Angeal didn't let the class panic when Cloud and William ended their fight in two bloody piles of unconscious cadet parts.

To his veteran eyes this was no big deal, and he ordered them to get up and walk it off. But despite several cures for each of them, the two young men were still losing blood and clearly in need of additional medical attention. Angeal cursed the boys for forcing the finale of his weekend seminar into a premature climax. He'd printed out little certificates of completion and was looking forward to presenting them Tyra Banks- style, but the vibe was gone.

Sephiroth had missed Cloud terribly that weekend. When he got a call from Cloud's phone early Sunday afternoon, he'd been naked in his kitchen, preparing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He nearly dropped his phone in his haste to answer it, and had to pause for a moment to mask his enthusiasm.

"Hey baby, you comin' home yet?"

A burly voice responded. "Don't ever call me that again."

Sephiroth recoiled. "Angeal?"

"So guess what, Strife broke a limit. He was fighting with another kid and they both broke together; it was pretty sweet because this weekend has been boring as shit. Violent story short - they messed each other up a little bit, and we're flying back and will be at HQ in about an hour. Thought you should know, see you soon -"

"Hey! Wait a minute! Can I talk to him?"

"He's indisposed right now. You'll see him in an hour. Gotta run - "

"Wait!" Sephiroth tried to laugh, but it was a little too loud. "He's okay, right?"

"Sure. They'll both be fine once they get some blood back in them."


"They're leaving most of it on the ground," Angeal leaned over Cloud to observe as his white lips trembled from shock and his wide blue eyes faded out of focus. He'd bitten open the inside of his cheek, and there was an unending bubble of blood from his mouth that was now leaking across the side of his face. "Listen, I don't wanna talk on a pink cell phone anymore, so you'll see him soon -"

"What'd you do in the meantime? What'd you give him?" Sephiroth stammered. "A potion? Give him another one!"

"We didn't bring anything chemical."

"Why the fuck not? Chemical is the shit that actually works!"

"This was a good opportunity for the Juniors to practice minor healing. They got some surprise practice in critical healing, too."

Sephiroth took an aggressive spoonful of peanut butter and shoved it into his mouth. "So a fuckin' Junior's flimsy ass magic is holdin' Cloud together right now?"

"They did a pretty decent job," Angeal reassured.

The breath left Sephiroth as he leaned heavily against the counter. "Is he in pain?"

"How should I know?"

"Is he responsive at all?"

"I'm not sure, I can't tell if he passed out with his eyes open or just doesn't want to talk to me. But he hasn't voided his bowels or anything, so there's nothing to worry about yet."

Sephiroth slumped against his counter until his face was pressed against the granite. "... Oh my god."

"Give me a break, this is routine crap."

"Cloud's not a routine individual," Sephiroth picked himself up off the counter and went for more peanut butter. "You know how many missions I've spent wipin' Zack's ass for you? And you can't even take care of Cloud for one fuckin' lame seminar?"

"First of all, my seminars are not lame..." Angeal frowned at his abandoned pile of completion certificates. "Second, when I asked you to watch Zack he was way too young to be a SOLDIER and an idiot. Third, you didn't tell me to take care of Strife. You told very me specifically to break him."

"You weren't supposed to literally break him, you fat fuck!"

Safe in the knowledge that he had less body fat than Sephiroth, Angeal took a calm breath. "What end result would you like out of this conversation?"

"Act like you give a shit."

"It's not my job to give a shit about your boyfriend. It's not my job to even make this phone call to let you know he got hurt, but I did because I'm a nice, caring guy. To be an unbiased General, you should also ask how Strife's opponent is doing."

"I'm real concerned about Cloud's opponent," Sephiroth mocked sarcastically, and began eating jelly out of the jar. "He's probably twice Cloud's size. I swear that kid's never been in a fair fight in his life."

Thinking back to the short conversation he'd shared with Cloud last night about his potential for SOLDIER and his fear of Sephiroth's subtle discouragement, Angeal felt a rush of actual anger at his friend. "You've had a lot of unnatural advantages. You've had a lot of strength built into you, and you've had a whole team of scientists making sure your scrawny butt grew up the way it did. Your boyfriend here has zero advantage. So why don't you stop insulting him with this overly concerned mommy bullshit, and act like you would for any comrade who's been injured during their first limit break. You should be proud."

Sephiroth was trapped on a pause with the jelly spoon in his mouth. He eventually took it out to reply, "... I am. I just wanna make sure he's okay."

"I'm telling you that he is. In fact, he's faring better than his opponent who is twice his size. And it was the fairest fight out of anyone else in the class because your boyfriend is crazy fast, and we both know that's more important than being big. If Strife had been wearing proper gear, he might have killed the other kid." Angeal then tsked down at the gross angle Cloud's hands were lying in. "My fault he wasn't wearing wrist guards. Happy accident, though! No fatalities."

Sephiroth gave a slow smile and sucked more peanut butter off his spoon thoughtfully. He assumed most of what he heard about Cloud's progress was bullshit, but he knew Angeal wouldn't blow smoke up his ass. "So wait, go over the whole fight. Gimme a play by play. How was Cloud standin' and wh -"

"I'm still talking on a pink cell phone. Read about it in the seminar report."

"Aw c'mon!"

"I'll say it again - it's not my job to give a shit about your boyfriend. It's not Zack's job, not Rhonda's job, and not Elena's job... she told me what you did to her the other night. You asked her to drive all the way downtown to pick Strife up, and then acted like a dick to her? That's not cool."

Sephiroth was scowling. "I don't have to be cool."

"I've known you since you were thirteen. I know that you're not cool."

"I've known you since you were sixteen, and you've always been a fuckin' nag."

"Let me hear a thank you."

"For what?" Sephiroth cried.

"For everything I've done for you."

"Thank you, Angeal, for breakin' my boyfriend like I asked you to, and then callin' to tell me he hasn't voided his bowels. Thank you for givin' me an average of four days off a month..." Sephiroth's sarcasm abated slightly. "... Just to sleep next to him. And thanks for the two weeks off this summer. Thanks for lettin' me text in meetings."

"Keep going," Angeal demanded.

Sephiroth had to smile. "Thanks for all the advice you gave me when me an' Cloud were startin' out and I had no idea what the fuck I was doin'. Although I never really asked for the advice, you just kinda gave it."

"And specifically thank me for teaching you how to use Slow on your dick."

"Cloud should be the one to thank you for that," Sephiroth grinned, screwing on the lid of the peanut butter jar.

"For all of that, you're welcome. See? That's what having manners is like."

"Please feel free to eat my cornhole," Sephiroth replied politely.

"Generous offer, but no thank you," Angeal answered in kind. With the glory of another successful lecture, he concluded. "And I promise that Strife is just fine. Now quit being a little bitch."

"... Text me a picture of him?" Sephiroth cleared his throat. "Please? Thank you."

Angeal almost said no, but he'd been a sucker for Sephiroth since he was a teenager. The lonely, skinny little brat had followed him around for years and that didn't seem to be changing anytime soon. He wiped most of the blood off Cloud's face and cropped his blood soaked tank top out of the picture.

Sephiroth made a grateful sound as the picture reached him. "You're right, he doesn't look that bad. So the ship's already in the air?"

"Yep. I'm closing the pink cell phone now."

"Can I ask a serious favor, though?" Sephiroth let out a breath. "Can you just... not look through the pictures on Cloud's phone, please? And make sure it doesn't go anywhere?"

"I respect people's privacy," Angeal insisted, shutting the phone. Curiosity immediately got the better of him and he opened it back up. But it only took one glimpse of Sephiroth's pasty white flesh to make Angeal hurl the little phone deep into Cloud's backpack and zip it up tight.

It only took the air lift twenty more minutes to reach their location. By that time the rest of the students were staring from the relative warmth of the bus. The assistants loaded William onto the aircraft first, as he was far bigger, heavier, and required three dudes to haul his weight. Cloud was left alone, curled up on a picnic bench.

"Think they'll forget about Cloud and leave him?" Someone muttered, causing several nearby boys to laugh.

Someone else grunted. "Why'd that little faggot get to limit break? That's so random."

"William deserved it. Not Cloud, though."

There was more muttering agreement from the jealous class as they watched the slow action outside.

Skylar stared at Cloud, his eyes almost tearing up at how tiny he looked. His brain screamed at him to get off the bus and go comfort him, or just see if he was alright. Skylar finally jumped up, grabbed his bag and slipped off of the bus. Before he could talk himself out of it, he marched up to where Angeal was supervising before takeoff. "Excuse me, Sir?"

Angeal turned to him like a stone gargoyle, his face hard and chiseled and unreadable. And out of that serious face of doom came a small, "Oh. Hi."

"Hi," Skylar answered, and then recovered with a more formal, "Sorry for bothering you, Sir. Are you riding back with them?"

"Yes." Angeal answered.

"If there's room for me, could I ride back with you?"


"Really?" Skylar blurted. That was far easier than he thought it would have been.

Angeal hadn't blinked once during this entire exchange. "If you want."

"Okay. Thank you!" Skylar gave him a smile before he took the liberty of gently scooping Cloud up off the picnic table. The three guys who had just dragged William's muscle-heavy carcass into the chopper seemed grateful for the break, and showed Skylar where to put him.

Cloud wouldn't entirely remember the conversation, but as Skylar buckled him into his seat he mumbled, "We cool?"

Skylar was surprised that he was even awake. "Shh. Sleep."

"We cool, though?"

"Stop trying to talk like you're from Midgar, you sound so stupid." Blood was getting everywhere, and Skylar yanked off his jacket and used it to wipe Cloud off. "Will you stop bleeding, please?"

"Loan me a tampon," Cloud requested drowsily, not even coherent enough to smile at his own joke but never too far gone to talk about his imaginary vagina.

Skylar gave a small laugh through his nose as he folded his jacket for Cloud's spikey head to lay back against. "... I'm sorry for what I said yesterday."

Cloud's eyes were closed. "Shhhhut the fuck up."

"It's true. You're strong, and awesome, and you do belong in SOLDIER. I didn't know what I was talking about when I said Sephiroth should have made you quit. I'm sorry I said all of... that bullshit to you."

Cloud cracked his eyes open. "Who cares? I don't care."

"I care a lot."

"I don't care." Cloud repeated with a low whimper. "Are we friends?... I would miss you so much if we weren't friends. You're one of my favorite people."

Skylar might have had trouble understanding his slurring, Nibelheim-accented voice if he hadn't gotten drunk with him so often over the course of their friendship, but as it was he understood perfectly. "You're one of my favorite people, too. I'll always be your friend. I love you, Cloud."

Cloud gained a double chin as he recoiled back in his seat. Only one of his eyes was alert enough to open halfway, the other squinted shut in repulsion.

Skylar had to laugh at the ugliest face he'd ever seen Cloud make, as it was all the response he needed. "But I'm going to get over that. I'm glad I'm your friend, and that's enough."

Cloud mumbled something, his useless bandaged hand flopped against Skylar's in some form of platonic affection.

"Hey," Angeal called as the helicopter's engine gunned, stirring up snow, wind and noise. "We're taking off like, right now. You might wanna buckle up, or... hold on."

"Seph's tags!" Cloud suddenly squeaked, lifting his head up and immediately weaving in his seat due to vertigo. Despite his dizziness, he patted his bandaged chest clumsily. "Where'd they go?"

Skylar had noticed Cloud wearing them sometimes. He never asked what they were, because the romantic notion of it just hurt too much to consider, but he could guess that they belonged to Sephiroth by the way Cloud treated them. Sometimes Cloud would clutch them, or play with the chain, or take them off to slip them into his pocket during drills. And sometimes if Skylar peeked down Cloud's shirt just right, they'd be there kissing his chest like a warning.

Through the noise and chaos of takeoff, Skylar carefully pulled at Cloud's shirt, searching for those goddamned dog tags. His heart dropped a bit when he didn't find them, and he spoke loudly against Cloud's ear. "Were you wearing them during the fight?"

Cloud's eyes were closed again, "Pocket."

"I'm not going in your pocket, dude!"


Skylar took a breath and hesitantly touched Cloud's thigh. He didn't look at the length of his legs or between them, but instead focused on getting into the stupidly tight little pocket of Cloud's fatigues with minimal contact. He eventually gave up on being coy and wriggled his fingers in to get it over with, and when he felt cold metal, he yanked. Skylar looked at Sephiroth's dog tags up close, finding nothing special about the thin slices of metal. The chopper was quickly gaining altitude, and he experienced a brief, morbid urge to just toss them out the open side. Instead Skylar carefully draped them over Cloud's head. "Here they are."

Cloud gratefully clutched onto the tags as best he could with broken, bandaged hands. "Phone?"

"Christ, will you just fucking sleep? Your shit's safe, don't worry."

"Thanks," Cloud whispered before his unfocused eyes snapped open as the helicopter took a sharp turn in the air. He bellowed, "Are we flying right now?"

