Broken re-vised

Author's Note: For those of you that remember the original and supported it, I thank you. I apologize I never finished it. Anyhow upon reviewing it, it was outdated, poorly detailed, and I was only like 14 when I wrote it. My writing has improved and I have better ideas for the story so I'm re-writing and re-publishing it. Sadly, I will probably scratch my other stories as well. :) Enjoy.

Chapter 1- Missing

Havoc stared out the window to the downpour that was pounding the window steadily. It had been an outright storm for the past three days and no blue skies were in the forecast. He stood up from his chair and walked to the large window that framed his Colonel's empty desk, a cigarette hanging limply from his lips. Havoc saw the Colonel outside standing on the stairs of central's military building, staring up at the sky. Dressed in his military blue pants and white button up, he was getting soaked to the bone. The lieutenant took the unlit cigarette out of his mouth and forced the lump out of his throat that formed at the disturbing sight of his superior. He was sure the colonel hadn't slept since... Havoc turned to look at Hawkeye's desk trying to block awful scenarios his mind was creating. Clean, organized, and empty, it was exactly how she left it.

Roy Mustang drew in a deep breath and looked down at his pocket watch. He was wasting time, but he couldn't think straight. He shook his head and rubbed his temples as he walked back into the building out of the rain. Water from his drenched clothes dripped on the carpet and his boots squeaked; people stared as he made his way back to his office. Whispering among themselves about him. Despite what his superiors and the public thought, he had never really cared about appearances. Never deny it or tell them any different, and they'll assume the worst. Opening the door, he stepped in and his staff turned to look at him, mostly with concern, but also with expectancy. He knew they were waiting. Waiting for his orders. Waiting for answers. Waiting for him to lose it. Waiting for her. But she wouldn't follow him in this time. He had to admit he was losing the fight inside of him. The fight between the strong mask he wore at work and the real mess he was. Havoc was the first to speak into the dead silence that filled the office.

"We'll find her boss." Havoc offered trying to ease the man's mind that was slowly unraveling in front of him. Roy looked up from a spot on the carpet that had held his interest while trying to grasp some form of normalcy. Mustang only nodded and sat down heavily at his desk. He noticed the small detail that Havoc didn't say whether we would find her alive or not. It had been three days since 1st lieutenant Riza Hawkeye went missing. Three days, and to Roy it felt like a lifetime. An entire investigation team and Mustang's own men had been over every piece of evidence, every possible lead, and every suspect. It all ended with dead ends and disappointment.

"We must be going about this all wrong," Roy started as he paced behind his desk. "we are missing something."

"Maybe she wasn't the real target." A familiar voice brought his back from his thoughts. Roy turned to see his best friend leaning against the door frame of his office. "I heard a wet dog was running lose in the building so I had to come check it out." Maes said jokingly nodded to Mustang's attire. Roy just sighed. Any other time Roy might of actually laughed or at least smirked.

"What do you mean?" Fuery cut in to diffuse the awkward tension that was building in the room. Roy looked back toward the window. He caught his reflection in the glass and quickly turned away. He knew he probably looked rough but he didn't really fancy finding out how rough.

"He means I was the intended target. Someone was trying to get to me." Mustang spit venomously. Hughes shrugged.

"Roy, I mean... she's always with you and she's pointed her gun at plenty of people to protect you. They know she's an... asset to your team and your safety." Hughes chose his words carefully. He certainly didn't want to upset Roy even more so than he already was.

"I've thought of that." Roy agreed.

"Of course you have..." Maes said under his breath as he sighed.

"What?" Roy actually looked directly at the Major for the first time since it happened. Maes got ready to give his friend a lecture, but decided against it when he saw how miserable he was.

"Nothing. Nevermind. I'll run a list of cases of criminals you put away; ones where Riza played a major role in their detainment." Roy just nodded his dismissal.

Three days ago, Roy arrived to Hawkeye's empty desk at work. Immediately his stomach dropped, the lieutenant had nevermissed work and had never once been late.

"Where's the lieutenant?" The colonel directed to no one in particular. Fuery looked up from his paperwork.

"She's not here yet. I would say she's just out of the office but everyone was complaining that nobody put on coffee in the break room. She usually does that when she first gets here."

"Has she called?" Fuery shook his head.

"Do you think something's wrong?" Breda said with a mouth full of toast. Roy's stomach fell further; he turned and ran down the hallway back to the street and waved a cab to take him straight to Hawkeye's townhouse. When the car halted in front of her house, Roy threw some change in the front seat, and quickly jogged to the front door. He lifted his hand to knock, but realized the door was slightly ajar. Roy looked around the street and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. His hand removed his gun from the holster, ready to take action if needed. He had his gloves handy too, but he knew Hawkeye would murder him if he set her house on fire. Slowly Roy pushed the door and stepped through, pointing his gun out in front of him if something tried to surprise him. His boot crunched glass; he looked down to see a vase shattered on the ground, next to it was the flowers that once inhabited it. He continued through the house to find it all completely wrecked with no sign of Riza or anyone else. Still being cautious, he crossed the kitchen and froze when blood caught eye. A tiny smear of blood was on the linoleum floor in front of her bedroom door. Slowly, he opened the door that led to her bedroom and made sure it was clear before inspecting the damage. The composure he was holding on to was slipping away little by little with every second that passed. Riza's gun was lying on the ground beside her bed. Hearing a small sound behind him, Roy spun around gun aimed ready to fire, looking down he saw Black Hayate limping over to him. Roy holstered his gun and bent down to pet the terrified animal. Seeing he wasn't a threat, Hayate whined and licked Roy's hand. Mustang lifted and walked back to the front to use Hawkeye's phone that she kept right at her front door. He dialed Maes.

