N-Naruto U-Uzamaki? the chuunin studered the others looked at each other.

"Just a coincidence" I was freakin lost,

"What are you talking about?" I asked


"There was a Uzamaki in our village , who-who left for a mission one day and never came back and alot of us thought she had left and settled down somewhere or died. We guess we where right" he finished looking down.

"I-I think your mistaking me for someone else; my parents are dead I don't even know who they where" I looked down suddenly angry,

"And they freaken left me to-to become- " I cut off not willing to talk about itand ashamed of how I felt.
Out of nowhere the tallest one spoke, "So you've had a horrible past....I can relate" 'HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW THAT!!!??' I paled.

I noticed he was coming closer although he didn't notice that I knew. The minuite he pulled out a kuni I knocked it out of his hand by using my own.

"Touche-touche I think you are her child, she was always feirce and ... you have the same eyes" the other two moved into a fighting stance's ready to fight if we made a move.I stayed still as he moved a step closer but Kakashi didn't in a blink of an eye he was infront of me and the guy stopped.

"I think you really are her child you are to similar-those eyes- othere then that something about eyes with the same amount of confusion-"my eyes went wide at what said next,

"Lies, the past, and some feeling you try to keep loked away, the same as her I don't wish to fight or hurt any of you know that I know who you are. I will leave you a gift, to help sort things through." He said with a smirk, and in a blink of an eye he was behind me. I was to stunned to move and so was everyone else. He came to my ear,

"Forgive me, but this is the only for you to learn, trust in love Naruto that's all." I felt his hand touch the back of my neck and then he was gone and so where his men.I tried to move I couldn't and my knees shook and I fell.

"Naruto!!!" was the last thing I heard before I passed out.


When I woke up my head was pounding a bit and my throat was dry. I was in a tent laying in my sleeping bag next to Sai. I got up slowly and left without a sound. The suns rays warmed my skin, and the sky was clear. I enjoyed the silence. Until Kakashi woke up. "Good morning, Naruto" I looked over toward his tent he waved, I could see his smile under his mask.

"Morning" I replied back

" Sakura examined you and said nothing was wrong and that you where in perfect health, but I'm just making sure.....how are you feeling." the minute he said that my head throbbed extreamely painfully I grasped it in pain not being able to say no.

"Naruto are you ok?!" It reduced a bit but it still hurt slightly I ignored it and turned to kakashi and smiled.

"I'm fine... just a head ache" he looked at me for a second before nodding, and saying he would start that day it got worse me and Sakura had gotten to a fight cause I wouldn't let her see if my head ache was really bad,

"Naruto if you won't let me see, edleast sit down- a good shinobi is SMART enough to know when something is wrong !!!" she screamed at me and I felt another throb worse this time I forced myself to keep my hands from going to my head.

"But then again, you could Never be a good shinobi! I don't even know why your still here!!" I stopped dead my body seemed paralized my eyes went wide and I clutched my head in pain. My senses whent blank , it was like all I could see, smell, taste or hear was sorrow. My sorrow. Memory's ripped into my vision, all of them mocking me coments and screams at me , a child I couldn't help it this time the pain was to much I fell to my knees screaming clutching my head in pain.

I trembled seeing my past the people of the village yelling at me, telling me to die, to leave, seeing it over and over again me cry. Screaming in the crowd telling them there wrong them mocking me screaming.I could feel Sakura's hands on my shoulders calling to the others.

"Naruto, Naruto are you ok!!!!!??" I could feel how impossibly wide my eyes were , my heart beating fast, and I was shaking. I heard everyone's voice and the memory's fading .

"KIT! KIT!"Kyuubi called out to me,"Calm down! calm down! You are don't worry , kit it will all be ok , breath, be calm; we're all here for you." I eased and tryed to stop trembling failing misrebaly but able to gain my senses back .
"NARUTO!!! NARUTO!!??" Kakashi was shaking me. I took in a shaky breath my eyes still wide looking around to make sure it wasn't a memory. I was back at camp Sai, Kakashi and SAkura leaning over me. I smiled a small smile ,
"I'm ok know"I whispered my eyes going back to there normal size and I managed to stand still trembleing breifly. I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was sai.

"Naruto you should rest" he said in a concerned tone.

"I'll be fine, I just need to sit down for a bit. Then we can get going. " I went in the direction of the stream, sat down, and scooped water, washing my face,. I didn't notice Kakashi come and sit next to me, after answering Sakura's question if we should go back with a no cause we where to close to the Sand Villiage.

"What happened Naruto?" Kakashi said looking at me as I scooped up another handfull of water.

"I-I just had a run in with some old memorys"

"Naruto what happened? The whole story" so I told him what happened, but without any detail just summing it up, when I was done he sighed and I wiped my face and continued to look in the water.

"Naruto we don't know why this is happening but is there any chance you know of something that could help you..." as I stared into the water someone came to my ming that I didn't exspect.

"Gaara" I whispered.

"Huh?" Kakashi asked, startled.

"I have to see Gaara, as soon as possible"