"Of course not, stupid!" Skylar lied, shouting over the noise and holding onto the edge of Cloud's seat for dear life. "You're just dizzy."

"Oh," Was the last thing Cloud had to say before he slipped out of consciousness for good.

"Come on," Angeal called, reaching out to grab Skylar's arm. "The pilot's in a hurry. It's gonna be bumpy."

Skylar took the man's hand and allowed himself to be yanked into the seat beside him. Once he was strapped in, Skylar glanced over, wondering if Cloud had actually been telling the truth about Angeal having a crush on him. He certainly didn't seem affected by his presence, all his attention was on a field laptop where he was busy typing up the student analysis and incident report of the weekend.

Skylar took the opportunity to stare, curiously studying Angeal's sharp, rugged profile. Angeal wasn't ugly at all, he was hard and handsome and the exact opposite of everything Skylar had been chasing. He once considered himself a bottom, but he became bored with it. His sexual style had evolved, and he couldn't imagine going back to lying there with his legs in the air while some random jock had their way with him.

But then again... if that random jock happened to be Angeal Hewley, it wouldn't be so boring. He had a masculine jaw, and soft, moist lips underneath all the scruff. Skylar had never kissed someone with such coarse, pronounced facial hair before, and imagined what it might feel like against his smooth shaven face.

Skylar's eyes moved down his bare arms all the way to his typing fingers. That glimpse of bare flesh showed off rigid muscle, an assortment of scars, t-shirt tan lines, and dark hair dusting his forearms. Skylar imagined the rest of the man's body would have been much the same; a wall of solid muscle covered in imperfections.

Angeal stopped typing and glanced over, shouting to be heard, "Everything okay?"

Skylar nodded.

It was around three in the afternoon when they began to descend onto a medical wing's helipad at Shin- Ra HQ. They were a couple hundred feet from the top of the roof when Sephiroth suddenly crashed through the open side door, effectively causing Skylar to shout aloud like a little girl.

Angeal was far from surprised, and pointed wordlessly to where Cloud was seated.

Sephiroth went on one knee and began to gently inspect him. Cloud came awake, but just barely. He didn't speak, but gave a surprised little sob when he cracked his eyes open to find his beloved in front of him. Sephiroth didn't put any weight on him, but leaned in close to say something that was lost in the noise of the helicopter's landing.

Skylar had only met Sephiroth briefly, nearly a year ago at New Year's Eve. But he'd spied on the two of them all night, trying to get an understanding of what the hell was going on there. They made no sense at all.

That night, Sephiroth was so relaxed and sure of himself, oozing an aura of indifference. He kissed and touched Cloud whenever he wanted to, however he wanted to... but not nearly as often as Skylar would have if Cloud had been his boyfriend. And like a lovesick idiot, Cloud ate up any scrap of his affection that he was given. Cloud was smitten, beautiful, happy, drunk, having a great time... and blind to what a total asshole he was dating.

If Skylar had known Sephiroth at all, he'd have realized that the General was anxious and uncomfortable. He had an impending mission to the Northern Crater on his mind. He was forcing himself to have a good time for Cloud while a room of judgmental strangers were staring at him and waiting for him to fuck up, Skylar included. But since Skylar didn't know him, that glimpse of Sephiroth had painted a skewed picture in his mind. Anything Cloud told him about their romance was tainted by that aloof, unimpressed expression Sephiroth had been wearing that night.

Nearly a year later, this version of Sephiroth so obviously cared for Cloud, and it made Skylar... happy? It was bittersweet, but he was undeniably happy to see Sephiroth be so attentive to Cloud. In Skylar's eyes, nobody in the world was more deserving of appreciation and care.

The couple's display of affection lasted only a few seconds before the helicopter landed. Sephiroth quickly got out of the way, allowing the medical team to take Cloud and William and place them on gurneys.

Skylar was slow to unbuckle himself, feeling a little disconnected from his own body. He grabbed his bag and threw it over his shoulder, and then reached for Cloud's. But just as he took hold of the little red messenger bag with band patches safety pinned all over it, a leather gloved hand took it right out of his grip.

Sephiroth was inches away from him. "Hey, I'll take it. I'm gonna go grab some clothes and stuff for him."

He really did smell like cookies. And it was also true that Sephiroth was graceful, stunning, and his finely structured face lacked any discernable flaws under the bright afternoon glow of the sun. He was an angel. Skylar's mind was wiped blank, and he was overcome with admiration. "Sir."

There was a little bit of Cloud's blood smeared on Sephiroth's cheek. "You're Skylar, right?"

He nodded, shocked that Sephiroth knew his name, and a little bit horrified that perhaps Cloud might have told him about his emotional outburst during the seminar. He stared up at the looming, broad figure the General presented and felt himself shrivel. "... Yeah."

Sephiroth smiled, because he knew nothing about their fight. "Was he okay on the way here? Did he get sick?"

Sephiroth being so very aware that Cloud got motion sickness made Skylar feel utterly insignificant in the story of Cloud's life. He forced a smile, though. "He was fine, he slept the whole way."

Someone was beckoning Sephiroth from inside the medical lab's doors. He held a hand up to wave at them before sparing Skylar a farewell. He then paused, taking Angeal's earlier lecture to heart. "Thanks for ridin' back with him, he was probably really glad you were there. He talks about you all the time."

Skylar felt his face burn. "He does?"


"He tells us all about you, too..." Skylar admitted with a tight smile. "Cloud's crazy about you."

"Cloud's just crazy. I'm glad he has friends like you lookin' out for him. If you ever need anything, just tell me." And then Sephiroth left, following Cloud's gurney because he had every right to.

"... Thank you," Skylar responded quietly, even if Sephiroth probably didn't hear it. Guilt wasn't strong enough of a word to describe how it felt to hear Sephiroth to say something kind to him. The farther away Sephiroth walked, the more his ethereal presence seemed more human and the easier it was to loathe him all over again. He had every intention of getting over Cloud, but the reality was just so hard for his heart to accept.

Why did he have to say anything to Cloud at all? Couldn't he have just accepted the inevitable with dignity? Humiliated rage overwhelmed Skylar, and his throat constricted hard in deep, bitter envy. He took his bag by the strap and slammed it against the hatch to the chopper. The impact felt so good that he did it again.

"Hey, wanna go get a drink or something?"

Skylar whirled around to stare up at Angeal, who was still hanging around near the helicopter and waiting to be noticed. He gawked slightly at the second General to creep up on him in less than two minutes. "What?"

"Wanna get a drink?"

Skylar brushed the unwashed hair out of his eyes, suddenly feeling very self-conscious. "Just us?"

Angeal hadn't had the opportunity to get recon from Cloud, but hoped that Skylar wanting to ride back with him was a good sign. Now he felt like committing suicide to escape this situation, and cursed his fucking awful judgment. "If this was unwelcome, I'm really sorry."

"It's not unwelcome... it's just that we don't even know each other."

"Haven't you ever been on a first date before?"

Skylar became a little offended, mostly because it was true that he hadn't ever been taken out on a real date in his entire life. Casual, forgettable sex between classes, at parties, or in the hallways at night didn't really count. But he lied, "Of course I've been on a date before!"

"I said first date... you know, like with someone you might not already know?"

Skylar blushed at his outburst, and at the gentle rebuttal. "It's been a really bad weekend."

"I understand."

"It's not because of you at all! It's just..." Skylar searched for a good reason to not want to go out with this man. It dawned on Skylar that he'd never, ever obtained a person that he actually wanted. He'd never, ever had sex with someone that he actually liked. Angeal was perfectly fuckable to any sane human being. Was the fact that he showed a bit of interest really such a turn off? Was Skylar's fetish being ignored for days at a time while the unattainable object of his passions made a life with someone else? Was he turning into some sort of cuckolded weirdo?

What was so scary about going out with someone from a neutral starting point? Angeal seemed nice. He didn't make Skylar want to gnash his teeth in unfulfilled desire, but why was that a specific requirement to consider going on a date with someone? He'd fuck the spine out of any drunk twink who might look a little bit like Cloud from behind, but that hardly seemed as intimate as going somewhere and attempting a conversation with a grown, sober man.

The pause extended past awkward and towards unbearable. Angeal took several steps backward, "It's alright, I'm sorry. Don't give it another thought."

Angeal gave him a wink and a tight smile before turning away. That wink made Skylar's heart thunder in his chest.

"General Hewley!"

Angeal stopped and turned halfway around. "Yeah?"

"I don't wanna waste your time! So I'll just tell you the deal breaker upfront!" Skylar began combing at his hair with jittery, nervous fingers. He ended up just brushing all of his hair back and sighing at Angeal. "Here's why you won't wanna go out with me... I'm..."

Angeal turned the rest of the way around, and the smile expanded to his entire mouth. He fully anticipated Skylar confessing some sort of deep feelings for Strife, because it was fairly obvious to the entire world that he would have become a human toilet for Sephiroth's boyfriend if given the chance. But Angeal humored him. "What?"

"I'm a top."

That was the last thing Angeal expected him to say. He could barely pick up his jaw to form words. "...That's supposed to be a deal breaker?"

"... Is it?"


An actual, unguarded smile slowly broke out onto Skylar's face. "You wanna have a drink with me?"



Vincent Valentine was sitting in his company car and watching My Strange Addiction on his phone.

This particular episode was about a young man from Midgar who claimed to be in love with Mako reactor number three. That particular reactor was apparently the most unique and sensual of the nine found throughout the city. And like any young man in love, he was addicted to sneaking past security and expressing his love for reactor three physically.

Of all the things Vincent had tried in his life to get off, fucking a Mako reactor was the very last thing he would have ever thought of. It was utterly fascinating.

He was guilty of a not-so-strange addiction. Smoking cigarettes wasn't uncommon, but he started smoking only to counteract the compulsion to bite his nails. Vincent's mother used to hate seeing him do it, and would clip them so short they sometimes bled.

Collette Valentine wasn't a cruel woman, but she was extremely irritable. She had a zero tolerance policy for little boy bullshit, and Vincent spent his childhood pissing her off. She had eyes like a hawk, and would smack Vincent's hand if it even moved towards his mouth.

If ever a window separated them, Vincent would purposely bite his fingernails right in front of her. Many times she came in from gardening on their tiny inner city patio just to smack him.

She was the opposite of his father Grimoire. The man was entirely unplugged from home life, and spent his days sleeping to go work in the labs at Shin-Ra HQ overnight. He was just a tall, dark, sleepy apparition sometimes spotted shirtless in the hallway en route to the bathroom. Once in a while he'd tousle Vincent's hair and tell him to do better in school… but he didn't really care.

One Saturday night when Vincent was fourteen, his mother asked him if he'd like to go to the movies. Being fourteen and not wanting to be spotted out with his mother, he'd declined the invitation. Grimoire was at the labs, so she went on her own with intentions of meeting up with one of her friends at the theater.

On the way, her train derailed. After skidding off the tracks, it slammed into a parking garage. Although causing a lot of damage, the passengers were seemingly fine. Vincent arrived at the scene of the accident with his father, and was filled with hope at the sight of several hundred people huddled in blankets. There was absolutely no blood or gore at the scene at all. Just a lot of shaken up people standing around, sipping coffee while giving statements so that the insurance companies could screw them out of coverage later on.

They found Collette unconscious on a gurney, and were elated with relief that she had no visible injuries at all. A medic then had to break the tragic news that she had hit her head in such a way… that she'd died instantly.

Only ten people had died out of hundreds. The rest of the deceased were mangled, torn apart, or served as a cushion for another person's survival. Collette's body was left without a single scratch, which was probably the most unsettling aspect of her death.

Vincent was utterly confused as he watched them zip her up in a body bag. It took him a long time to process the fact that she wasn't being taken to the hospital to be examined, that she wasn't unconscious or in a coma. She was gone long before they arrived.

On the morning of her funeral she looked healthy and alive, but there was something so essential that was missing from who she'd been in life - movement. Where did all that manic, nervous energy go? He'd never even noticed how pretty his mother was until death forced her to hold still for a moment to allow him to really look at her.

Vincent was supposed to give a eulogy. But when it was his time to speak, he couldn't go through with it. He had no voice to speak.

She was buried outside of the city, and it was a long drive back home. The only sounds in the car was Vincent's attempt to muffle his sobbing while anxiously chewing what little was left of his fingernails. Grimoire offered Vincent a cigarette.

It was a huge relief to have something for his mouth and hands to do. And without even realizing it, he was taking much needed slow, deep breaths to ease the ache in his heart. Eventually mourning ran its course, and he was left with a ferocious craving for cigarettes.

Without Collette in his life to keep him in line, Vincent acted out like any angry, grieving young teenager. He was tall and skinny and often picked on by older boys, which eventually led to fighting, to the hospital, to arrest, and eventually to juvie.

