Summary: She's smart, kind and pretty, suppressed, reserved and afraid; afraid of change, of a new beginning. She dreams of better times, but how can those dreams come true when she's too afraid to make them come true? Change is inevitable, but you can make the outcome happen for better or worse. Hitsuhina.

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Song: Mienai Chizu (Invisible Map) - Card Captor Sakura

Chapter 1 – Similar Differences
"The most difficult of obstacles to clear often yields the greatest reward." – Snowy Peach Tsubasa

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella. She was a compassionate soul at the mercy of bitter jealously. For countless of hours manual labour was forced upon her. Her hands were red from blisters gained through endless chores and her feet ached from running about the large mansion every day. She did everything from preparing breakfast to washing clothes, making beds and sweeping floors. Whenever she failed to cook, clean or fix, she would be at the mercy of a beating or whipping.

She was a slave to physical abuse.

In a quiet house situated in Karakura Town, there lived a girl named Momo Hinamori. In many ways Momo and Cinderella were very much alike and different. Momo was a beautiful soul at the mercy of twisted discipline. For countless of hours mental labour was forced upon her. Her mind was constantly fatigued from studying and her eyes screamed for closure after staring at words upon words. She studied everything from chemistry to history, music and Japanese. Whenever she failed to memorise, recite or perfect, she would be at the mercy of disapproval and scorn.

She was a slave to mental abuse.

Open the invisible map, and look for a reason to live
The true light is hidden somewhere

And when you reach unknown surroundings
When you're lost and let down you can poke your way out

Bring Bring! Bring Bring!

The alarm clock buzzed noisily on the bedside table, vibrating itself closer to the edge. Momo sleepily opened her eyes, not from her bed, but from her brown study desk. She gently pulled off a page that stuck to her cheek and tiredly rose to shut the noise. After pressing the button, she picked up the clock and stared at its face until it was no longer blurry. It was 6:30.

Suppressing a yawn, Momo grabbed her uniform and made her way towards the bathroom at the end of the hall. Despite having parents who made ridiculously large annual incomes, she lived in a modest house. Her father was a prestigious lawyer, her mother was one of the best surgeons in Western Japan, and she was their only child. Even though Momo had enough money in her account to live comfortably for the rest of her life, she was not raised in the easy boat. Laziness was foreign to the Hinamori household; her parents had pounded that fact into her.

Momo did agree with her parents on some level. She enjoyed being productive, but she knew that there was a difference between laziness and relaxation; something her parents never figured out. As she turned on the hot water, she vaguely wondered if she would ever get to truly relax under this roof. The bathroom quickly filled with steam and the scent of shampoo was thick in the atmosphere.

She turned off the water, wrapped a towel around herself and wiped away a circle in the fogged up mirror. She stared at her reflection for a minute before turning away to get dressed. As she opened the door, she heard the front one slam shut. So her parents finally left.

You can find your sparkle and leave your troubles behind you
Even lost in a labyrinth, there is a way out!

Open the invisible map, and look for a reason to live
You'll find the true light somewhere...

Momo trudged down the flight of stairs and into the kitchen, where she was greeted cheerfully by Kikuno, the house maid. She was in her early twenties with long purple hair that was currently styled into a messy French braid. Her job here was only part-time but Momo wished she could stay forever. Kikuno was the only person in the house that treated Momo like a human rather than a computer. She was her solace.

"Good morning Lil Peach!"

"Good morning Kikuno."

"Huh? What's wrong? You look so tired."

"I had to stay up studying again."

"Again?" Kikuno's face softened and her voice became more serious. "Momo, you can't keep doing things like that."

"But that's what father and mother wanted. I'll be kicked out if I don't listen."

"They're so closed-minded."

"Don't say that in front of them or you'll be fired!"

Kikuno sighed and then reverted back to her cheerful self. "Okay! Well let's not talk about that. Would making breakfast help my Lil Peach cheer up?"

Momo nodded and went over to the cupboards, taking out various pots and pans. Kikuno sat down on a chair. "This makes me wonder if I should even get paid for cooking."

Momo smiled at Kikuno's words but didn't say anything. It was true; whenever the chance to cook came to Momo, she gratefully took it. She loved cooking. There was no other way to describe it. Momo loved how anything was possible, how there were limitless possibilities. She could go wild with ingredients and experiment with different combinations. She was free to explore, free to make mistakes and grow from them. Cooking was her passion.

