"I could do this all day. And I think I will!"

Danny continued to bounce back and forth, crashing into the bell over and over again. Clockwork watched with a morbid grin on his face. Tucker looked on from below, the only one of the three children who was wearing a Time Medallion. Clockwork thought about the implications of the medallions and exactly how they worked.

By wearing a medallion, one was protected by any temporal meddling Clockwork could do. And when wearing a medallion, you could safely remain in a time period such as the future. But if you took it off, you returned to your own time. Even though you didn't return in the exact same spot you left in the past or future, which is why – once they began their future adventure – Sam and Tucker would remove their Time Medallions in front of the Fenton residence in the future and return to their own time in an alley next to the Nasty Burger.

Perhaps the medallions had a special quality about them that took the wearer to a critical chronological event? It was true that Sam and Tucker would both die in the Nasty Burger explosion in evil Danny's timeline, so maybe the medallions offered the wearers a chance to alter an unfavorable event so that the future would be better for them. Yes, that made sense. Well, not really.

But if that indeed was the case, then a new mystery arises. When Danny tries to take off his Time Medallion, his evil future self stops him, rips the medallion off, and intangibly fuses the device inside the boy. Later, Evil Danny holds a medallion and it takes him into the past so he can make sure the events that gave birth to him occur. But wouldn't the medallion have taken Evil Danny back in time the moment he ripped it from Good Danny's neck? He was holding it then, but he was also holding Good Danny up by the arm. Perhaps, by still remaining in contact with the original wearer (although indirectly: Medallion – Dark Danny – Good Danny) the medallion did not transport Evil Danny to the past. Later, however, Evil Danny revealed that he had been holding one behind his back for the duration of his several-minute long monologue before throwing Good Danny into the future Ghost Zone. How was he able to remain in his own time whilst holding the medallion? Perhaps he used his incredibly advanced powers to negate the energy from the medallion until he wanted to use it. That sounded logical. Well, not really.

Here's the confusing part. Danny wakes up in the future Ghost Zone. Apparently, the only thing that is different is that, in the future, there's a giant, hairy, red ghost crab that we've never seen in Good Danny's present. He fights the crippled, overweight, elderly (or in some cases, godly-powerful and upgraded) versions of his former foes and still manages to kick their collective asses. He finds old, crazy Vlad, who decides to kill Danny to prevent the future from happening. We don't know what happened in the cave, Danny was crying because Vlad scratched him with glowing metal bear claws or something. What a baby. At any rate, sometime between that scene change and Danny's triumphant return he got the medallion out of him. Should that have returned him to his own time? Because when Evil Danny touches one, he travels back in time, but when Good Danny holds one, he stays in the future? So what did he do with the medallion? He just left it in the future? He couldn't have returned it to Clockwork, because he doesn't see Clockwork again until after his family gets blown up (but not really because Clockwork is a cheater). He couldn't be carrying it with him because then he wouldn't be able to return to his present. The Fenton Thermos can contain ghost energies, but then Evil Dan gets sucked into the thermos, so he could've just used it to escape back to his future if Good Danny had put it in there for storage. So is Vlad still alive, or did Danny have to kill him in the cave? There's an angst/comfort fic waiting to happen. Maybe he left it there and Clockwork went to the future and brought it back. Or maybe it's still in the future, and old, repentant future Vlad is going to use it to go back into the past and try to make things different? Who knows? Lots of loose ends in The Ultimate Enemy...

Clockwork shook his head, deciding he didn't really care about any of that. He was the master of time.

"I guess I should stop now, I have a schedule to kee- oh my."

Danny Phantom was a red and green bloody blob, still banging into the bell. The bell itself, and a large part of the surrounding wall and floor were stained with his human and ghost juices. No, not those kinds of juices, Terra Patrick.

Tucker and Sam, who had been given a medallion, sat holding each other on the floor, unable to tear their eyes away from the gruesome scene above them. Danny's vitreous fluids had splattered them too, and they were both crying.

"Clockwork!" One of the Observers was here! That meant the other one wasn't far behind! God, they were both annoying!

"You have fixed the future! Tell us, how did you go about- oh GOD!"

The Observers began panicking. Tucker and Sam began crying harder.

"You told me 'To save the future, Danny Phantom must perish!' and that's what I did."

"I didn't mean murder the lad!" One of the Observers shouted.

"Oh man, what are we gonna do?" The other was looking around the place nervously. "WITNESSES!" He sped towards Sam and Tucker, grabbing the scythe from the wall on his way down.


Everyone froze, except for Sam and Tucker, who had reverted back to quiet sobs. They were wearing Time Medallions. Damn things. Danny, however, was still banging against the bell. He had been the entire time. Clockwork mumbled something and pressed a button on his staff. Danny's lifeless body fell to the ground and splashed. Sam and Tucker were now soaked in the bodily fluids of their once-living best friend. They stopped crying, but Tucker threw up. Clockwork frowned. The cleaning bill for this month was going to be ridiculous.

"You two," Clockwork said and pointed to Sam and Tucker. "Take off my Time Medallions."

The teenagers couldn't move. Clockwork frowned and did this weird thing where he duplicated himself. But it was weird because it wasn't like how Vlad does it or how Danny . . . would have eventually learned to do it. The copy just appeared. But it wasn't an exact copy; it was like Clockwork in caveman garb. It looked silly, but apparently Clockwork can make copies of himself wearing neat little outfits from different times. Why does he need to do that? He's the master of all time, he doesn't need duplicates. In any case, the caveman Clockwork (or Cavework as he will be referred to) retrieved the medallions from Sam and Tucker. Immediately the two froze in time. Cavework placed the medallions on the table, and then Clockwork recalled him or dissipated him or however ghosts get rid of their duplicates.

Clockwork opened a portal back home for Sam and Tucker and pushed them through with his staff before closing it again. He wasn't sure exactly where the portal was – Sam's room or something. They'd be fine.

"Time in."

The Observer with the scythe crashed into the ground, sliding into the wall thanks to the glowing blood and ectoplasm on the floor. He threw up too, or whatever people with eyeballs for heads did when they threw up. It was gross.

"You on the floor, grab a mop. And you there in the sky, get me a garbage bag."

"What are we going to do?"

"We've got to dump this body somewhere. If Tony finds out I murdered another teenager he's going to evict me and I just got all my stuff moved in. Here are my keys, when you get him in the bag put him in the trunk and start the car. I'll be out in a minute."

"What are you going to do?"

Clockwork had already turned around and was heading away. He stopped and turned around again. "I'm calling the cleaning lady. She can remove the stains after the other guy mops up the worst of it."

"You think she'll keep quiet?"

Clockwork frowned. "That's a legitimate concern." He pulled out a pair of sunglasses. "This is a pretty . . ." he put the sunglasses on, "ghastly scene."


Sorry everyone.