Grimoire only had a problem with Vincent's behavior if it interfered with his nocturnal sleep schedule. One night he picked his son up from the usual police station before work. Vincent was bruised and bloodied, and smoking in the passenger seat without a care in the world.

"So, what's gonna happen in your shitty little life?" Grimoire asked him. "You gonna kill someone? You gonna end up in jail?"


"Well, will ya just do it, already? Just do somethin' big and get a couple years. Maybe when you get out you'll have some fuckin' sense."

"That could happen," Vincent sighed, blowing smoke out the open window. "Or maybe I'll come work with you."

"You're not smart enough to clean shit outta toilets where I work," was Grimoire's response.

"Not in the labs. I should just enlist."

"Enlist for what?"

"I dunno, Turks probably. Some jackhole recruiter came around to everyone tonight talkin' about –"

"That recruiter was lookin' for dumbass kids with no future who wanna die young. I know you think you're tough shit, but please don't even joke about joinin' Shin-Ra like that, I don't find it funny."

Vincent's interest was sparked, because he'd never earned anything more the sleepy disdain from his dad. He smiled, lifting his ass up off the seat to dig into his back pocket. "I'm real inspired about it though! Let's look at this informative pamphlet together!"

"Stop it, Vincent."

Vincent pointed to bullet point on the flier. "Turks get special gun trainin'. They even pay you! They fuckin' give you a gun and teach ya how to use it, then pay you!"

"You're not doin' it."

"This is what I've been waitin' for to turn my life around, dad!" Vincent joked, but in reality… it was true.

It was a shining day when Vincent figured out how to rebel against his father, and the perks were a roof over his head that wasn't in his father's apartment and a monthly paycheck. He was attending the military academy the following autumn, with a class path selected for the Turks.

He wasn't sure if his mother would have been proud or not, but it enraged his father so it was the right decision to make.

The only hard part about the military academy had been the fact that he could only smoke in designated places. And for some reason, those places were nowhere near his classes, so he was constantly rushing to and from the smoke spots. It was a luxury to graduate and be able to smoke anywhere he wanted.

When a pack wasn't within reach, Vincent's fingers went straight into his mouth. And whenever his fingers went into his mouth, he thought about how his mother would have slapped his hand away. So it was imperative to keep a pack within reach, to smoke and to smoke often.

And for that reason, Vincent was rarely in the Shin-Ra building. He had an office there, but he'd never actually sat down and worked in there once in his entire career. He refused to be trapped in a room where he couldn't smoke for eight hours. Breaks weren't enough, he needed to know that he could smoke whenever he wanted to.

"Where are you?" President Shin-Ra had asked one time early on in Vincent's reign over the Turks. "I gave you a promotion and that's the last time I saw you."

"Do you feel safe, Mr. President?" Vincent had asked while waiting for his value meal at a drive thru. But the deep, serious quality of his voice made him sound like he was in a warehouse somewhere performing nipple electro-torture to enemies who threatened the Shin-Ra regime.

The President was inclined to answer, "I'm not questioning your dedication, but it would be nice to know that I actually have a Head of the Department of Administrative Research."

Vincent's eyes rolled back at his official title. "Let's put it this way... if you see me, there's an issue. If you don't see me, don't sweat anything because I'm on the beat and takin' care of you."

"That's not how I'm used to my Department Head operating."

"Veld's long gone. And I didn't exactly get any job trainin' before he split, you know? I'm makin' it up as I go along, and operatin' outside headquarters is what works for me."

"Don't think that you're the new sheriff in town just because I chose you to replace him. This was sudden, and you were the lesser of many evils. That whole department is full of thugs, I should fire you all and..."

Vincent waited in amusement before he could hold his tongue no longer. "And what? Spend time with your son? Because I'll tell ya what, makin' sure your kid doesn't overdose on Drain-O is mostly what we do."

"That boy is perfectly fine. He's just sowing his wild oats," The President groaned in good nature. "I was the same way as a teenager."

Vincent doubted that President Shin-Ra was having unprotected sex in nightclubs with sixty-year-old drug lords from Costa Del Sol when he was teenager. "... Your kid's gonna die, sir. And we're all tired of goin' to gay clubs every night to babysit him."

"Alright, alright. Just clear it with his mother, and drop him off at the facility when you get the chance."

Vincent almost felt bad because he knew that "the facility" was basically a prison for wayward rich teenagers, but it just wasn't his problem. In those days, he'd had enough guilt to carry around about his own son figure. "Yes sir, I'll drop him off tonight. If there's something you need to know, I'll be in contact with you."

"And if there's nothing I need to know?..."

"I won't be in contact with you," Vincent grinned.

The President felt oddly refreshed by this. "Well alright, then! This is a fine arrangement, you working out in the field instead of in the building. I don't want to see you for a long time!"


One nice side effect to never being in the building was that Vincent's identity was veiled in mystery. It was a case of accidental genius. The Turks all knew their leader of course, but only high level businessmen, certain SOLDIERs, and the ever important investors knew his role in the company. It gave him a lot of

freedom when he was in the HQ building, to simply pass through the crowd unnoticed rather than have hundreds of eyes on him as the leader of the infamous Turks.

Vincent belonged out of the constricting professional environment of HQ. He liked smoking, eating, watching shows on his phone. He worked 130 hours a week inside the company car, parked on the side of the road and coordinating the Turks. Much like a cop, he had a laptop set up for quick research, as well as a panel to control his own personal satellite for surveillance or missile attack. He used the satellite more often than not to tune in radio.

The episode of My Strange Addiction was getting good as the Mako reactor pervert was warned by a doctor that his dick was showing signs of Mako poisoning. The perv was confessing that he'd gladly sacrifice his health to continue making love to his reactor, when the show was abruptly cut off by an incoming call from Tseng.

He immediately answered. "Vincent."

"Get a location on me and meet us downtown soon as you can. Don't talk to medical if they call you, we need to talk first."

Vincent was already driving towards the highway, and reached out to the satellite panel to find Tseng. "Someone hurt?"


Tseng was a man of very few words, and Vincent was constantly irritated by this trait. He raised his voice a bit. "Who's hurt?"


"Who else is with you?"

"Elena and a civilian." Tseng's voice was unsteady. "Medical is already on their way, they'll beat you here. I don't have a story for them."

"They're fuckin' doctors, they don't need a story. Don't let them push you around. Turks ask questions, not doctors."

"Yes sir," Tseng agreed, sounding a bit more confident.

"How's Elena holdin' up?"

"Fine," Tseng affirmed.

"Got your location, I'll be there in half an hour," Vincent said. "Is it safe for you to stay there?"

"No, but I think you need to look at the scene while it's fresh."

"Don't let medical clean anything up." Vincent sighed. "There a bar or somethin' nearby?"

"Two on this block. And a Starbucks."

"Go to the Starbucks. Don't let Elena leave with medical, I wanna see you both." Vincent hung up the phone and focused on getting there as quickly as he could.

It was always nighttime below the plate. Vincent pulled up to the curb outside of the Starbucks in question, and easily spotted Tseng and Elena seated across from each other outside, and seated beside Tseng was a young lady in a pink dress he'd seen around. Elena was smoking a cigarette. Other than that, nobody at the table was talking or moving.

Vincent put his hands in his pockets and approached, his mouth pulling to the side to see that there was a coffee waiting for him, but neither Turk had ordered anything for themselves. He pulled out a seat beside Elena, stretching an arm out to pull her close as he dropped down. "You okay?"

Elena leaned into the contact, tapping the ash off her cigarette. "Yes sir."

"You should see what happened to Cissnei, though!" Aerith exclaimed.

Vincent rapped his knuckles on the table in front of her to silence her. "Who are you?"

"It's me!" she laughed in disbelief.

"Me who?"

"... Aerith Gainsborough. I date Zack Fair. We've met several times."

"I don't recall," he lied. At several professional and social gatherings, he'd overheard her speak very ill of Sephiroth behind his back and to his face. Therefore, Vincent had something of a beef with her that he hadn't gotten the opportunity to act upon until this very moment. "Remind me, you got any rank in Shin-Ra?"

"I most certainly do not, but – "

"Then pipe down until I ask you a question," Vincent interrupted, before putting his elbow on the table and giving Tseng a long look. When nothing was said, he threw out a, "Well?"

"Two hours ago I received a distress call from Aerith that there was a monster in her place of residence. Zack's in Wutai and she's pregnant, so he asked the Turks to be on call if she needed anything."

"This sounds like it's gonna be a long story," Vincent groaned, reaching out for his coffee.

Elena was still staring at her cigarette. She'd been in an on again, off again relationship with Cissnei since their Academy days. Vincent didn't know much about it, other than that sometimes they wanted to be paired up on missions together, and sometimes they couldn't stand the sight of each other. As far as he knew, they were in a good place at the moment.

Vincent recognized the vacant look on Elena's sharp little face. He smoothed the back of her glossy blonde hair and rested his arm on the back of her chair. "Elena, what kinda monster was it?"

Elena took a small puff of her cigarette. "... It's difficult to rationalize."

Vincent emitted a breathy rattle of a laugh. "What the hell does that mean?"

"It's hard to put into words," Tseng admitted.

"Put into words? I'm not askin' you to write me a fuckin' haiku, just tell me what you were dealin' with."

Elena took a longer drag off her cigarette. "It doesn't make sense what we dealt with tonight."

"You two are pros, and I trust you. You tell me you saw a ghost, and I'll believe you. You tell me aliens abducted you and tried to fuck you, and I'll believe you. It can't be any harder to put into words than that. Spit it out."

Tseng folded his hands on the table and spat it out. "It was a clone from the medical lab. One of the ones that look like Sephiroth."

Vincent thought about that for several long moments. He slowly pulled his arm off the back of Elena's chair and patted his coat pocket until he found a pack of cigarettes, and pulled one out with his teeth. He wasn't in a hurry to light it, and once he'd taken a drag, he melted back against his seat.

Everyone knew that the medical labs considered Sephiroth the model SOLDIER, and were busy trying to replicate that ideal warrior. Not with any great success, however. A small division of the Turks and SOLDIERs paired up to aid the labs in biohazard clean-up, which was not as simple as burning bodies and sweeping away the ash. There was a constant flow of cadavers leaving the labs, and they helped discreetly transport the materials.

They also organized a supply of willing participants. There were a lot of poor people in the slums and surrounding areas who were willing to forfeit their bodies to science in exchange for food, shelter and a little compensation for their time. The lucky ones were unfit to be a part of any experimentation and dismissed. But most of them never left the labs once they arrived, unless it was in a body bag.

Sephiroth was the only one to ever walk out of the lab. The poor kid was only twenty-three and already saddled with more responsibility than anyone his age was equipped to deal with. Anyone else would have crumpled. Sephiroth proved himself as more than capable, but it still wasn't good enough as far as the medical labs were concerned.

Vincent thought to just a few hours prior, catching him goofing off with his weird little foreign boyfriend in the same walls that had been his prison. Despite one son-of-a-bitch struggle through life, Sephiroth was fucking happy and Vincent wanted to keep it that way.

"First of all..." Vincent began. "Sephiroth doesn't find out about this."

"No need to inform him," Tseng agreed.

"No way," Elena shook her head.

Aerith didn't speak.

"Tell me what happened in detail," Vincent urged.

Tseng didn't smoke often, but Elena's pack was sitting on the table and he helped himself. Having his hands busy made it easier to talk. "We showed up at the church and Aerith told us to be quiet because it was sleeping. She didn't tell us it was humanoid, she called it a monster the entire time."

"Interestin' choice of words," Vincent commented, his red eyes narrowing as they slid towards her direction.

Elena interjected, "She told us that she didn't want us to kill it, but to take it back to the lab where it belongs."

"How do you know where a Jenova clone would belong?" Vincent asked, giving his cigarette a tap.

Aerith said nothing.

"She's not strictly civilian," Tseng admitted, earning a sharp glare from her.

"Hey, what do you know over there?" Vincent asked, pointing a finger.

"Remember a guy called Gast who used to oversee the medical lab?" Tseng asked, and then became embarrassed. "It was probably before your time... nineteen or twenty years ago."

"You don't gotta worry about my feelings, I been at this for twenty-four years and I'm fuckin' proud of it." Vincent then scratched his cheek. "I dunno Gast though, those assholes are all the same to me."

"My father's not an asshole," Aerith blurted.

Tseng gave her a dubious look. "Well, that was supposed to be kept a secret."

"You were about to tell him!" Aerith cried.

"No I wasn't, I was about to lie. Anyways, now you know Aerith's his daughter."

"So what?" Vincent huffed.

Tseng rolled his eyes just slightly, "He's a criminal on the top ten Shin-Ra's Most Wanted list. He abandoned the company and stole a bunch of materials from the labs to continue research on his own. The lab doesn't know about Aerith's connection to him. She and Zack keep it under wraps."

