New Dawn Soundtrack

Hello. Sorry for the long wait but i figured why not give you a little Something

When ever i write New Dawn i usually listen to music that inspires the feel of the story to help guide me. so i figured i would share some of the songs that you might like to listen to.

1. Bleed for me- Saliva

2. Catalyst- Linkin Park

Rest for the Wicked- Elephant

4. Gimme Shelter- Rolling stones

5. Baker Street- foo fighters

6. By the way (Aelitas theme) Hinder

eyes- Shine Down

8. Dont Fear the Reaper (Williams theme) Blue Oyster cult

9. Fortunate son - creedence clear water revival

10. Gotta Be Somebody (Jeremy's theme) - Nickelback

11. Its Not My Time - 3 doors down

12. Joker and the Thief (Odds theme) Wolfmother

Line (Ulrich's theme) Papa roach

14. One By One- Alter Bridge

15. Rain (Yumi's theme) Creed

16. Seize the Day - Avenged Sevenfold

17. Never too Late (Jeremy and Aelita's theme) 3 days grace

18. 21 guns (Yumi and Urlichs theme) Greenday

19. Savior - Skillet

20. Voices (Xervix theme) Rev Theroy

21. Walk. Foo Fighters

Hope you guys like and enjoy