" Newbie, what the hell is wrong with you? " Dr. Cox's screams from across the room. J.D, off in his own fantasy world, ignores the man's rant and continues in his dream. " Moisha, snap out of it!! Patients aren't going to prolong their lives so you can dream about the shopping trip you are planning later in the week. Mmmkay? " Clearly, Dr. Cox isn't in the best mood. All J.D can do is nod his head and get back to his patients. Often he comes to the nurses station to dream when he isn't busy, but today he just happened to be there at the exact moment Dr. Cox passed by.

Today, there is a slag in his step. The young doctor looks frail and a bit haggered. As he passes by, Cox shoves him into the counter. J.D falls to the ground and clutches his side. " Get up, Josephine! You've got work to do. " He tries his best but he can't get up. His head is spinning and his breathing labored. The pain in his chest just won't go away and he squints to keep from crying. Dr. Cox stands over him, half amused and half curious.

" Bambi, are you okay? " Carla peeks out form behind the counter, alarmed by the man on the floor.

"She's fine, Carla, just a little cramp. Savannah just needs some pamprin and a warm bath. Am I right? " he smiles his coxish smile and nods his head, proud of his ability to instill self-doubt into anyone, anywhere, anytime. Carla tries with all her might to pull J.D up, but he remains squatted on the floor. The young doctor opens his eyes and puts his head back against the counter. Beads of sweat form on his face and his eyes gradually roll to the back of his head. The smile fades from Dr. Cox's face.

" Kid? You okay? "

" I can't breathe... "

" Bambi? " By this time, J.D has lost conciousness.

" He's not breathing, Carla! I need a crash cart over here now! "

" Newbie, stay with me...Newbie? "


Dr. Cox sets the paddles down calmly.

" Alright, it's time for my lunch. "

" Dr. Cox? " Carla is sobbing uncontrollably. In fact, the entire room is crying. Except the older doctor, that is.

" What is it Carla? " he asks her, uninterested, as he washes his hands in a nearby sink.

" He's gone... " Elliot cried on Carla's shoulder hysterically. " Why are you acting like nothing happened? "

" Listen, Barbie, i'm re-heely hungry, so take your boohoo to the boohoo-ologist okay? Seriously, I don't have time to listen to you whine. There is a chili dog in that toliet they call a cafeteria with my name on it. And I would appreciate it if my meal wasn't disturbed by, " he points over-dramatically at Elliot, " your bat-like screeching and, " he points at Carla in the same way, " your nag nag nag nag nagging. Oookay? " he finishes over his excessively articulated rant and heads to the cafeteria.

The entire hospital is draped in a shroud of solemnity, but Dr. Cox chooses to ignore it. In fact, he's ignoring many things. As he grabs a tray out of the cafeteria and starts to pile item after item after fattening item, he repeats over and over to himself in his mind, " Not happening...Newbies' not really dead... "

He sits at an empty table and avoids the sympathetic looks he gets from all who surround him.

His mind races uncontrollably. He just wants those damn eyes to stop piercing the back of his head.

He wants those puppy eyes of Newbie's to stop popping up whenever he closes his eyes.

" Fuck!! Dammit!! " he throws his tray to the floor and kicks his chair as hard as he can. "Dammit...Shit!! " he screams as loud as possible and overturns his table. Everybody in the vicinity runs.

Dr. Cox storms behind them, leaving no table, chair, item unaffected by his rage.

And he has perfectly good reason to rage.

His Newbie is gone.