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Chapter 1

She was running. Running through the woods that surrounded her aunt's manor. Running from the dark, damp cell again; a cell that had been her 'home' since she was six, when her mother died. Taken from her mother's deathbed and thrown into a hole where she barely saw light again, she was left there to rot, on the notion she might be different then her 'light' family.

Her hazel eyes shined with panic and pain when her cousin's voice boomed through the thicket of old redwood trees.

"Now, why do you insist on running? You know that I will find you eventually."

His malice-filled voice spurred her faster then in past attempts. Maybe she ran faster because she knew her cousin had a male wizard in his den ready to take her for marriage and then leave her again to her cousin's tortures. Maybe she ran because she was finally of age and could legally attempt magic without her family finding her.

Whatever her reason, she made it past the wards and with a crack, disappeared from the cold, dark plot of land.

When she reappeared, she collapsed in a darkened field, nursing her broken wrist to her chest, blood trickling down her arm, leaving small dots on the brown earth beneath her. She pulled herself up and began walking in any direction, begging fate was kind and would lead her someplace safe.

The scent of Lavender filled her senses, telling her it was early spring. She followed it until she could see the bushes in front of her. Dropping to the soft earth, she curled up on her good side and felt her lids droop until sleep overtook her.

Next morning

Hazel eyes fluttered open in the early morning light, muscles stiff from sleeping on only one side through the night. Standing up, her short brown hair was sticking up in odd places, tiny Lavender flowers sticking on random places of her head.

"Now, where to go? I don't even know where I am, let alone know where to go." She asked out loud, sitting up.

She fell silent, until she smacked herself on the forehead. "Of course." She whispered, pulling her mother's wand from her hidden pocket.

"Diagon Alley." She whispered when the wand was flat in her hand. The cherry wand responded, spinning until faced towards her left.

"Right, I need to find my way there and then I'll figure out something." She said, wincing in pain as she moved her broken wrist to the side to grab the bag that laid near her feet with her still good hand.


She was shivering on the cold, dank cell floor, trying to keep from falling asleep when the door opened and shut quietly.

Big, rough blue eyes walked up and bowed in front of her.

"Happy 17th birthday, mistress."

"Libby, what are you doing here, they'll kill you."

Libby was the only remaining house elf from her mother's old manor, now housing her nightmare of a cousin.

"Mistress, I wished to see you one last time before I died and I believe that my gift for your coming of age will be your only one, or the only one that will benefit you."

The elf pushed medium sized, leather bag until it hit her mistress' leg. Opening it, the girl found clothes, her mother's wand, some food, her mother's cloak and a bag of money. Hazel eyes shot up into the elf's and she whispered

"Libby, I don't how to thank you."

"Run and be free madam. If your mother knew of your cousin's plans, she would be spitting fire. May the gods protect you. Happy birthday, mistress."

With that Libby was gone and the door opened again, only with the prisoner fleeing, tears in her eyes.

End flashback

Pulling the cloak from the bag, she managed to get it secured around her neck before standing & heading in the direction that her mother's wand was pointing.

Two days later

She was walking in another field, nearly crying from pain, but she didn't rest until she had to, wanting to arrive at Diagon Alley as soon as possible, begging that her cousin wasn't there.

Finally, she had to rest, pain radiating up her arm. Breathing heavy as she sat, she felt the blood flow from her reopened wound, causing more spikes of pain to shoot through her body.

She could hear her father's Irish voice as she tried to catch her breath.

"Now Rain, where is your head? Just use magic to heal your wounds, you silly twit!"

"Easier said then done, father. You never taught me how to before you died, you prat." Rain whispered back to her father's memory.

Finally giving up, she ate a little of the food that was in the bag , resting for only an hour before she started walking again, arm resting a crude sling against her chest. Finally, around dusk, she arrived at the edge of a village, only to see it in flames.

"What the hell? I'm getting out of here." She whispered, turning sharply.

Only she ran into the chest of a taller body. When she looked up, a male voice chuckled behind a white mask.

"Oh Shit." Rain hissed, backing up.

"Where do you think your going, huh?" The man said, grabbing her.

Rain cried out in pain as his hand pulled her broken wrist from the sling. Using what was left of her strength, she kicked him and ran off, towards her bag. She had just gotten it on her good arm when a well aimed spell hit her back and she collapsed directly on her injured wrist, causing her to cry out.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Got a lot of spirit in her doesn't she? Let's take her to the Dark Lord."

Two sets of hands brought her up and Rain could see that six others surrounded her. The one who she had kicked had removed his mask and she could see cold, blue eyes staring at her with viciousness, reminding her too much of her cousin.

"Avery, you dolt! Put your mask back on, before I make you!"

"Ah shut it Malfoy!" But the man, Avery, put the mask on with a wave of his wand.

The other, Malfoy walked forward and cupped Rain's cheek. "Pretty, little thing."

"Get your hands off of me, Deatheater!" Rain spat, sneering at the man, trying to mask her pain as anger.

"Yes, I think the Dark Lord might have fun with her. Let's go, our work here is done." Malfoy said.

At once, the now group of twenty disappeared, taking Rain and three others along. They appeared in front of man that had Rain thinking

"Not again."

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