"YYEELLLLO." Maes answered cheerfully.

"Hughes…" Roy managed and Maes' demeanor changed immediately.

"Roy, what's wrong?" Roy struggled to form a thought and words to explain the situation.

"It's Riza…Her house. She's been… She's gone." Roy choked out. He felt faint, like all the air in his lungs was being sucked out. His heart started racing. His couldn't think straight. He wanted, no needed to jump out of his own skin. He was having a panic attack. The phone still to his ear, he leaned against the doorway breathing deeply through his nose and counted to ten. Roy tried to collect himself; he definitely didn't want Maes to know.

"She's gone? Like how, Roy? I don't understand." Maes had turned serious; he could tell Roy wasn't okay.

"She's been kidnapped. I came to her houseandit'swreckedandshe'snothereandIneedyoutosendate amoutrightnow." Roy had to get it out quick he felt another panic attack creeping up on him.

"Roy. Listen to me. I'm sending them out now. I'll be there in a few minutes. Don't move! I mean it!" Hughes demanded and hung up the phone. Roy dropped the receiver and closed his eyes to keep his panic at bay. He slid down the wall to sit. His head fell into his hands. He only had a few minutes before investigations would arrive and he would have to pull himself together. I was supposed to protect her… He thought as guilt slammed into him. A few minutes passed and Hughes ran through the door to see Roy on the floor sitting against the wall, eyes closed, and head leaning back for support. After barking orders to his men, Hughes came over to Mustang and bent down in front of him.

"Roy? Are you alright?" The simple yes or no question rolled over in Roy's mind but he couldn't generate an answer so he just nodded slightly in the affirmative. "You look a little pale, buddy. Let's go outside for some fresh air and you can tell me what happened." Roy nodded again. Maes helped him up and they both left the investigations team to do their job. "So tell me what you know?" Roy explained his morning from when he saw that Riza wasn't at work to his phone call to Hughes. As he ended his account, his last words were "She was gone." The word gone rang oddly in his ears. Gone. He realized it had a sense of finality to it. Again the wave of panic hit him. He felt sick to his stomach, he doubled over. He started to hyperventilate and grabbed his chest as his heart seemingly tried to work its way out from underneath his skin. Maes looked horrified and grabbed Mustang's arm to steady him.

"Roy..." Hughes' forehead creased with worry as Roy calmed down, slowly regaining some composure.

"Roy, I think you should go home. I'll take care of everything today." Maes' offered, looking almost sad as he said it.

"No, I'm fine." Roy stood to go back in and join investigations to help them find any clues to who might have kidnapped her.

"Roy, I real" Mustang held up his hand and interrupted.

"I'm fine really. I just want to find the lieutenant and scorch the bastard who did this." With that he left Maes' worried glare and shakily walked back into the house.

Mustang came back to the present and rubbed his temples as he looked over her missing persons report for the millionth time. In the past three days, he had, had four panic attacks. He had never experienced one, only ever read about the effects, and now they were becoming a common way to deal with the guilt that consumed him from the inside out. He knew he was being unprofessional in front of his subordinates, but they knew why he was so distraught. They had always known why… Later that night, Roy poured himself a glass of scotch and spread case files across his floor and couch, trying to find a correlating person that would be capable of kidnapping the lieutenant. He couldn't imagine that being an easy task. She was a skilled military professional with experience in martial arts and, of course, weaponry. Not to mention Roy knew better than anyone, she was stubborn as hell. He allowed himself to grin at that, but it was short-lived when a knock sounded at his door. Mustang slipped his glove and looked out the window discreetly. He pulled open the door to Hughes. Hughes looked down and saw his gloved hand, ready for a full assault, and frowned. Maes took in Roy's appearance. He hadn't shaved, much less showered, he reeked of alcohol, and the immaculate kitchen, which was usually a mess, made him guess that Roy hadn't been eating either.

"Roy," Hughes began but stopped himself again, realizing he didn't know what to say. "please tell you haven't been sitting here blaming yourself. This is not your fault." Mustang sat his glass down a little harder than normal.

"HOW THE HELL CAN YOU SAY IT'S NOT!. You yourself said I was most likely the intended target, so she's probably being...," Roy paused trying to banish worst case scenarios from his mind, "because of me Maes. She's in danger because of me, because I just had to have her by my side. I should have got her out after Ishval, but instead I was selfish and encouraged her to join me in my fucking quest for justice." Roy downed the last of his scotch.

"Are you done? You know good and well she wouldn't have left you, even if you ordered her to. And you know good and well that's not what I meant when I said you were the target! Your such a dumbass! A blind person could see she's your weakness! Sorry to break it to you buddy, but you don't hide it very well." Roy's anger dropped and he looked down.

"Either way, I was careless." Maes sighed and took off his glasses to rub the bridge of his nose.

"We are going to find her Roy. Alive." Maes smiled and put his hand on Roy's shoulder. "Gracia made stew tonight. Why don't you come have a bowl, get some rest, and we'll get everybody together to get back to searching tomorrow. You're no good to her if you're useless." Roy shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

"Actually I'm just going to go ahead and get some sleep. I'll see you on the morning." Roy said as he made his way to his room, not giving Hughes a chance to lecture him any futher.

"You need to eat, Roy. Alcohol isn't one of the main food groups."

"Goodnight!" Roy yelled from his room and turned out the light. Maes got up from the couch and looked at the mess Mustang had created with the files. One of the files in the pile had a large red X on the front. He opened to see two dark, sinister eyes staring back at him that he hoped to never see again. At the top of the file he read the familiar name.

"Solf J. Kimbley"