Best Prank Ever Ch.2

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Chapter 2: Harmony

"Okay, that didn't go as well as planned." George said sitting on his bed up in their room. "I know! She just took it in stride. We need something that will make her so mad she will have to say something." Fred agreed.

They began shuffling around boxes, looking for the perfect joke shop product to make Hermione flip. "Forge!" Fred yelled out happily. "What?" George said turning to face his twin. "Remember the One Kiss Lip gloss?" Fred asked holding up a tube of lip gloss. "Brilliant!"

"So we get Hermione to put it on and then she has the urge to kiss the first person she sees?" Fred said grinning. If he could be the first person she sees…. "Yes. Imagine her face when it's ickle ronnikins." George said laughing. Fred laughed too, actually imagining her face but when he thought of his little brother and Hermione kissing it made his stomach churn.

"What if it was.. I dunno, Me?" Fred asked lightly. "Even Better! I swear she's had a crush on you all these years." George said. They pulled their heads together trying to find a way to get Hermione to wear the lip gloss.

Later that Day,

"Hermione, just wear it. Mum told me it has built in sunscreen, smoothing balm, and changes color!" Ginny whined. She found a bag with some things for her and Hermione outside her door from her mum. "Fine Fine." Hermione said, giving in. She stuck it in her pocket and promised Ginny she was going to the bathroom to 'have a makeover.'

She waited in the bathroom for a while and finally just swiped on some of her own favorite muggle chapstick from home. Now, all she has to do is wait for Fred to come walking by. Little did they know that Hermione heard most of their little scheming session earlier. She smirked a very Slytherin smirk thinking of how she will backfire their little plan.

That's what she told herself anyways. The fact that she has wanted to kiss Fred since fourth year had nothing to do with it.

"FREDRICK WEASLEY!" yelled Mrs. Weasley. Hermione heard feet charging up the stairs and stepped out of the bathroom. Fred was laughing and his hair was disheveled. He looked positively adorable. She smiled at him and marched up to him. She was still holding her muggle chapstick in her hand so Fred saw it and assumed it was the trick kind.

Fred's demeanor changed from amused and mischievous to amused and anticipating. Hermione looked up in his eyes once before connecting their lips and saw the intensity she always wanted to see.

Their lips moved in perfect harmony and Fred drew her closer, never wanting to break his one moment with her. She reached up and wrapped her hands in his hair, hoping to never lose this contact she had dreamed of for so long. One of Fred's hands cupped her face while the other rested on the small of her back. Hermione lost herself in the sensation and felt her body become light. They finally broke away after a few minutes passed and the need for air become too much to overcome.

"Wow." Hermione said. Fred rested his forehead against hers and smiled in a contented manner. Hermione gave him another small quick kiss before saying, "You know Fred. I'll stick with my muggle lip gloss. It tastes good, don't you agree?" Her eyes danced with mischief and she went downstairs leaving him to work it out for himself.

Fred stood dumbfounded for a minute. Not only had his prank been ousted but he just snogged Hermione Granger… and she wanted to.

He felt an elatedness and jogged to his and George's room. George noticed the messy hair and pink cheeks that only came from two things: Running from their mum or snogging. "Well?" He asked his brother.

"That was the Best Prank Ever." Fred said.

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