"Keep your stupid secret, I already forgot about it," Vincent dismissed, taking another long drink of coffee. "But if she knows about clones, she shoulda known to warn you guys. She probably just didn't want the labs up in her place if she's avoidin' 'em, so she put you guys in unnecessary danger. That makes her a cunt in my book."

"I'm sorry," Tseng muttered to her, always rigid and proper even if he did agree slightly.

"I've heard it before," Aerith deadpanned, seeing so much family resemblance between Vincent and Sephiroth that she wished they'd have just called the labs instead.

"You're not a cunt," Elena interjected, clenching her fists on the table. "Cunt is not an insult. I love cunt. Cunt is a fantastic thing. What you are is a fool. If we'd have known it was a clone, we would have sent an entire fucking SOLDIER fleet. Cissnei might not have..."

"What happened to her?" Vincent finally asked.

Elena turned to Vincent, hiding part of her face from everyone else's view. It came out as a strained whisper, but it was just as painful to say at any volume. "It ripped her... left arm. Off."

"Off?" Vincent whispered back hoarsely. "What?"

Elena's lower lip shook. "It took her arm off."

"... You're sittin' there talkin' to me about this slit's boring life story and Cissnei got a fuckin' limb taken? Make me understand this!" Vincent implored Tseng, his eyes wide in disbelief. "Make me understand how this happened to you guys. You had guns, I'm assumin'?"

"It was strong." Tseng told him. "SOLDIER third class, at least."

Elena leaned closer to Vincent, still speaking quietly to avoid releasing the sobs that were caught in her throat. "And it was little... I understand kind of why Aerith thought we could handle it. It was about five years old, but with motor skills like a SOLDIER."

Vincent almost forgot about his cigarette, but quickly brought it to his lips. "So you're tellin' me that a child clone did this to Cissnei?... How? Why was it even out of the fuckin' lab in the first place?"

Elena shook her head, a tear finally slipping down her cheek. "I don't know."

"Hey sweetheart, I'm not yellin' at you," Vincent told her.

"I know, but I'm mad as fucking hell," she growled, wiping her face. "It got away."

Vincent huddled in close to them and lowered his voice. "Then let's make it quick so I can look around. I need the whole story, don't let me interrupt- just keep on talkin' and get it out."

Tseng spoke quickly. "She didn't see this thing as a real threat. The appearance of the clone made her underestimate it. We all did until we were actually trying to catch it."

"What's it look like, exactly?" Vincent asked.

"Approximately four feet tall, forty-five pounds, light complexion, green eyes, very short silver hair, and was wearing women's clothing. Something of Aerith's, maybe -"

"No way that jacket belonged to Aerith," Elena interjected with a judgmental glance across the table.

"Designer clothes are a waste of money!" Aerith shot back. "I only wear organically grown and fair trade cotton, and that's far more important than paying a thousand gil for a stupid slab of leather."

"What are these broads talkin' about?" Vincent wondered to Tseng.

"Can we drop the archaic sexist terms, please?" Aerith cried. "It's not the 30's, and I'm not your secretary."

"Well that's good news," Vincent hummed around his cigarette. "Now keep goin', what else can you tell me?"

"It knew us, somehow. It knew all of our names, personal information, our connections to General Sephiroth and to each other. It tried to make us feel sorry for it, and begged us not to take it back to the lab. It even asked to make a phone call. When it felt it had run out of options, it physically attacked me. Elena opened fire, first aiming to disable and then aiming to kill. She was able to get a shot in the hamstring area of the clone, but that didn't have an effect on its speed. He then escaped the building, ran south onto 4th street and made it two blocks before we caught up. At that point, Miss Gainsborough used a staff to electrocute the clone."

"You did that?" Vincent commented, actually looking at her.

"I have to know how to defend myself," she said pointedly.

"More than defended, she charred the thing," Elena added. "I thought she killed it."

Tseng continued, "It was still breathing, and Cissnei was holding down the arms while I went about zip-tying him up. He fought out of Cissnei's grip and caused major injury to her in the process. We were shocked by the extent of her injuries, and the clone escaped."

"What exactly did it know about Sephiroth? What did this thing say?" Vincent wondered.

"It mostly babbled," Tseng looked tired, and rubbed beneath both of his eyes. "Just... crazy talk. It's hard to recall much."

"Anything else I need to know?" Vincent asked, draining the rest of his coffee. "Thanks for this, by the way."

Tseng shrugged. "That's all I can tell you. We lost sight of it."

"It was weird..." Elena had a puzzled look on her face as she stared at the burning end of a freshly lit cigarette. "... It knew about the time I got drunk and drank all the fish out of Julie's fishbowl."

Vincent allowed a beat to pass before a short laugh escaped him. "... Sorry."

Elena gave a small smile. "That happened two years ago at Julie's old apartment, with Rhonda, Sephiroth and Cissnei. How could a clone know something like that?"

"You know how lab shit is," Vincent made a vague rolling motion with his hand. "They do all sorts of memory assimilation and... just all kinds of shit they shouldn't be doing."

Elena didn't seem satisfied with that explanation. "But... how?"

"Look, babe..." Vincent began stretching his spine and giving a tired look to the sky. He was looking for stars, but all he saw was the bottom of the plate. He forgot it was early evening, being downtown just made every moment feel like the dead of night. "I can't answer you about the hows and whys. All I know is that they do. I'll make a call to Lazard and he'll grab a squad of SOLDIERs and get 'em down here to patrol. They'll sniff him out and make the little shithead pay. This isn't Turk business, and that sure as fuck shouldn't have happened to Cissnei. They'll fix her up, though. Don't worry, okay?"

Elena nodded. "Okay. Thank you."

"You guys go back to HQ. See about Cissnei," Vincent ordered, standing up. "Where you goin', sweetheart?"

Aerith took a few moments to respond to the condescending name. "Home."

"No, you're not. Bein' around a clone ain't good for unborn babies and your place is contaminated. You're not even goin' back in there for clothes, I want you outta here."

Aerith grabbed the armrests of her chair, planting herself. "I am not a Shin-Ra worker beneath you, you can't order me around!"

"Yeah? I can order him around," Vincent smiled. "Tseng, take her to Fair's place."

"I don't have keys to his apartment!" She objected.

Vincent scowled, "You don't have keys to your fuckin' baby daddy's apartment? You need to work on that shit, girl."

Aerith growled, "I can take care of myself."

Vincent ignored her. "Tseng, take her to your place for the night. We'll get ahold of Fair and get him back here in the mornin'."

Tseng's face went pink, and he looked like he wanted to argue, but didn't. "... Alright."

"Get outta here." Vincent made a shooing motion, and reached down to jiggle Elena's chair. He watched the three of them get into Tseng's car, saw that everyone buckled up, and watched until he saw the lights of the car take an exit towards the highway.

Vincent saw the sad, dark cathedral looming down the street. He lit a new cigarette and strolled towards it. It was rather spooky inside, but he fearlessly walked through the entire place, looking for any signs that someone was still there. He then went back outside and tracked the chase and the altercation, complete with footprints, scuff marks, bullet casings and blood splatter.

It was silent. Vincent knew he was being watched by dozens of pairs of eyes.

The scene had driven the locals inside, slum dwellers were used to scattering at the sound of gunshots and the sight of Turks. One thing that someone from the slums wouldn't hide from was a kid. If the clone was smart, it could be blending in at a shelter, hiding out at a playground, or squatting in a foreclosed home. It was hard to find anyone in the slums, there was an infinite number of ways to hide.

Finding someone downtown took the kind of door-bashing, street stomping, patrolling kind of search that SOLDIERs excelled at. Vincent almost wished he did spot him, though. He'd heard of kid clones, but he'd never seen one in person. Vincent wasn't sure how he'd react.

His phone vibrated. He looked down at a text from Lazard with a sigh. It wasn't just a threat looming on the horizon - he and the great General Sephiroth were indeed going back up to the Northern Crater together to assist investigation into the break in and the murders.

That was an entire other issue. It never ended.

Vincent stepped on his cigarette and made his way back to his car.


With a deep snort, Cloud pushed up off the mattress and stumbled to the bathroom. His eyes were hardly open, but he managed to tinkle with morning wood and without getting it all over the toilet seat. He then quickly brushed his teeth, but didn't bother with any additional grooming. He just wanted to surprise Sephiroth with a morning make out before getting some more sleep.

Cloud frowned as he returned to the bed to realize that it was empty, and rolled his eyes at the clock. It was barely six in the morning.

"Seph? You already up?" he called, clearing the sleep out of his eyes. When there was no response, Cloud wandered out into the hallway.

The door to Sephiroth's office was open. Sephiroth refused to actually call it an office because he was way too cool to have one at home, but they used it together on weekends when there were homework or papers to be done. He often used the desktop computer while Sephiroth used his laptop, and they both caught up on work side by side. Cloud's papers always got done quickly and better with the General's long legs draped over his lap.

"Seph?" Cloud peeked into the office.

Like any true professional, Sephiroth was fast asleep on his desk. His arms were crossed on the table, supporting a boyishly dreamy expression with his lips slightly parted. He was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs, but the crowning cuteness to this display was a messy silver bun piled on top of his head.

"Hey..." Cloud approached him with a smile, rubbing a hand over his broad back to gently awaken him. "Come back to bed."

"... I haven't been to bed, yet."

"Poor dear," Cloud tsked, pressing sloppy kisses against his shoulder and up his neck. "Isn't being in bed with me more comfortable than sleeping here?"

Sephiroth yawned and shifted in his chair to sit up, "I just dozed off for just a couple minutes."

"You have a lot to work on?" Cloud asked, smiling at Sephiroth's recklessly thrown together bun. He began to gently unravel the silver mess without pulling too much.

"There was some stuff I had to get submitted at the last minute," Sephiroth leaned back to look at Cloud as he worked on his hair. "... I like this. You should move in with me."

"As if you have a choice?" Cloud laughed, brushing Sephiroth's hair out of his face and placed several kisses on his forehead and nose. He then pulled back to gaze down at him, a serious expression darkening his face. "... Come to bed and fuck me."

"... Yeah. One sec," Sephiroth rumbled, craning his neck farther to catch a few of those kisses before sitting up straight. "Just gotta finish this, then I'm yours for the day."

"Something top secret and important?" Cloud asked, bending over to take a look at the computer screen and read as much as he could. "... You're going to the Northern Crater again?"

Sephiroth's hand shot up to cover the screen. "Don't snoop. What'd I tell you about that?"

"I can't help it!" Cloud spun around to lean against the desk, and focused on Sephiroth instead of the screen. It wasn't hard to do, when he was sleepy and rough around the edges, it only enhanced his beauty. He reached out to run his fingers through Sephiroth's fringe. "Why do you have to go back up north again?"

"More base inspection shit."


There was a murderous spy on the loose, but he couldn't tell Cloud that. He couldn't even tell Genesis or Angeal that. Sephiroth attempted to throw Cloud off from asking a million questions with a piece of information that he knew would interest him more than mission details: "Vincent's comin' with me."

As predicted, Cloud lit up with joy. "Oh good! Is that what he came to talk to you about yesterday?"

"Yeah, actually." Sephiroth let out a long yawn. "He told me maybe we'd be goin' up again. Then I got a call last night sayin' definitely. It's stupid but I gotta do it."

"It's the worst place in the world," Cloud sympathized, then tried to inquire casually and impartially, "...How long will you two be gone?"

"Nine days, maybe less. They initially wanted to set me up for a whole month -"

"A month?" Cloud wailed. "Why so long? It'd nearly be Christmas by the time you got ba – "

"Shut up," Sephiroth reached back to smother Cloud's face. "What did I just tell you? Nine days."

"No more than that, right?" Cloud fretted.

"Quit askin' me questions, I'm tired."

"I know this great place just down the hall," Cloud began to quickly roll Sephiroth's chair towards the door. "And if your nuts are going to freeze for nine days, I'm going to do all I can to warm them up."

"Lemme finish my mission statement, I literally just have to click 'submit'," Sephiroth promised, dragging his feet along the floor to slow progress. "Push me back over there."

"I'm dragging you to bed!" Cloud insisted. "Like a caveman!"

"You can be a caveman all you want after I submit."

"Ugh, make it quick..." Cloud relented and wheeled Sephiroth back.

Sephiroth quickly typed for a few more moments, and then clicked once with his mouse before turning off the monitor. He then stood up to his full height and looked down at Cloud. "Was there somethin' you wanted?"

"You," Cloud bent his knees and hoisted Sephiroth up. He laughed as Sephiroth's feet left the floor and the tall man flailed a bit to try and seek balance.

Sephiroth never quite knew what to do with his arms when Cloud decided it was time to pick him up, so he folded them on top of Cloud's head. "You were hurt yesterday, stupid. Put me down."

