Wolf Signal Chapter Eighteen: Old Tricks to New Starts by Lumendea/ CharmingSlayer

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The Doctor groaned and knocked the door of the vault with his hand before he flinched and shook his hand. Behind him Rose sighed and chuckled.

"I always figured Jack would lock us in a room together someday."

"Trickery!" The Doctor shouted, "And using Jenny to do it!"

"I doubt he had to twist her arm," Rose told him and she sat down and leaned against the wall, "We made it easy on them. Jenny lures Daddy out of the TARDIS to show him some cool Torchwood toy and Jack wants my opinion on a device, next thing you know the door is shut and we're locked into a room filled with Torchwood's little treasures." She shook her head and laughed, letting her body relax against the wall.

"Sonic screwdriver," the Doctor told her with a sharp look, "You haven't forgotten that?!"

"I doubt Jack would lock you in here with it," Rose said with a smirk, "Jenny took it off of you I bet."

The Doctor frowned as he dug into his pockets and twisted his body in order to reach through the extra large dimensional pockets. He huffed and straightened up, "Oh we can get out of here in no time even without my sonic screwdriver," the Doctor said pulling on his glasses, "All sorts of alien technology in here."

"Anything that will open the door and not kill us."

The Doctor examined the various gadgets with a thoughtful look.

"Also remember that they will probably let us out in less time than it would take you to build something new out of whatever that junk is and then Jack will make you fix it or build Torchwood something."

"What Jack wants isn't that," the Doctor muttered.

"Sit down and we'll wait it out, Jenny will get bored waiting for us."

"We could always snog," the Doctor said, his face brightening, "They'd probably let us out after that."

Rose gave him a look and raised her eyebrow at him, a small smile playing at the edges of her lips.

"Oh..." the Doctor paused, "I said that out loud didn't I?"

Rose nodded and her smile escaped her control, blossoming into a full grin right before she started to giggle. The Doctor grinned widely at her before he walked over and plopped onto the ground next to her. Tucking his hands behind his head, he leaned back against the wall.

"I should be very worried about Jack teaching Jenny these kinds of tricks."

"She's her father's daughter," Rose informed him, "I doubt she needed a lot of help. God knows Donna never did, John spent half of her childhood getting that girl out of trouble." Rose's smile dropped away and she turned thoughtful, "I know you're not John, Doctor."

"I know that."

"Intellectually you do," Rose said, "But emotionally you don't really believe that. There is a difference between the two and it means everything in how life is lived and things are decided. You know that I'm aware of you not sharing the history I did with John, you accept this as true fact in your head, but the other part of you doubts it, that part that you have spent almost a thousand years keeping on a tight leash."

She turned her head to look at him and examine him carefully, "You asked me to help him when you left us at Bad Wolf Bay. It took time and patience for both of us. He had to both intellectually and emotionally accept that I really was happy there with him and could let go of my life with you." Rose paused and took a breath, "Part of me would really like to pretend we can just pick back up again and maybe even fulfill all that potential that we always had between us, but we can't."

The Doctor opened his mouth to start to object without really thinking about it, but Rose raised a hand to his mouth.

"We can't," She repeated firmly and she lowered her hand, "And it would come out badly if we tried despite what Jenny and Jack would like to think. We don't really know each other right now, you are different from John, but I'd have a hard time defining those differences and understanding them if we tried to start a romantic relationship now."

"So," the Doctor swallowed, "I'll head off then, you'll talk to Jenny-"

"We don't have to go that far," Rose said gently, "If you'd like a friend to travel with, someone who can handle it and handle you I certainly wouldn't mind doing coming for the ride."

"So friends then."

"Friends for now," Rose told him, "When the time is right we'll get there again, but that time isn't now."

"Wisdom," The Doctor shook his head, "Rose Tyler, wonder of the universe."

"Well experience either kills you or makes you wise."

"So now we just have to wait for Jenny and Jack to let us out of here and then I'll start teaching Jenny to fly the TARDIS," The Doctor jumped to his feet and grinned, "This is going to be fantastic." He held out his hand for Rose's. She smiled, took his hand and let him help her to her feet.

They smiled at each other for a long moment, just before the door opened and revealed Jack who sighed dramatically.

"I was really hoping to get something more interesting on the audio than you two talking."

"Please tell you didn't," the Doctor shook his head, "Never mind you did, just tell me Jenny wasn't listening for the same noises you were."

"No kid wants to listen in on their parents Doctor, Jenny included," he looked at the two of them, "Well the classic locked in the room plan didn't work like I thought it would, but I suppose Rose leaving with you is step one."

"Yep!" The Doctor said with a grin just before he pulled Rose from the room and toward the TARDIS. "Jenny! Get into the TARDIS and don't forget my sonic screwdriver!"

Jenny jumped from Jack's desk and ran into the main room. She stopped long enough to hug Martha and Jack before stepping into the TARDIS. Jack laughed as he heard Jenny shout from the inside, "I know you told me, but I still can't quite believe it. It really is bigger on the inside."

"Yes yes," The Doctor said, "Shut the door and I'll start teaching you to fly her."

The door slid shut quickly and the TARDIS demateralized a moment later.

Rose Tyler backed away from the console to lean against the railings as the Doctor took his daughter's hands and placed them gently on certain controls. His total focus was on Jenny and the controls and the girl was completely focused on the instructions she was being given. Rose tightened her grip on the rail as the TARDIS jerked as Jenny had a move too fast. The Doctor quickly corrected it and helped ease the girl's hands back into the proper positions. Jenny grinned widely as the Doctor slowly took his hands off of hers and pointed to the make instrument she needed to use.

The Doctor looked up and over at Rose. Her smile was soft, full of a warm affection for both himself and Jenny, but different than one's he had seen before. He didn't know that smile yet, didn't understand what it meant or what she was thinking when she smiled it. Still, he had time to learn that. A sharp cry from Jenny made him return his attention to his daughter and tell her about compensating for time distortions in the vortex. Jack had remarked about him having a family with Rose and Jenny, but there was a lot of work to do, both as a teacher and a student. He need to teach Jenny what being a Time Lady really meant, and he had to relearn Rose Tyler all over again if he was going to get that family. It sounded like a great adventure and there was no time like the present.