He even has puppy dog eyes. Why does a guy know how to do puppy dog eyes?! Urgh! I can't stay mad at him if he looks like that!' She thought as she heaved a sigh and handed him her corndog. A smile grew on his lips as he quickly ate it, savoring every bite. Annie's hand covered the lower half of her face as she kept from giggling at his childlike actions.

"For the life of me, I can't seem to figure you out Maxamillion." She said in between giggles, which she felt was really uncharacteristical of her. Normally she would have gave him a bloody nose from embarrassing her in front of so many people, but it seemed all she could do was keep from laughing to loudly. "One moment you are hitting on me, blackmailing me, and pinning me to walls, and the next you're fascinated by simple fair food, screaming in the middle of crowd's, and giving me pitiful eyes. I just don't know what to think when I'm around you." She said as the memories of what had happened before hit her. She found herself laughing loudly, earning a couple looks from people walking down the street.

When he didn't say anything she couldn't hold in her curiosity and looked up at him, yet again he was giving her a serious look that made her cheeks flush.

"Max?" She asked, trying to keep her cool as his eyes seemed to drill into her own. For a breathless moment he stepped closer to her, his warm breath against her sparsely freckled skin, his cool fingertips brushing against her warm ones. She could feel the skin of his lips gently touch hers, not a kiss yet sweet contact, but then they were gone only replaced by the late august air.

"We should get going." He said without looking at her, as he turned back towards the crowded streets. She stood dazed against the brick, her thoughts all focused to his hot breath that had pressed against her own, but now all that was left was the evening breeze.

They walked in silence, only stopping so that Max could quickly buy two more corndogs, giving one to Annie.

As they neared Annie's home, Max finally found words to speak.

"Sorry. I wanted to stay longer, but I suddenly remembered something." He didn't look at her. His eyes only stayed glued to the road.

"It… it's fine. I should get back before my father notices I'm gone."

They pulled up beside the gate and Annie put her hand on the door latch, only to be stopped by cold fingers against her left hand. She turned and looked over at Max. His eyes looked like he wanted to say something but his mouth was held shut.

Silently she got out, thanked him one last time, and closed the sleek car's door. He didn't leave as she walked back through the gates, or even after she was out of his site. After a couple minutes he started the ignition, smacking his hand against the wheel and shouting profanities in frustrations.

A/N: Hey guys… 15/16 of this today (Feb/13/2010) because I know how stupid I've been for not updating. I know it's not much, but it's a little something. I wasn't originally going to have it end in such a gloomy fashion. At first I was going to have it end where while Max is dropping her off at her house, he tells Annie that he had licked her corndog, resulting in an indirect kiss, and having her screaming at him to get off her property. I was also gonna have them play more games and grow closer at the carnival, but my patience is limited. So he screamed in a crowd, they had a moment, and he ran away with his tail between his legs. Thus leaving our little unorphan Annie hot and bothered, and unsure of her feelings towards him. Happy Valentines Days, my lovalies!