"C-caveman..." Cloud wheezed before trotting towards the bedroom. Most of Sephiroth slipped out of his arms on the way there, until Cloud was basically just pushing him along. He then shoved him onto the bed before hopping on top of him.

Sephiroth's eyes lidded. "... You shouldn'ta done that."

"I'm better," Cloud purred as he closed his mouth over Sephiroth's in an unexpectedly deep kiss. He slid his arms beneath Sephiroth's neck, comfortably settled on his broad chest and enjoying his warm, plush lips. He rubbed his tongue against the crack in Sephiroth's bottom lip with a content sigh, fully enjoying an unhurried moment kissing his beloved.

Sephiroth enjoyed the feeling of Cloud enveloping him with his limbs and having his way with his mouth. He gathered Cloud's soft hair in both hands, and used it to tilt Cloud's head slightly for a deeper kiss. After a few more sensual passes of Cloud's sweet tongue, Sephiroth finally pulled away. "Hey. You feel okay? Don't hurt anywhere?"

"I feel fine," Cloud nodded, the longest piece of his hair escaping Sephiroth's fingers and tickling against his cheek. Cloud tilted his head slightly to brush it along Sephiroth's jaw and across his chin. "So, besides being pissed at me for eating one stupid pot cookie, what's your feeling about this weekend?"

Sephiroth parted his lips to catch that little bit of blonde hair between them as he searched for the proper response. Cloud was the most important person to him, and Sephiroth felt like he deserved to hear something better than that he was merely proud. That was something an instructor would say, and it felt every bit as generic as 'I value you' did when he was too chicken shit to talk about love.

But sometimes speaking in simple, generalized terms was the most effective way to communicate. The word love was so bland to Sephiroth, but Cloud always reacted to it with hunger to hear it again. Maybe he'd react the same way to a warm pat on the back?

Sephiroth wasn't sure, but the longer he spent groping for words, the wider Cloud's eyes became in anticipation. Although he felt like an idiot saying this to Cloud's face, Sephiroth puffed that long piece of blonde hair out of his mouth to finally just say, "I'm kinda jealous."

Cloud almost looked upset, but the troubled look slowly bloomed into a wide smile of disbelief. "What? Why?"

Sephiroth swallowed, not even realizing the scope of his own pride in his partner's emerging abilities. He knew exactly how many challenges Cloud faced everyday as a small built man, and just how hard he was working his ass off to overcome it. He didn't have fucked up genetics or a team of scientists tweaking his DNA to become what he wanted to be, he just hopped into some tight fatigues and went for it. Sephiroth was humbled by how wrong he'd been in every private, negative assessment he'd made about his boyfriend's capabilities.

Cloud had the freedom and the drive to be anything he wanted. In some ways, Sephiroth felt trapped by his position and by Shin-Ra. He'd often wondered how long he could possibly keep it up. But there'd be no place else he'd rather be if Cloud was going to succeed in SOLDIER and really be with him for the long run.

He buried a hand in the back of Cloud's hair and pulled him down for another kiss. He wanted Cloud to taste how much he was adored, and put that thought and feeling into every push of his tongue and bite of his lips.

Their kiss waned down into soft pecks, and Sephiroth finally pulled away with a smile. "... I'm excited about you. You broke a limit. That's unbelievable."

Cloud hid his blushing face against Sephiroth's neck. "It's not that big of a deal!"

"It is, though. I've never done it before... what's it feel like?" Sephiroth indulged, running his hands over Cloud's smooth back. "I never asked anyone that."

"Why not?"

"Seemed gay to ask."

"Well..." Cloud giggled, licking his lips in thought as he lifted his head. "I guess it felt like I was drunk, coming, hearing a new favorite song for the first time, screaming at the top of my lungs... all at once. With no warning at all. In fact, right before it happened, I felt like absolute shit."

"Angeal said you handled it good."

"I didn't know what I was doing at the time."

"Did your form change?" Sephiroth wondered. "I forgot to ask Angeal if you actually shifted."

"This is gonna sound stupid... but I swear I was taller for a few seconds. Just a little."

Sephiroth cupped Cloud's hips, and playfully snapped the waistband of his sweatpants. "What's it feel like, knowin' you're gonna do that again? And build on it to bust even greater limits?"

Cloud let out a rush of breath before covering his mouth with both hands. He stared down at Sephiroth for a few moments before slowly removing them to speak. "It makes everything real, doesn't it? I've always felt like I've barely scraped by in school... and now my training is starting to pay off a little bit. I mean, a limit break isn't a huge deal, but -"

"A limit break is a huge deal," Sephiroth said sternly as his fingers quit playing with Cloud's pants to grip his waist. "Do you know how many SOLDIER's lives are saved by a limit break? It's your body's way of basically not dyin'."

Cloud made a wonderstruck little noise, utterly humiliated by this amount of praise. "B-but... what if I can't do it again?"

Sephiroth reached up with a bear swipe and delivered a rough whack to the side of Cloud's head.

"Oy!" Cloud cried out in shock. "What the hell was that for?"

"Movin' you along to the next limit."

"You're not allowed to touch me like that! You're interfering with my training - SEPH!" Cloud screamed bloody murder as Sephiroth thrust his hands up under his armpits from below. For a few frantic moments they went after each other, wrestling across the bed and halfway onto the floor.

"Sephiroth! Seph - STOP!" Cloud shrieked with laughter, both trying to defend himself and to attack. "I'll fucking pee!"

"Aim for my face," Sephiroth commanded between his teeth, and then let out a little keening growl as Cloud finally landed a few wriggling fingers against his ribs, and nailed an elusive tickle spot. It made Sephiroth retaliate all the more ferociously.

"You win, you win!" Cloud finally declared, spreading his palms wide in the air and leaving himself defenseless. "I surrender."

"Good," Sephiroth's hands hovered over Cloud's hips for a moment, before they delved into Cloud's loose borrowed sweatpants and tucked the waistband under his cock. It was stiff and rosy, and bounced a bit as if grateful to be free.

"Get back up here," Cloud smiled, pulling his lover back up onto the mattress. He gave a kittenish growl as he reached between their bodies to slip his fingers past the tight fitting band of Sephiroth's underwear. He pressed his palm against Sephiroth's cock and felt a surprising amount of slick moisture drooling from the tip. There was nothing he liked better than having such a physical effect on Sephiroth's body.

Cloud brought his hand back up out of Sephiroth's boxer briefs to lick the salty precome off his fingers. "You like play fighting, don't you?"

"Who's playin?" Sephiroth asked, pushing Cloud off his lap and onto his back. "Get these fuckin' pants off."

Cloud had his sweatpants removed in one swift motion. Sephiroth had his underwear kicked over the side of the bed in even less time, and didn't give Cloud a chance to feel the autumn chill in the room before he flipped him over onto his stomach. Sephiroth was already straddling Cloud's legs from behind when he paused to kiss the side of his face. "Like this okay?"

"I love it," Cloud smiled, arching his ass up against Sephiroth's groin.

"Good," Sephiroth asked, kissing the back of Cloud's neck and up to his ears. "You want me to ride your hot little ass just like this?"

"Yes..." Cloud lifted his ass up as his ankles snaked around Sephiroth's calves to hold him in place.

Sephiroth was always rougher in this position, and skipped the romance to beat him face first into the mattress. Cloud was definitely in that kind of mood, and he hummed in agreement as Sephiroth pinned him down and pressed heavily against his back.

"Gimme a second," Sephiroth kissed a trail down the side of Cloud's neck, and ended it with a little bite against his shoulder. Sephiroth dropped onto his side to reach out for the bedside table sexy-times drawer. It used to hold boring things like mission files, corporate newsletters, paperwork, and maybe something to write with.

Since Cloud had entered his life, this drawer held things like lube, their Boyfriend, packages of pop rocks (which were strictly Cloud's thing) and the awkward porn Cloud had given him for Christmas.

Completely outstretched, he felt around in the drawer and threw a few things out of the way before snatching an almost empty tube of Pleasureglide.

Cloud laid passive and still, waiting in erotic apprehension for rough hands to handle him. He was surprised when Sephiroth reached around him to lift his head off the sheets, and slid a cool pillow under his cheek. He nuzzled against it, making himself comfortable. "Thank you."

"Welcome," Sephiroth answered with a sharp smack to both of Cloud's ass cheeks. He then dripped a bit of lubricant into his palm before sliding his slick fist over himself a few times.

Cloud's tongue darted between his lips at the sight of Sephiroth's strong, long fingered hands touching himself. He always imagined that watching Sephiroth masturbate would be a heavenly, sensual, graceful affair... even though Cloud knew his boyfriend was the type to bust a nut into a sock and then kick it under the bed to crystallize.

But it was easy to forget all that and picture his lover as a god in moments like these. And being just a greedy mortal, Cloud pressed his knees into the mattress to lift his ass up in invitation.

"Fuck yes," It came out as an accusation as Sephiroth smacked the entire thing with two wide spread out palms. Sephiroth slid his wet cock between Cloud's ass cheeks, pushing his weeping head against the tiny indent of Cloud's tailbone. He shuddered in desire to be buried that deep inside his lover's tight body. "This kills me. You have such a hot ass, baby."

Cloud snorted the compliment away. "You said that twenty pounds ago."

"I meant it twenty pounds ago. I'll mean it twenty pounds from now, too... doesn't matter what you weigh, this ass makes me fuckin' angry," He continued to squeeze the perfectly round, soft ass cheeks as he pulled his groin away and sat down on his calves behind Cloud. He was tongue-distance away, but paused to take a good look at it up close.

Cloud tried not to clench, but it was hard to remain still with his boyfriend's breath puffing warm against his hole. "Seph..."

"I like these tiny, tiny blonde hairs you got on your butt cheeks," Sephiroth observed, ghosting his thumb over Cloud's tight hole to create a rush of goose bumps that caused them to stand up.

Cloud huffed, wriggling in anticipation as Sephiroth's fingers continued to trace gently between his cheeks. "C'mon... don't tease!"

"Tease? I'm not teasin' you," Sephiroth denied, staring up at Cloud as he ran the tip of his tongue gently around the pink, puckered edge of Cloud's hole before he pushed it in deep. He held Cloud's thighs in place with both hands, keeping him still and in the perfect position to get tongue fucked.

"Ung! Seph... god that feels..." Cloud muttered, gripping onto the edges of his pillow.

Sephiroth smiled as Cloud managed to arch up even higher, and continued to make shocked little noises as he lavished his hole with wet kisses. Sephiroth then ran his tongue over the back of Cloud's balls, giving a little attention to both in turn. His mouth watered at how hot and full they were against his tongue, and then he sucked them both into his mouth at once.

Cloud's spine suddenly arched the opposite way like a startled cat. "SEPH! That really tickles!"

"Sorry," Sephiroth chuckled against Cloud's warm, moist skin. He then pulled Cloud's cock back between his legs just enough to turn his head and suck the salty moisture off the tip. He let his tongue play over the hard little ridge surrounding his head, feeling it weep against his lips as Cloud fought not to thrust down against Sephiroth's teeth.

Cloud let out a slightly high pitched whine as he felt those crazy sharp fangs scrape against him, not because Sephiroth would ever do such a thing on purpose, but at the odd angle it was unavoidable.

Getting pleasure from Sephiroth always involved a little pain, and Cloud became curious. He moved his hips a little, experimentally bumping himself against those dangerous little points lining the heaven inside Sephiroth's mouth.

Sephiroth let Cloud's long cock slip free before he spread his cheeks apart and thrust his tongue back in one more time, enjoying every taste his lover's lower body made all at once. His face was surrounded by Cloud's pretty ass, and he breathed in against the soft, smooth skin of his lower back.

Sephiroth wasn't patient enough for much more than that, and went up tall on his knees. He thrust a couple of fingers into Cloud, taking a moment to make some room before he lined up the head of his cock. "Take a breath."

Cloud did. Upon his exhale, Sephiroth buried himself halfway in.

"Fuck! Wait a second!" Cloud hissed, his back curved up as he dug his forehead into the pillow.

"Sorry..." Sephiroth whispered, licking the side of his mouth. Just to remind himself of how delicate he needed to be, he added, "I didn't mean to hurtcha, baby."

"It doesn't hurt that bad. Just gotta get it together..." Cloud spoke against the pillow, his teeth gnawing slightly as he tried to will himself to relax. Sometimes he hardly needed prep at all, but then other times his body wouldn't listen to him. It seemed like the more he wanted Sephiroth, the harder it was for his body to open up and accept the intrusion.

Cloud relaxed enough to let Sephiroth slide in deeper, only to slam down on the brakes again. It was so hard not to move against that teasing clamp of hot muscle, so Sephiroth distracted himself by making his hands heavy on Cloud's back, and digging his fingertips over the narrow plane of smooth skin.

"Sorry," Cloud said glumly from the pillow.

"It's okay," Sephiroth told him, rubbing away the tension collecting between Cloud's shoulder blades.

