" Nilla Bear? You-you-you're dead. "

" Fo rizzle my bizzle. " JD sighed.

" Then how're you here? " Turk exclaimed, shaking his head and wondering if his best friend was mearly a figment of his imagination.

" I don't know how, but I know why. I gotta help you, man. "

Turk took a moment to embrace that reason. " Okay. So, you're really here? I'm not dreaming?"

" Nope. "

The two of them looked at each other for a moment, in complete silence, before Turk got up and shut the door to the room and locked it securely behind him.


" NILLA BEAR!! " He screamed, running up to his best friend and practically diving into his open arms.

" C-bear! "

The lay sprawled out on the couch in a bear hug for over 5 minutes.

JD pulled away from Turk's clutches and jumped off of the couch, a brand new optimism shining through. Turk hadn't freaked out. He hadn't punched JD in the face. Things were going much better than the deceased doctor had anticipated.

" Let's go mess with patients. " JD grinned expectantly.

Turk nodded and they ran out of the area, the initial task completely out of JD's mind as he enjoyed what would probably be his last pranks with Turk.


" You got the coat? " JD asked.

Turk pulled the 'giant doctor' coat our from behind his back and raised his brow. " Who's gonna be on top? "

JD pointed as his buddy. " It'll be cooler if you go on top. You can take off the coat, and be ' World's Most Giant, Floating Doctor. ' "

" But we wouldn't be a doctor without the coat. And plus, we'd be the ' World's Only Giant Floating Doctor. ' "

" Stop poking holes in the plan, Turk! We have to do this! "

With struggle, Turk climbed on top of JD's shoulders, lab coat still clutched in one of his hands. When he gained balance, he slipped the coat on and yelled down to JD, alerting the other that he was ready.

As if on cue, Dr. Cox walked out of the hospital and stared up at Turk. The 'old' Dr. Cox would have some snarky remark, some rant about how immature the surgeon was. But the 'new' Dr. Cox said nothing, just stared at Turk and remembered all of the times that his fallen protege used to play the same prank.

" I am the ' World's Only Giant Floating Doctor! ' " Turk roared. At that moment, he removed his jacket and revealed that he was, in the rest of the world's interpretation, floating on thin air.

Dr. Cox shook his head and closed his eyes. Either he was going crazy or he was more drunk than he ever thought possible.

" What the..."

" It's magic, Dr. Cox! Magic! " Turk exclaimed. Then, in hushed tones, he said, " Put me down, buddy. "

JD eased himself to the ground, so that Turk could safely get off of his shoulders. He knew that several patients had seen the trick, and was excited to hear all of the rumors that would go around the hospital.

" How did you do that? " Dr Cox asked, suspiciously.

Turk shrugged his shoulders and grinned at JD. " I'm magical. "

The two best friends danced off, leaving the older doctor to contemplate what he'd seen.


" We've gotta go, Turk. You have to go back to the apartment. "

For the first time since JD had arrived, Turk looked visibly upset. " No. "

" You have a family there, Turk. You can't stop living just because I'm gone. " JD felt weird saying the words, like they made his death seem more...permanent.

" No. No, no, no, no, no... " Turk mumbled, walking quickly. " I can't go back there with all of your shit, JD. Everything is still there. I can't. "

" I'll clean it with you. We can drive my stuff to Goodwill, man. Then you and Carla can move on. " The words felt dry in his throat. Was he actually going to get rid of everything? It made him feel like he was wiping himself off of the face of the Earth.

Turk just stared at him. " You sure you want to do that? "

JD swallowed hard and nodded vigorously. " You have to go back to them. Carla is out of her mind. "

Turk did a double take. " How do you know that? "

" I visited her. I helped her move back into the apartment. And I promised her that I'd get you to come back. I can't let her down, Chocolate Bear. You have to go back to your family. "

Turk sighed. " I know. How's Izzy? Is she okay? "

" She misses you. " JD patted Turk on the shoulder. " It's time to go back. "

" I know... "

" Let's go, buddy. " JD tugged on Turk's shirt and motioned him toward the exit doors of Sacred Heart.

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