Marie walked with Will as casually as possible. She was wearing a dress at the moment but no one needed to know she was wearing trousers underneath. And thankfully, she wasn't forced to wear a corset like Elizabeth. They approached the awning they saw Norrington and Elizabeth's father standing next to Elizabeth. They went into the crowd and listened as they read his offenses.

"Jack Sparrow , be it known that you have,"

" Captain, Captain Jack Sparrow" Marie saw him mouth.

"…for your willful commission of crimes against the crown. Said crimes being numerous in quantity and sinister in nature, the most egregious of these to be cited herewith piracy, smuggling, impersonating an officer of the Spanish Royal Navy, impersonating a cleric of the Church of England,"

Jack smiled at the memory and Marie smiled at the idea of him impersonating a clergyman.

"…sailing under false colors, arson, kidnapping, looting, poaching, brigandage, pilfering, depravity, depredation, and general lawlessness. And for these crimes you have been sentenced to be, on this day, hung by the neck until dead. May God have mercy on your soul."

Will and Marie saw the Cotton's parrot. The signal. Marie snuck over to the gallows and saw Will approach Norrington and her father. She stepped just out of sight and quickly slipped out of her dress, and pulled down her hair. The undertaker put the noose around Jack's neck. He blinked when he realized she was standing next to him.

"Marie…?" he asked softly,

She put a finger to her lips trying to stop him from ruining the plan. Marie looked over to see Elizabeth fake a faint. She saw Will charging through the crowd. She and Will both shouted as loud as possible,


Will threw his sword through the bottom of the gallows just as Jack was dropped, effectively giving Jack footing and catching his fall. Marie jumped on top of the steps and cut the rope from Jack's neck and hands while Will dealt with the undertaker. She helped him to his feet. They all three fought their way to front gate but were stopped when they were cornered by guards.

" I thought we might have to endure some manner of ill-conceived escape attempt but not from you two." Norrington said.

"On our return to Port Royal, I granted you clemency. And this is how you thank me? By throwing in your lot with him? He's a pirate!" Elizabeth's father said.

"And a good man." Will said proudly.

"Agreed." Marie said just as proud. Jack then proceeded to mouth, 'That's me' and point at himself. Marie shook her head at him and clasped his hand,

"If all I have achieved here is that the hangman will earn two pairs of boots instead of one, so be it. At least my conscience will be clear." Will finished.

"Do you mean three pairs…?" Marie asked.

"Erm, yes three." He corrected.

"You forget your place, Turner." Norrington said testily.

" It's right here, between you and Jack." Will said,

"And me." Marie put in.

"And Marie." Will added.

"As is mine." Elizabeth said in agreement.

"Elizabeth!" her father exclaimed, "Lower your weapons. For goodness sake put them down!" the guards lowered their weapons reluctantly.

"So this is where your heart truly lies, then?" Norrington asked Elizabeth.

"It is." She said.

Marie pointed out the parrot to Jack and he brightened up immediately saying,

"Well! I'm actually feeling rather good about this. I think we've all arrived at a very special place, eh? Spiritually, Ecumenically, Grammatically." He said to Norrington, "I want you to know that I was rooting for you, mate. Know that." He looked at Elizabeth and said, "Elizabeth, it would never have worked between us, darling. I'm sorry."

"Moving on…" Marie said.

He then looked at Will and said, "Will, nice hat." He then stepped onto the balcony addressing everyone, "Friends! This is the day that you will always remember as the day that-" he then fell over the side.

Marie rolled her eyes,

"…you almost caught Jack Sparrow."

"Captain." Will corrected.

She nodded and pulled Elizabeth and Will into a quick hug and then saluted the group before jumping off the side. Jack and Marie swam to the Black Pearl and were pulled over the side,

"I thought you were supposed to keep to the Code." Jack said to Gibbs,

"Hang the code." Marie said exasperated.

Jack grinned at this and said softly,

"That's my girl."

Anamaria walked over and put Jack's coat around his shoulder's saying,

"Captain Sparrow, the Black Pearl is yours."

Jack looked across the helm with a content look on his face. He blinked as if suddenly realizing they were all watching him shouted,

"On deck, you scabrous dogs! Man the braces! Let down and haul to run free. Now...bring me that horizon."

He looked over and smiled when he saw Marie glaring at Anamaria. He pulled her to him and asked,

"That wouldn't happen to be your jealous side showing again would it?"

"I still have no idea what you talking about." she said not looking at him.

"What's wrong?" He asked,

"Well, what now? You invited me to help Will and you on his quest to find the Black Pearl. Well now it's found and the adventure is over. Where does that leave me?"

"The adventure isn't over love, it's just begun. I have a whole life of adventures ahead of me," he watched her look away. He turned her face to look at him and finished softly, "and I want you at my side. Having em with me…what say you to that?" Marie smiled at him and said,


He pulled her to stand in front of him and he reached around her to turn the wheel of the ship gently. He hummed a tune she immediately recognized and they both began to sing softly,

"… and really bad eggs, drink up, me 'hearties, yo ho."