Cloud reached back to search for Sephiroth's hand, and when he found one he laced their fingers tight. "I just need one more second."

"We have all day. You're awright."

"I love you."

"Love you, too. Still gonna fuck your ass, though."

Cloud laughed on deep breath. "Will you come closer?"

Sephiroth went down to his hands, his chest resting against Cloud's shoulder blades. "Like this?"

"Perfect." Cloud smiled, gently bumping his head against Sephiroth's. "Mm, I can feel you... shaking."

"Little bit..." Sephiroth's eyes rolled shut and his shoulders tensed, utterly pushed to the limits of self- control as he slowly worked his way further into his tight boyfriend. His painfully hard cock was sinking at the only agonizingly slow pace that Cloud's snug ass would allow.

Cloud smiled as he felt Sephiroth begin to sweat behind him. "... You wanna just let go and fuck me hard, don't you?"

"Yeah," Sephiroth answered with surprising innocence, his eyes clenched tight against Cloud's neck.

"Seph," Cloud let out a breath, and a tiny moan came flying out with it as he reached back to pull on his ass cheeks.

Sephiroth didn't think he'd ever get tired of seeing Cloud reaching back to pull his ass open. He looked down between their bodies to catch the erotic sight of himself partially buried between those perfect, round cheeks. "You look so good right now, baby."

"Do I?" Cloud asked, raising his head as though he might catch a glimpse. All he saw was Sephiroth's muscular hips slanted towards his ass, and the rest of his long body hovering close behind him. It was overwhelming how much he wanted that man to use him, and he dug his fingers into his ass to pull himself open wider. "Fuck me, I want it all. Don't stop until you're all the way in."

Sephiroth answered his request with a sharp thrust of his hips, and cupped Cloud's neck when he cried out in shock. He steadily pushed his way in until he reached that particular point where Cloud's ass quit resisting and swallowed his cock the rest of the way down. It was always such a shocking feeling, like Cloud's body was relieved to be near him again and hugging him from the inside.

Once he was buried all the way in, Sephiroth paused to kiss his open mouth. "You okay?"

"More lube," Cloud panted, his hands still holding his ass wide open. "Like, a lot of lube. Please?"

Sephiroth pulled out and drizzled a good amount on his cock before eagerly lining himself back up and squeezing back inside. He worked the lube deeper with every push and pull, and gradually Cloud relaxed enough that Sephiroth was able to establish a slow, gentle rhythm.

The tough part was over. Cloud's fingers eased off of his ass with a grateful sight, and he closed his eyes to focus on his favorite feeling in the world. The man Cloud loved most was deep inside him, every long limb was wrapped around him, his hair was strewn all over, and his breath was coming out in hot bursts against the back of his neck. Cloud couldn't look anywhere without seeing part of him, or move at all without touching him. He was drowning in Sephiroth, and it was perfect.

Even though they'd just begun, Cloud felt his lower stomach tighten dangerously. "Seph..."

"That feel good?" Sephiroth asked.

"Yeah," Cloud managed to groan as his hard cock wagged between his legs from the force of Sephiroth's hips hitting him. There was an odd kind of stimulation there, and Cloud peeked down between his legs to see that it was utterly hard and drooling out a puddle onto the clean sheets.

Sephiroth slid his arms underneath Cloud and anchored against him to thrust a bit harder. "… Missed you all weekend, baby."

It was hard to make a reply verbally, but Cloud bumped his head against Sephiroth's affectionately. It'd been the first time in their relationship that he'd actually had an obligation take precedence over spending time with Sephiroth, and the General had reacted with the perfect amount of pouty angst.

Being on the other end was nice for a change.

Cloud shivered as the situation between his legs was becoming unbearable. As tempting as coming right away was, it was nothing compared to how good it could be when Sephiroth was unhinged and wild and twitching hard inside him.

One hard thrust against the mattress was all the contact he needed to come alone, but just wasn't ready to let go. "C... can... you maybe go a little slower?"

Sephiroth pulled out slightly before starting in on a shallower rhythm that massaged Cloud from the inside with agonizing precision.

Cloud pushed back to meet the sensation, then panicked when he felt his thighs begin to tense and his chest flush bright red. After a few moments he cried out, "Ssseph... I think I need a break."

He didn't stop. "What's wrong, gorgeous? You don't wanna come?"

Cloud hissed in annoyance, because Sephiroth could always tell. Popping off right at the start had been Cloud's signature bedroom move, but he wanted to hold off until Sephiroth was right there with him. Maybe he could make Sephiroth climax sooner than expected if he tried. He narrowed his eyes and pushed back, forcing Sephiroth's cock up against his most sensitive inner parts before swallowing it deep. With less direct stimulation, Cloud felt himself calm down and instead focused on working Sephiroth's cock.

Sephiroth followed the slither of Cloud's hips with his hands. "Feel good to fuck me back?"

"Yes, Sir..." Cloud nodded, throwing a dirty smile over his shoulder. "I like to help."

"C'mon," Sephiroth sat back on his calves and pulled Cloud's hips up, his fingers digging hungrily into his hips to urge him to move. "I wanna see you."

This came so easy to Cloud, and it was the perfect distraction from how hard and impatient his dick was.

Cloud put his weight on his palms, grinding his ass and letting the tip of Sephiroth's cock nuzzle against that perfect spot before he began to slide up and down on his thick length. His movements were smooth and quick, and his ass bounced just a little against the top of Sephiroth's thighs.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" Cloud asked, arching his back until it hurt to give Sephiroth a good view of his cock being ridden. "Am I doing good?"

"Yeah," Sephiroth was breathing deep, utterly baffled by the way Cloud was able to move against his body. His ass was pulling so tight that a little flash of pink lapped out around his cock as Cloud slid up and down. "... I wish I could show you how good this looks."

"It's only for you," Cloud told him. He then let it slip all the way out, teasing Sephiroth with a tiny taste of disappointment. He didn't even have to reach back to reconnect; he found it again and dropped all the way down. Cloud actually felt that one go up his spine, and let out a very un-sexy squeak of a noise. It sprung the General back into action, and he suddenly began to move in a blunt rhythm that forced a grunt out of Cloud with every stroke.

"I'm fuckin' you now," Sephiroth greedily pushed Cloud forward to reclaim position on his knees behind him.

Cloud nodded on a little sob, falling back down onto his elbows and gripping his pillow tight as Sephiroth's sharp, strong hips began to rapidly beat against his ass. "Yes! Seph!"

Sephiroth rubbed a hand up Cloud's narrow back and pinned him down by the back of his neck. "This is what you like?"

"Nng, yes!" Cloud couldn't feel embarrassed about the unbecoming noises he was making, because Sephiroth was clearly enjoying forcing raw reaction from him. He wanted to reply and talk dirty to his beloved, but his teeth wouldn't release his lower lip to speak. Instead he reached back to dig short nails into Sephiroth's thigh, giving him a sharp zip of pain back.

Sephiroth squeezed Cloud's face with one hand, forcing his mouth open before he leaned down to crash against his lips in a hard kiss. The harder he fucked Cloud, the further forward they scooted on the mattress until eventually Cloud's pillow was bunched up against the wall. Cloud then pushed his hands against it to find his own leverage to roll back into the relentless crash of Sephiroth's hips.

"Yeah, don't stop fuckin' me back," Sephiroth muttered, using his free hand to grab at Cloud's ass as it bounced back against his groin.

"I'm gonna come," Cloud whimpered, his hands curling into fists against the wall. He wanted to jerk his cock, but had a stronger desire to wait for Sephiroth. Nothing was better than coming together, and Cloud looked up at him desperately. "Seph... please. I'm so close."

"Go ahead," Sephiroth murmured encouragingly, his fingers digging roughly into Cloud's lean hips.

"Are you ready?"

"Not yet. Just go, baby."

Cloud beat one fist against the wall in frustration. "No!"

"Just let it go, Cloud."

The soft sound of his name sounded utterly sensual coming off Sephiroth's lips, and he felt his body answer with a sharp spike of arousal. It made his stomach clench, and another shocking tingle forced the precome to continue pumping into a little warm pool beneath him.

Sephiroth felt an internal hugging on his cock, but not the kind that signaled that Cloud actually finished. "Not yet? You still holdin' out on me?"

He wasn't sure if he should call attention to his current condition, because it was awful. The best, most horrifyingly addictive kind of awful. Before he could think too much about it, his mouth opened and he heard himself blurt, "I didn't... I'm almost... I think I might come without touching."

Sephiroth scooped Cloud up into a hug from behind, his hands heavy and greedy as they slid down Cloud's torso to stop short of his pulsing arousal. "You gonna do that for me again?"

Cloud let out a miserable whine, so utterly close to coming that he couldn't stop moving against Sephiroth's cock. "Seph, fuck... Help."

"Anything," Sephiroth agreed readily, rolling his hips against Cloud's ass as deeply as possible. "Tell me what to do, baby. I wanna make you come."

As much as he dreaded the thought of performing this feat, he couldn't help but fall back onto his hands to let Sephiroth continue. Coming without touching was miserable and difficult and painful, but he also wanted it so desperately that tears escaped and wet the pillow that Sephiroth had so thoughtfully given him.

Cloud realized he was begging in the middle of a sentence, " - to me! Please, Seph!"

"I been dyin' to fuck it out of you again," Sephiroth told him on a gust of breath. "Makes me so hard to think about it. I'ma do everything I can."

"No," Cloud whined pitifully, completely disagreeing with his long tirade of begging.

"No? You sure?" Sephiroth asked uncertainly, letting his hips slow down to assess the response.

Cloud immediately let out a strangled cry, "Don't stop!"

Sephiroth obeyed and picked up the pace again, "... You wanna let your pretty ass come for me?"


Sephiroth thought he knew what Cloud meant, and worked hard to make it happen. Cloud was already pressed against the wall and had nowhere else to go. He moved his hands to cushion his skull, but hardly cared... it felt too good, and Sephiroth knew just what he was fucking doing.

It took time. Sephiroth knew he was at just the right angle, and Cloud was perfectly willing to let him do it, but as the minutes stretched out, he was becoming worried that he might not last to complete the job. Cloud's body was so hot, his little hole was hugging every inch of his cock.

Sephiroth went down on his hands, putting his face near Cloud's to suck his lips into a sharp toothed, stinging kiss. Cloud's tongue lolled against Sephiroth's, and a steady bump of Sephiroth's skull against the wall filled the room. The General obviously wasn't paying attention, and Cloud giggled into the kiss before he grabbed another pillow to shield Sephiroth's head.

They both laughed into each other's mouths, because they really were in the most ridiculous position, all hunched over in a desperate fuck pile, but if they moved they stood the risk of losing that perfect angle.

Cloud reached one hand back grip onto Sephiroth's hard thigh, and urged him just a little faster, pulling and pushing on his leg until the General was fucking him at just the right speed.

"You are... so good," Cloud gasped, and such a heady arousal had him babbling. His dirty talk was simple and embarrassing, but he meant every word. "It feels so good, Seph. I love you so much."

Sephiroth had been keeping himself relatively quiet, but at that small praise he began to make the prettiest, most eager noise Cloud had ever heard. He was breathing quickly against his face, his lips trembling and his tongue soft and unfocused.

Cloud purred, "You're close too, aren't you?"

Sephiroth pulled his mouth away. "No... y... no."

Cloud chewed on his bottom lip, staring at the pained, helpless face Sephiroth was making as he was trying to hold himself off. It made Cloud's balls tighten even more against the slap of Sephiroth's body. "Pretty boy... are you close?"


"Are you?" Cloud whispered again, his voice curling into a trembling whine. "Tell me you're gonna come, Seph."

Sephiroth's eyebrows turned up for a moment before his expression settled into something more determined. "No."

"Are you going to let... let that big cock come inside me?" Cloud asked, his mouth going wide as he felt the first waves of his own climax approaching, making his thighs shake under Sephiroth's weight.

"Not til..." Sephiroth trailed off, his eyes cracking open to show a glow of determination. He'd been teetering on that edge for what felt like forever, and was finally beginning to elevate into something even more frenzied. His pupils were barely visible, two fine black knife slits in a surging sea of neon green. He grabbed Cloud's forearms and pinned them to the bed, pushing his chest against Cloud's shoulder blades. "... I can hold it forever if I gotta."

Sephiroth's eyes hypnotized Cloud, and they pushed his climax away to somewhere just out of reach yet again. Cloud yelped in frustration as his trapped hands grasped the sheets, "Just touch me! I'll come right now if you touch me!"

"You can come without me touchin'," Sephiroth disagreed, and began beating against his ass so hard it made the entire bed bump up against the wall with each thrust.

"I'm trying! I can't!" Cloud moaned in misery, needing to ejaculate with his entire being but unable to make his body commit to the act. He began to worry that it had been a one-time thing, and that worry only aided in keeping his finish out of reach.

