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Chapter 12:

Two days later, Rain walked back into Hogwarts with Draco & Harry flanking her, voices and spirits light, telling the occupants that the three had no idea that the great leader of the light was gone and knowing the boy-who-lived would need to know, Lavender Brown walked up, very teary eyed, to the trio.

"Harry, I need to tell you someth-" She was interrupted when 'Maria' giggled, hands covering her abdomen.

"Guys, I refuse to call my child something like Annabelle or Douglas, so drop it! Oh I'm sorry Lavender, you were saying something?" Rain said sweetly, her brown orbs smiling at the pathetic witch.

"Headmaster Dumbledore is gone. He-who-must-not-be-named and some evil bitch of a woman killed him!"

Three sets of eyes widened and the smiles dropped. Rain let any emotion drop from her eyes, while she talked with Tom, who was slowly working his way to Hogwarts grounds. Harry masked his glee at the obviously heart broken Lavender while Draco sneered at the witch. Eventually, Lavender walked away, leaving three grinning actors who quickly moved to the Great Hall, sitting in there normal seats, noting that Severus looked torn between fake grief and relief that Albus was finally gone.

Rain was on high alert, knowing that far too many eyes watched her. She knew that most where Death Eater children, letters clutched in their hands with words from parents, confirming the rumors that were flowing through the ancient halls. She also knew that many other eyes were from others, namely the old members of the 'golden trio' and a few remaining Gryffindors that knew she and her brothers were gone for the last three days. She exchanged the briefest of looks with the Potion's Master just as the doors to the Great Hall burst open.

This spurred her, Harry, & Draco into action, the latter shielding the Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff & Slytherin table while Harry shielded him, his mate & his sister while Rain disarmed the staff table, excluding Severus. Screams filled the air with the combined force of the Death Eater children disarming the students around them and the sight of Lord Voldemort walking into the castle, the full force of Death Eaters behind him. Professor McGonagall was trembling with shock and fear from her seat in the middle of the staff table while Rain smiled at her husband, who stopped in front of her, holding out a pale hand for her to take, which she did.

Gliding forward, Rain shed her robes in a series of winding magical lights that refreshed her appearance and put her into a jet-black dress that hugged her curves. As if on cue, the second her hand slid into his own, his glamours dropped, causing half of the crowd to gasp, recognizing him instantly.

"Listen and listen well, you pathetic fools: You're precious headmaster is dead and you will find that I am not him nor is my husband. You would gag yourself if you knew of what Albus really was." Rain said, moving forward to stand on the steps.


But her actions were stopped when a stinging hex sent her to the floor, landing at Rain's feet, wand snapped under her own weight. The dark queen laughed quietly to herself as she moved down, trapping the bushy haired witch to the ground with a well-placed foot on her neck.

Rain's brown orbs started gaining red rings again as she stared down at Hermione while Harry glared down Ron, who had moved like he was going to stop her but froze under the Emerald stare. "I'm going to enjoy this far too much." Rain hissed, whipping her wand out, a deadly curse striking the witch under foot.

Ten minutes later, Rain looked up to find Tom smirking at her before pulling her away until they stood in front of the staff table. Severus stood, bowed and moved to stand with the rest of the Death Eaters. Rain exchanged small smiles with her brothers as they moved up the stairs until they stood next to her & Tom before lacing her fingers with her husbands as he began talking to the students.


Rain was sitting in Tom's chair, glaring down at the squirming man held down by three hundred Death Eater wands. She was slouched, not caring who saw the dark queen; her appearance was already disheveled and she was in a state of shock. Severus had tried to best calm her, but all he had done was cause her to throw books at his head and leave with half of his robe burned to a crisp and giggling shadow that slipped into Rain's room before the door closed.

Her brown eyes were locked on Wormtail, who was bleeding profusely from many wounds on his body. A small, warm hand slid into hers and she looked down to see her daughter move up next to her, her matching brown eyes locked on the dying Death Eater, red eyes telling Rain that she had been crying, spurring the dark queen's movements.

"You have only once chance: tell me right now why you sold my husband and my brother out to the light rebellion?" She said, standing.

Her disheveled look only caused the anxiety for the rat to rise, but he answered, his voice shaky.

"You don't understand, the boy, the red head, he called in a debt, since Harry Potter gave that up, Weasley took it as his own. I had no choice in helping them."

"Why does that sound horribly familiar?" Harry said, walking over, his eyes piercing holes into the rat's skull.

Before Wormtail could answer, Rain attacked, cursing him so his screams filled the hall. Bellatrix looked to see the princess in distress over the sound, so she launched forward, pulling Rain's arms back, breaking the spell.

"BELLATRIX, release me now!" Rain hissed.

"Forgive me, my queen, but do not sully your hands with this traitor's death and attend to the princess. She is distress by his sight and should not be here." Bellatrix replied.

Rain relaxed, slipping out of the witch's grasp, looking over at her daughter, who was huddled against her father's chair. Turning back to the blackest witch she knew, she whispered her orders before leaving the hall with her daughter

"Deal with him."

Back in her quarters, Rain was curled up on the bed, fresh tears spilling as her daughter sat next to her, curled into her mother's chest.

Why were the Riddle women crying? Simple but none the less heart breaking; Through a well thought out and executed plan, the Light Rebellion had succeeded in poisoning both Tom Riddle and Draco Malfoy, four months pregnant with his second child, killing all three and the main reason why they were dead was being tortured in the hall below them.

"Mama, please stop crying, it causes stress for your body and madam Pomfrey said that any more stress could harm you and my little brother."

Rain held back a sob as she ran her fingers through her daughter's short brown hair before kissing her cheek. "Wise beyond your age, my dear Catherine, aren't you? Very well, I'll stop crying, if only to keep you happy." She whispered in response, pulling Catherine against her chest before both fell into sleep.

Three hours later found Rain on a familiar balcony, looking over Riddle Manor's grounds, mind going over the last seven years. They had successfully taken over Hogwarts, many turning after finding out exactly what Albus Dumbledore had been, many staying neutral and the rest of the splinter group hid away, plotting revenge.

The take over of the Ministry had been smooth and soon the wizarding world was functioning efficiently, so much so that only after a six months of Tom taking over there had been peace with all wizarding citizens, surprisingly little violence between "dark" & "light" families. Relative harmony & stability had come over the European Wizarding world, the only disturbance was the random "attacks" from the light resistance, but no one truly supported them, so the rebellion could never stay out of hiding for long. But after three years of no movement from the rebellion, they struck hard, taking both Rain & Harry's mates from them, coming close to taking Catherine captive, Severus acting quickly killing her would be kidnapper, smirking when Percy Weasley lay dead at his feet.

Now she was left standing alone in a home that seemed far too empty now that Tom was gone, despite her daughter sleeping, curled up with her father's pillow or the baby boy she carried now. Harry was left with a four-year-old son; the only thing keeping his sanity was Jacob, who looked like a mini Draco, except for his piercing green eye and gray eye (left: green, right: gray). The only thing that Rain had to hold onto beyond her children was the fact that she refused to allow her husbands work to fail.

Turning to the room again, she found Catherine rubbing sleep from her eyes. She was holding her father's wand tight in her hand before she dropped it, running into her mother's, openly crying in front of anyone for the first time, her mask dropping like a stone. Rain held her promise and didn't cry, only held her sobbing daughter tight against her chest, praying that the next few weeks would be uneventful, allowing both Riddle women to mourn properly.

Unknown to any, there was havoc in the heavens; many angry at the death of Fate's son. Huge amounts of eyes watched the Riddle heir with intense fascination, already weaving her destiny as Fate tried to comfort her ailing daughter.

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