Momo turned off the stove and slid a plate with three golden crepes over to Kikuno, who was at the ready with a fork and knife. She dug into it with gusto while Momo calmly ate hers. After setting down her fork, Momo glanced up at the clock. She pushed back her chair and took her empty plate to the kitchen.

"I'm leaving now Kikuno," she said as she walked out of the kitchen.

"Bye Lil Peach!"

Someday you'll understand the reason behind these confusing days
Give me the strength I want to exchange tears for courage

In this town there are fragments of dreams
Infinity is overflowing, right?
Close your eyes and run away from yesterday!

Momo slowly walked down the concrete path. It wasn't because school was horrible. In fact, it was ten times better than being at home. However to Momo, being outside was better than anything in the world.

At school she was known as quiet but kind and at the top of every subject. There were times when she drew unwanted attention, especially because of her intelligence, but she took it all in stride. After all, to put it bluntly, they were ignorant people who liked to make themselves feel better by degrading others. But all that was made up for in the form of her group. Granted, she only ever talked readily with Rangiku, but the others were all drawn to the kindness that seemed to emanate from her. In turn they treated her like one of their own.

Ever since she was young, Momo was taught to never become distracted from her academic achievements. Her parents were extremely strict, never allowing their daughter to interact with others for just that reason. Soon her voice died. Therefore, throughout Momo's primary education, she was known as the avoidant nerd who couldn't talk to save her life. The other students would tease and pick on her and she never spoke a word about it.

When she passed her seventh year, she expected junior high to be the same. At first it was; it seemed maturity eluded most people. Perhaps junior high would have been the same if Momo hadn't met a girl named Rangiku Matsumoto. She was the most talkative person in the entire school and a social butterfly to the extreme. When she introduced herself to Momo, the silent girl ignored her like all the others, expecting the energetic blonde to just give up and label her.

She didn't. Rangiku chatted away to Momo, never getting tired of the one sided conversation. Some of her endless cheerfulness leaked into Momo and when she spoke her first word to another in many years, the two became inseparable. It took the best part of three years for Momo to open up to Rangiku. She still kept a lot to herself, such as her home life, but nevertheless, they became solid proof to the term "opposites attract".

Move away from yesterday, face tomorrow
You'll brighten your heart of your own free will, straight ahead...


Rangiku popped out of nowhere and latched onto Momo's arm. "How are you going today?"

"I'm fine I guess."

"Good! You can help me with homework! Or better yet, just give me that brain of yours!"

The two laughed and walked through the front gates. Rangiku busily greeted her friends from all over the yard, shouting over Momo's head. They took their usual seats in the back corner next to the windows. Rangiku immediately started up a conversation with Rukia, who was sitting in front of her. They were in the middle of their daily gossiping session with Momo quietly listening when a voice interrupted them.

"Mornin' girls."

The three looked up to see Gin, Izuru and Renji sitting down on the chairs of surrounding desks. Rangiku and Rukia threw back their own greeting and Momo gave them a tiny smile. A few times she would speak, albeit very quietly, but most of the time she let her eyes do the talking. Opening a closed door is often difficult, especially when it's been closed for almost an entire lifetime.

The class was noisily chattering away when the door slid open. The homeroom teacher, Jushiro Ukitake came in with a bright smile.

"Alright! Settle down please!"

The class immediately became quiet and students sat down at the respective desks. It was amazing really, how he commanded such respect from the students.

"We have a new student coming in today. Please make him feel welcomed."

As if on cue, the door slid open once again and a boy with shockingly white hair and dazzling emerald eyes walked in. He surveyed the class with semi-bored eyes and stood in the spot Ukitake-sensei directed him to.

"This is Toshiro Hitsugaya. He recently arrived here from Natsunawa Town. Hmmm, ah! There's a free seat next to Renji Abarai. He's the one with the red hair. Not hard to miss!" Ukitake-sensei patted Toshiro good naturedly on the shoulder.

As Toshiro was walking to his seat, Momo looked up at the exact time he looked over in her direction. Their eyes locked for a split second before Momo quickly looked back down. She heard the scraping of the chair being pulled back and sighed.

Just great. She had a feeling that this Toshiro Hitsugaya would make things...different. That he was going to make things change. The only question was: would it be for the better or worse?

Open the invisible map and catch the light
You'll definitely find the true shine
Who wouldn't yield to such cherished dreams?
Surely now if you flap your wings, your heart will come flying
But I won't lose my way
I will fly high
Never-ending dream...

Maybe it was time Momo's door was given a good shove.

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