"You can," Sephiroth released Cloud's forearms and yanked him by the neck into a quick, hot kiss. He spoke against his lips, his tongue moving over his piercings as he continued to fuck him deep. "We'll figure out what you need. Wanna get on top like last time?" `

Cloud was barely listening as he moved his tongue against Sephiroth's lips and teeth as he spoke. His body was electrified and his nerves were firing impulses that his groin just couldn't answer. Cloud's hands left the bed, his body instinctively searching for a means to an end, just some way to release the hard coil of tension that had been tormenting his body.

He reached for his neglected cock, but his fingers stopped short at the disappointed expression Sephiroth made. It only flickered across his face for a moment, but it was enough to make Cloud pause and think things through for a moment.

Sure, he was once again trapped in edging hell, but if he just saw it through to the end he knew Sephiroth could make it so worth it. He'd made it this far, after all...

Cloud grinned in disbelief, slapping both hands on the wall and spreading them wide where Sephiroth could see them. "Not yet!"

"You decide that now?" Sephiroth balked, his entire chest and throat tensing as he slowed his hips.

Cloud had to giggle. "Sorry!"

"Nnng fuck, don't laugh right now... Stay still for a sec..." Sephiroth pulled out abruptly with a deep sigh. He tilted his head to the side, cracking his neck and then shaking off his near brush with climax. He took a moment to pull Cloud back to the center of the bed, away from the irritating barrier of the wall.

Cloud sighed, grateful for a little breathing room. "Better."

"Talk to me. Tell me what you need."

"Make me do it. Force it out of me," Cloud gulped, nearly regretting the words as they left his mouth.

Sephiroth made a show of grabbing both of Cloud's arms and folding them behind his back. There was a touch of gentleness due to Cloud's recent injury, but it still made Cloud's mouth water to be pushed into place. Once Cloud's arms were locked and his hips were lifted into the perfect position, Sephiroth shoved back in with enough force that Cloud felt it throughout his entire body.

It was easy to let it go to his head, to imagine for a moment this man was indifferently taking whatever what he wanted from Cloud's body. General Sephiroth was using him exactly how the smallest cadet should be used, and inadvertently forcing out the harshest kind of orgasm. It was so fucking close.

"Fuuuck," Cloud groaned against the pillow, completely caught up in his own little fantasy.

Sephiroth loosened his grip on Cloud's hands to dig his fingers into his waist. This was equally as much torture on him as it was on Cloud, and looking down to where he fucked his ass was almost his undoing.

Cloud's hole was hugging him perfectly, and he knew he had moments before it milked everything from him.

"I'm gonna come," Sephiroth hissed through his clenched jaw.

Cloud didn't know what to ask for. With a roar of frustration, he reached back to bury a hand in Sephiroth's silver hair. Once he'd collected a thick handful of it, he yanked as hard as he could.

Sephiroth's low voice erupted in an inhuman yowl, and that noise was enough to push Cloud over the edge. Cloud buried his face into the pillow and let out a muffled scream as his cock wagged between his legs with the force of Sephiroth's hips. It throbbed hard, letting go of a thick load in shuddering spurts before it ran out smooth in a puddle between his knees.

Sephiroth's hips went still as his entire body went burning hot to the touch. He could feel Sephiroth pulsing inside him, jerking and emptying out as he moaned helplessly against Cloud's cheek. Cloud continued to roll his ass back onto Sephiroth's sensitive cock, as even more fluid came dribbling out of him and onto the sheets.

Sephiroth pulled out, and surprisingly rough hands shoved him over onto his back. Sephiroth slid down and took Cloud's cock down his throat, draining anything he might have had left. He gasped at the ceiling as a series of short, but intense waves of sensation crashed over him, almost like a second climax in and of itself.

Sephiroth pulled away with a lick of his lips, his mouth moving over Cloud's balls and up the lightly tanned, fine-haired expanse of his inner thigh. Cloud had both arms crossed over his head, and peeked out from under them. He couldn't form words, but made a long, soulful little moaning noise that expressed exhaustion, turmoil, and utter satisfaction.

"Tell me about it," Sephiroth agreed, dragging Cloud back to the center of the bed by his legs. He fell on top of him and pressed a soft kiss onto his open mouth. "... I got more for you. You want it?"

"Right now?" Cloud breathlessly giggled on a meandering note. He was always the one demanding more sex, and was delighted to be desired for an encore.

"That okay?" Sephiroth asked, rubbing himself gently against Cloud's slightly reddened ass. "Need a break?"

"Nah, I'll catch up!" Cloud bit down onto a wide smile. He was still riding high on the euphoria of his intense orgasm, and reached out to stroke Sephiroth's cock. It wasn't fully erect, but reacted nicely against his warm, caressing hands.

"Watch out for repetitive wrist motion," Sephiroth warned with a smile.

"Oh... that why you made come without touching?" Cloud guessed.

"Nah, I wasn't really thinkin' about it. Makin' you come without touchin' just makes me feel like a good lay," Sephiroth admitted, and then questioned in earnest. "Am I good?"

Cloud pretended to ponder. "... I guess you're okay."

"What can I do better?" Sephiroth asked in jest, but listened closely for the answer as he settled on top of him and gently pushed his legs back.

"Don't change anything." Cloud grinned in sleepy contentment as Sephiroth's hips pushed against his. He then winced a little as the weight of the General settled on his sore thighs. "... Or you would be perfect if you lost like thirty pounds."

"Never gonna happen," Sephiroth said as he eased up on Cloud, holding his own weight. "You'll have to gain that much and meet me in the middle."

"Deal," Cloud's fingers traced up the corded muscles on Sephiroth's arms, and felt his lover's solid frame shudder a little as he pushed back inside.

It was a slightly softer entry, and it set the tone for a long, drawn out, and far more gentle session. It was a contrast to the hectic first round; a sweet love making that didn't happen too often. Cloud cherished the way Sephiroth's mouth couldn't stop kissing him, and how his warm hands moved over every part of

Cloud's body, providing special attention to the part of him that he'd purposely neglected the first time.

Cloud definitely had a nice cock, and Sephiroth didn't think that just because he was bias. It wasn't a monster, but it was insanely disproportionate to Cloud's small, slim body. It was long and curved up perfectly, and was capped with the cutest little button of a head that Sephiroth had ever seen. It always seemed to be rock fucking hard and ready to twitch out one of Cloud's milky, drooling loads. It was a fun toy.

The more Sephiroth thought about it, the stronger a familiar craving began to burn deep inside of him. He almost ignored it, but there was a sensual glare coming up from underneath Cloud's dark lashes that led Sephiroth to thoughts of switching positions.

"What is it?" Cloud asked, his voice uncharacteristically quiet and tinged with a husky, gasping rasp.

"Hm?" Sephiroth answered, lips busy moving across Cloud's smooth jaw.

Cloud took his face and smiled at him up close, and those clear blue eyes could see right through him. "What are you thinking about?"

"You," Sephiroth answered honestly.

"What do you want?" Cloud asked, blunt, bitten nails running down Sephiroth's back. "Let me do something for you. Anything you want."

He immediately paused in between Cloud's legs to press his lower stomach against Cloud's cock. His stomach clenched as it smeared a touch of precome against his heated skin, and he blurted it out, "Fuck me."

"You mean - ?"

"Your dick in me," Sephiroth clarified bluntly, just so Cloud wouldn't misinterpret the request.

Cloud was taken by surprise, and shyly nodded up at him. "Okay! If you want me to..."

"Yeah, c'mon," Sephiroth kissed him, pushing his tongue into Cloud's sweet, warm mouth before he pulled out gently. His body already missed that gripping heat, but was ready for something a little different from Cloud.

Sephiroth stood up on his knees as he reached for the lube, but Cloud snatched it from him and let it drop to the bed next to them. He sat up and kissed Sephiroth's chest, letting his hands drift across the hard lines of Sephiroth's hips and back around to the small, heart shaped little bump of his ass. Sephiroth didn't react to the touch, only watched curiously as Cloud tenderly nibbled on the small points of his nipples.

Cloud kissed his way up the center of Sephiroth's chest and collarbone until he couldn't reach any higher. He then smiled up as his hands ran up between Sephiroth's legs. "Do you like when I kiss you?"


"Act like it, then!" Cloud demanded.


"Push your ass up!" Cloud lamented, shaking Sephiroth's hips a little with both hands. "Moan! At least move around a little bit! Act like what I'm doing has any effect on you whatsoever!"

Sephiroth tilted his head with a dubious expression. "I'm not like that."

"Try! Just one time, try to... act like me?"

"Act like you?" Sephiroth glanced over behind himself and attempted to arch out as best he could with his streamlined physique. His butt popped up just slightly. "... This kinda hurts."

"Don't get crazy, just take baby steps!" Cloud giggled, scooting closer to hug him around the waist, then appreciatively resumed feeling the hard little mound of muscle. He gave it a light smack, knowing it'd hurt the palm of his hand more than Sephiroth's ass if he tried to actually hit him.

"You can't compare us like that. Your ass is way nicer than mine," Sephiroth bent over slightly to kiss him, inviting his fingers to probe at his own pace. "You're stuck with it, though."

"Your ass is amazing, and you have no idea how happy I am to be stuck with it," Cloud kneaded it with both hands for a moment, digging his fingers into firm muscle and letting them slip between. "Can you lay down for me?"

Sephiroth did as Cloud asked, and groaned as he settled right into a pattern of cold, wet spots Cloud must have left behind while he'd been getting fucked. He watched with a nose-wrinkled smile as Cloud arranged his long legs to his liking, and placed a kiss against his knee. His back tensed involuntarily as Cloud continued kissing up his thigh, over his cock and down between his legs.

Cloud was a little shy about pushing his tongue directly in, but enjoyed mimicking the flicking tongue movements that Sephiroth so often did it to him. He then slid in a couple of fingers, and was surprised at how easy it was.

He looked up and caught Sephiroth's eyes. "Have you used our Boyfriend lately?..."

"I cheated on him."

"With what?" Cloud yelped, actually a little offended. The three of them had a pretty good thing going, after all.

"Handle of my hairbrush," Sephiroth admitted.

Cloud nearly swallowed his tongue. "WH-where at?"

"The shower... I played around yesterday. I thought maybe we'd end up like this today. Been wantin' it."

"God, that's so hot!" Cloud let out a little feeble cry, his head dropping down against Sephiroth's thigh.

He spread his knees a little wider on the bed, pushing back a little against Cloud's fingers. "I gotta say I prefer our Boyfriend to the brush. And if I had a choice of anything, it'd definitely be you."

"I um... I recently cheated on you and the Boyfriend, too. With something kind of weird."

Sephiroth's smile went wide, "Your roommate?"

Cloud screamed, "How dare you!"

"I saw him again yesterday when I got stuff from your room," Sephiroth folded his arms behind his head and was clearly seeing something behind his eyes. "If you got with him... I wouldn't be mad about it."

Cloud looked at him for a very long time, gathering his words. "I know you think Cam is cute, but he's a disgusting freak. One time he didn't wash his face for nearly a week because he didn't want to rinse away the smell of his girlfriend's twat."

Sephiroth licked the side of his mouth, still tasting Cloud's ass. "I can relate."

Cloud was scandalized. "There's something very wrong with boys from Midgar!"

Sephiroth laughed, grabbing Cloud to squeeze him into a hug. "So tell me what you fucked if it wasn't your nasty roommate."

Cloud returned to the topic with a strained wince, "A magazine."

"Pft. It's not cheatin' to look at a dirty magazine," Sephiroth chuckled.

"I mean like... I rolled up a magazine and made a little tube..." Cloud began to giggle, hiding his face against Sephiroth's firm stomach. "I fucked a magazine."

Sephiroth burst into laughter. "Dry?"

"Yeah. I ripped it to shreds."

Sephiroth looked at Cloud's poor groin, but didn't see any chaffing or paper cuts evident. "What magazine was it?"

"Does it matter?"

"It matters a lot!"

"... Midgar Motorbike Trader," Cloud lamented, unable to suppress his giggles as he slid down Sephiroth's body. He closed his eyes and pressed a wet kiss to the underside of Sephiroth's cock.

Sephiroth continued to chuckle, but found that choice ominous. "What were you doin' with that?"

Cloud glanced up. "It was free, they had a stack of them in the cafeteria so I... well I was sitting on the toilet between classes and flipping through it and I was thinking about what it'd be like to have a motorbike. Like I could probably afford one a lot sooner than a car, and parking would be way easier -"

"You're not gettin' a bike."

"Calm down, it was just a thought!" Cloud defended, his hands idly caressing Sephiroth's inner thighs. "And then I was thinking about having a car, or even something like your truck. Which got me thinking about what happened last time we were in the backseat of your truck... and I fucked the magazine."

"No more magazines or brushes," Sephiroth grinned, reaching down to run his fingers through Cloud's spikes. "We got each other. And a dildo."

"I won't tell our Boyfriend you cheated..." Cloud smooched a trail up Sephiroth's stomach to lick his ribs.

Sephiroth raised his arm a little to accommodate the ticklish brush of Cloud's soft lips, full exposing his tattoo in the process. Cloud popped his lips against his nipple, then made his tongue wide and flat to lick the surface of his tattoo. With his lips busy, he reached out for the lube.

Cloud flipped open the tube with his thumb and let it ooze onto Sephiroth's ass, then eased his fingers back inside. Cloud sighed a little as Sephiroth's body squeezed, the searing temperature inside him instantly melting the cool gel into slick, hot liquid that made a tantalizing, moist sound as he slid his fingers in deep before pulling them out.

A master of his own body, Sephiroth had no trouble relaxing for the entry, and didn't make a sound besides the soft pulse of his throat swallowing. He threaded fingers through Cloud's hair as pulled him close for a kiss, breathing deep as he felt Cloud push his thin, long fingers in as far as they would go.

"Turn on your side," Cloud rumbled. His free hand was greedy as it ran over Sephiroth's powerful back and cute, muscular ass, and all the way down over the backs of his long thighs. He savored every inch of Sephiroth's body that he could reach with one hand, while the other worked to make him feel good from the inside.

He was straddling one of Sephiroth's thighs and digging three fingers deep inside him when he finally asked, "Ready?"

"Let's go," Sephiroth purred, watching Cloud's every move with quiet fascination. It was nice to feel so completely adored and taken care of, and Cloud didn't neglect any part of him.

Cloud took himself in hand and rubbed the tip against Sephiroth, teasing gently as he slid the slit of his cock against the lubed up hole. Sephiroth knew what he wanted, and what he was doing as a bottom. He was better than Cloud at everything, even opening his ass up to get fucked... and Cloud was completely okay with being outmatched in that aspect.

Cloud's eyes flicked up to catch Sephiroth's gaze as he pushed his hips forward and sank deep inside.

Sephiroth was quiet, and eerily serious as though he was concentrating on something very important.

Cloud decided to try something, especially since he'd just gotten off and therefore had the luxury of staying power. Their rough sex earlier had been to die for, and he longed to give something similar to Sephiroth.

He put a little more force into it than he had previously, until a steady thwack of Cloud's narrow hips began to beat against Sephiroth's firm ass. His goal was to make it jiggle, but the closest thing he could get from Sephiroth's hard body was a very subtle little bounce of muscle under skin.

He was aware that this was probably new for the General and gasped out, "Is this good?"

Unbeknownst to Cloud, Sephiroth was extremely rough with himself if he was in the mood to play with his ass. But something about not being in control of the pace or the style of the penetration made it so much better than masturbation. Whether Cloud was gentle or as rough as a cadet could be, it felt good. It was the only time in Sephiroth's life that he volunteered himself to be bent for the use of someone else, and it was freely given. He wanted Cloud to feel secure about freely taking it.

But all Sephiroth could say was, "Yeah. It's good."

"... Can I go harder?" Cloud ventured to ask.

"If you want."

Cloud adjusted a little, moving up onto the balls of his feet so that he was squatting against Sephiroth. He was able to fuck him even harder, and held onto Sephiroth's waist for balance as he worked to make him moan.

Really though, all Cloud was doing was exerting himself until he could barely breathe. He gasped for air, and the rush of oxygen making his cock jump inside his beloved as he slid inside his hot, tight ass. "Seph! Mnm!"

Sephiroth opened his eyes, a smile turning the corners of his mouth up. "What?"

Cloud bit his lips, trying not to pant like a dog. "N-nothing."

"... Just sayin' my name?" Sephiroth asked, wiggling back against him a little.

"Ung!" Cloud cried, digging his fingers into Sephiroth's waist. "You feel so good! I wanna... make you feel good too."

"It's all good. Do whatever you want."

Cloud refused to let himself get disappointed by Sephiroth's inability to transform into a nelly bottom for his viewing and listening pleasure. It was hard to think negatively when he was buried inside the most perfect man on the planet. Sephiroth's body looked good under his, and his hair looked so pretty splashed across the bed in silver streams.

Without really thinking about it, Cloud gathered up a handful of Sephiroth's hair. With one hand on his hip and the other buried in shiny silver hair, Cloud was content to thrust away until he was satisfied.

A small sound came from Sephiroth, some mix between a growl and a yelp. "Yeah, pull it."

Cloud tugged experimentally. "Like this?"

"Yank it like you did before," Sephiroth breathed. "S'alright if you rip it out."

"Like this?" Cloud jerked back on his handful of hair hard enough to pull Sephiroth's head up off the pillow, and a flash of palpable heat come off the man.

Any fear he might have had of Sephiroth as a superior and a General and the strongest man in the history of ever was totally gone. Cloud carelessly pulled Sephiroth onto his back by the hair, and shoved his long legs apart, knowing that his flexible partner was able to twist into the most absurd of positions.

He wasn't interested in seeing Sephiroth bend like a pretzel, only enough to be able to see his thick, hard cock and gorgeous face while he fucked him. For once he had the view... and it was so nice to watch Sephiroth's body hug him as he pushed inside.

He caressed Sephiroth's hard cock and began to stroke it relatively in time with his hips. His coordination wasn't the best, not with his hips busy moving, one hand keeping a firm grip on a handful of Sephiroth's hair and the other trying to work his cock. But Cloud made it work, and fell into a rhythm that made his teeth grind.

The General was breathing quietly, but his lips were open into a snarl as his tongue ran over his sharp teeth, his eyes fixed on Cloud's hips as they hit against his ass. His stomach muscles rolled up over and over as his hips met each of Cloud's blunt thrusts, and his hands were gripping the backs of his thighs to keep himself at the perfect angle to receive Cloud. It was nice to be used, even if Cloud couldn't put the kind of force behind it a SOLDIER could.

He'd be able to soon. That thought made Sephiroth's toes bunch a little in anticipation, and he gazed up at Cloud's determined face. "... That's really hot, baby."

"Yeah?" Cloud whispered, and it was so hard not to bust right inside him at that very moment. He clenched down on the urge and collected himself, and opened his eyes to meet Sephiroth's. "I want you to think about me like this. Like when you're alone... think of me fucking you."

"I already do," Sephiroth ran his hands over Cloud's thighs, squeezing to appreciate the shapely bit of muscle they'd gained.

He didn't want it to be over, but couldn't help when his groin began to tighten and pulse with a need to release again, this time deep inside a burning hot, slick, tight ass. Cloud looked down at it, watching his wet cock move inside Sephiroth. He couldn't make his firm ass bounce, but Cloud was stricken by the sight of Sephiroth's tight balls bouncing inside the slightly looser skin of his sac. He ran the palm of his hand over them, rolling them affectionately before he resumed twisting his fist around the rock hard length of Sephiroth's cock.

"I'm almost," Cloud warned, unable to help himself as he nuzzled deep inside his boyfriend before picking up the pace again, his hips swinging desperately between Sephiroth's raised legs. "Fuck, I'm sorry. I can't stop."

"Don't stop. Don't be sorry. I want it," Sephiroth told him softly, his hands joining Cloud's on his groin. "Lemme feel it."

Cloud released his hold on Sephiroth's cock and gripped onto his thighs to hold him in place. He wanted to do it all for Sephiroth, but figured the General could finish himself more efficiently than he could, because his mind was racing and he was utterly distracted by the nearly painful build up. His mouth fell open into a long groan, and he cracked his eyes open to stare down at Sephiroth in the final moments of fucking him.

Sephiroth was watching with a smile, his eyes lidded as he jerked himself and enjoyed the feeling of Cloud so desperately hard inside him. "C'mon, baby."

"Seph!" Cloud couldn't contain a harsh snarl as the pressure snapped and he felt himself spill out.

Sephiroth tightened around him, milking every hard shuddering spurt out of his little lover and adoring the play of emotion over his pretty little doll face while it was wrung out of him.

"Pull out. But don't move." Sephiroth ordered.

"I'm... still coming," Cloud gasped.

"Good." He gritted his teeth slightly, watching Cloud's lower stomach muscles throb between his legs. "Pull out now."

Cloud obeyed. Sephiroth's fingers stretched to wrap around Cloud's soaked cock, pressing it against his own to jerk them both together. Cloud shared a small smile with Sephiroth, and shivered uncontrollably as another string of his semen spat across Sephiroth's fist to land in his silver pubic hair.

Sephiroth's hips were twitching slightly, and the movements of his fist became quick and focused as he neared his climax. He wasn't specifically asked to, but Cloud pushed two fingers into Sephiroth's tight ass and gently moved within him to massage him from the inside.

"Fuck that's good," Sephiroth hissed.

"Let me swallow it," Cloud gasped without thinking.

"Go down," He groaned between his teeth, released his grip on Cloud and dug the pad of his thumb against the tip of his cock to buy a couple more seconds. "Fuck, I'm there..."

Cloud eagerly slid down his lover's body. He got the first spurt across his cheek, and barely managed to fit his lips around the blushed tip of Sephiroth's cock before the rest was shooting down his throat. It was always a shocking feeling, but he swallowed it all happily as Sephiroth's hips writhed beneath him.

His lips slurped around it his twitching cock, accepting it deeper as Sephiroth shoved his head down until his lips hit sticky pubes.

He sucked gently as Sephiroth's hands guided his head up and down, until they finally urged him off. He was a little light headed and overly stimulated, and collapsed in a little pile on the bed beside Sephiroth.

They'd both transcended reality, reaching a sacred place where shame and mess held no consequence and they were free. It was a happy place, and it took several long moments to tether back into their bodies.

After a few moments of catching his breath, Cloud propped his chin up to admire Sephiroth up close. "...I love you."

"Love you," Sephiroth answered softly with his eyes closed.

Cloud smiled, spinning his finger through a piece of Sephiroth's hair. He curled it around and around, all the way up to Sephiroth's scalp before letting it unwind. "Being close to you feels like I'm recharging my batteries. I'll be strong enough to go back to school tomorrow."

"Not if we don't eat."

"Order me a large pizza this time, I can finish it."

"No pizza place is open this early. And I don't want pizza, anyways."

Cloud emitted a very genuine gasp. "What?"

"I don't want pizza. Cook me somethin'."

"I bet there's not a damn thing in your fridge," Cloud complained.

"There's not. We need to go to the store."

"You fucked me to death! I can't go anywhere in this condition!"

"I put in time on bottom, too." Sephiroth grinned, opening his eyes. "So I finally have some leverage in this fucked up relationship. And as the most recent bottom, I want you to make me cottage pie and cake pops."

"You can't make demands like that for bottoming six minutes!" Cloud wailed.

"Don't sell yourself short, it was at least nine minutes."

"Whatever! You've got a lot of miles to go before your ass catches up with mine."

"I wonder how hard it'd be to figure out the mathematics behind how many miles I've fucked you."

Cloud giggled with Sephiroth for a few moments before shot up onto his elbows and retrieved his cell phone and began poking at the calculator. "We need some paper!"

When they arrived at the answer, Sephiroth was happy to walk to the store by himself to retrieve the necessary groceries. When he got back, he cooked lunch for Cloud for the first time.



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1 – I Tarantino'd this chapter and the last one a little bit, I'm sorry. Basically this chapter and the last one are a two day span. Baby Seph went to Aerith's church on Sunday morning, Cloud ate shit at the seminar on Sunday afternoon, Cissnei ate shit on Sunday night, and Seph and Cloud fucked all Monday morning. Just wanted to clarify in case anyone got confused about the timeline of events.

2 – So, it's been almost a YEAR. I apologize for the hiatus, it happened for all the usual reasons. School, work, other work, mental illness, a broken heart, ennui, alcoholism, existential crisis, etc. Would you believe me if I told you that I open up the Word document almost daily? It's dear to my heart. I would just hate to post crap that I'm not crazy about in order to just post SOMETHING.

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4 – If Sephiroth's dick is approx. 9 inches long, 18 inches would be one complete thrust, and if there's APPROX 63000 inches in a mile, that's 3500 thrusts per mile. That being said, if they fuck approx. 3 times a week at an avg of 30 minutes per session, that's 90 minutes of fucking a week times 52 weeks, that's 4680 minutes of fucking. If Sephiroth fucks Cloud at an avg of 30 thrusts per minute, that's 140400 thrusts. Divided by 3500 thrusts per mile, that'd be approx. 40 miles.

5 - This is a very, very low estimate that doesn't account for anniversary sex, times that Sephiroth lasted over an hour, the 2 weeks during summer where they fucked several times a day. But it also doesn't account for all the time Cloud spent on top, which would be generally slower, and the fact that they spent nearly 4 months apart. So I'm comfortable with my estimate of 40 miles and am prepared to defend it TO THE DEATH.