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Chapter 22: Kawarimi no Jutsu

Kimimaro looked up when the bell clanged across the door. Naruto waved as he entered the bookstore. "Let me put a few things down in the back room, then I'll be right up front to help!"

Kimimaro nodded. After years of unrequited love that he had spent working with Gaara, he found working with Naruto…bright. Naruto's bright hair, bright eyes, bright smile, bright clothes…it could be a little overwhelming after working with someone as sullen as Gaara for so long.

But Gaara…that night they spent on the boardwalk, Gaara had admitted his love for Sasuke. The admission had come as a shock, but it made perfect sense to Kimimaro. After all, who would fall for an albino with a bone disease? He was foolish to have thought Gaara had felt something for him.

Gloomy and heartsick, Kimimaro forced himself to find work to do. He printed out a copy of their inventory and headed toward the fiction section to cross check the stock.

Naruto emerged from the back room nearly ten minutes later, two cups of fresh coffee in his hands. He looked around for several more minutes before he finally found Kimimaro hunched over, pen in hand, scanning the bottom row of books in the "B" section.

"What are you doing?"

Kimimaro accepted the coffee gratefully. "Taking stock. It hasn't been done in a few months."

"That's because it's a horrible task that no one should attempt of their own free will. In fact, it should be put off until Iruka threatens us, then put off even longer until he actually goes through with his threats."

"I want a distraction."

Naruto drained half his coffee. "Fuck, I can distract you! What do you want me to do? I'll dance, I'll sing, hell, I'll even try my hand at backflips."

Kimimaro couldn't help but crack a smile. Naruto had that effect on people. "It's all right. I don't mind working on this. I…I need a boring, mindless task to focus on right now, so I'm not stuck in my own head."

"Stuck in your own head, huh? That sounds all too familiar." Naruto grabbed the pages for the shelves behind Kimimaro so they could work side by side. He found Kimimaro was right: the mindlessness of the task really worked as a fantastic distraction. They slowly crawled from shelf to shelf, checking through names and numbers, highlighting any discrepancies, finding the missing book halfway down another shelf, going back to add the missing book into the inventory…

And not even a customer coming into the shop to break this monotony, Naruto thought to himself.

Kimimaro finally broke the silence. "Naruto. You and Sasuke…really broke up?"

Naruto cast a look behind him, wondering where Kimimaro might take this. "Yeah. Yeah, we did."

When Kimimaro didn't continue, Naruto prompted, "Why?"

Kimimaro looked pained, like he couldn't decide if he wanted to continue. "Well…have Gaara and Sasuke…gotten together?"

Beyond surprised, Naruto could only manage, "What?"

A deep blush crept up Kimimaro's neck and face, stark against his white hair. "Well, you know… Gaara really likes Sasuke, so I thought…" He turned away, clearly embarrassed of what he was suggesting.

"Um, no. No, they're not together." When Naruto saw Kimimaro physically relax, he thought he had a pretty clear picture of what was happening. He thought back to all the shift changes Kimimaro had asked for, to work with Gaara. He also remembered the kiss he witnessed between the two of them on the boardwalk. Eager to put his mind at ease, Naruto added, "Gaara confided in me that he is trying to settle his feelings with Sasuke, so if you want him, he's all yours."

If Kimimaro's face turned any redder, a passerby might suspect he had turned into a tomato. "No, that's not… I mean… He would never be interested in me…"

Naruto clapped a hand on Kimimaro's shoulder. "You never know until you ask! If you want, I could casually drop a word—"

"No!" Kimimaro snapped. "Please! He can't know—"

Naruto held his hands in front of him defensively. "All right, all right, I won't say anything."

Before they could continue their conversation, the bell on the front door chimed, announcing the arrival of a customer. Naruto moved to intercept, but paused. To Kimimaro, he said, "I'm staying with Gaara for the time being. If you would like to…come hang out with me after work, I wouldn't mind." He smiled knowingly and went to help the customer.

Kimimaro chewed his tongue as he thought about what Naruto had said. If he used the excuse to hang out with Naruto, Gaara would never suspect that Kimimaro was actually tagging along to spend time with the redhead.

Memories of his time spent with Gaara splashed across his mind. Most of their time had been spent working at the bookstore. Neither being big on mindless conversation, a large portion of their time working had been spent in silence or discussing work-related matters.

He thought about their time spent on the boardwalk about a month ago, his lips still tingling at the memory of their kiss.

His favorite memory, however, was of the time Gaara brought him to the hospital, as odd as that sounded. Most people who saw his bone spur flare-ups were either disgusted or held a sick fascination which made him uncomfortable. Gaara seemed to care more about Kimimaro getting treatment than anything else. In fact, he didn't once ask about the disease, and what he did know was learned from the questions from the doctor that Kimimaro answered. And when the albino had removed his shirt, Gaara didn't even wince at the sight of the bone spurs along his ribcage pushing against his skin. In fact, he had been much more interested in his hip bone piercings…

…and had shown him his Prince Albert in return.

The blush crept back to his cheeks, the sight of such a delicious piercing forever burned in his memory. He also very clearly remembered Gaara had not been wearing underwear that day.

Gaara himself had been channel surfing as he waited for Naruto or his siblings to return home. He hated slow days and regretted that he wasn't working today. He had half a mind to swing by the bookstore and hang out until Naruto's shift ended.

His feet had taken him halfway to the bookstore before he even realized he had decided to go. Though it was quite a long walk to the bookstore, he preferred the quiet of the sidewalks to the commotion of the public bus. He passed Naruto's apartment along his way, wondering if the Uchiha's were home. He loitered in front of the building for a few minutes, debating on whether he should go knock on Sasuke's door, before continuing on to the bookstore. He and Naruto had just mended their relationship, so he decided he probably shouldn't do something that would jeopardize it so soon.

When he entered the store, he noticed Naruto and Kimimaro in the fiction section together around the "R"s. Naruto paused to say something to the albino before coming to the front of the store to greet him.

"Gaara!" Naruto cried happily. "Thank fuck you're here! Kimimaro and I have been running inventory all morning."

"…Why? Iruka never said anything."

"Ehh… We wanted a way to distract ourselves."

Gaara snorted. "Whatever, idiot. Is Kimimaro still working on it? I'll get him to snap out of it."

As Gaara approached him, Kimimaro seemed lost in his own world. There was a faint redness around his cheeks and neck, and Gaara was worried for a moment that he may have a bone spur acting up. He waved his hand in front of his face. "Kimimaro? You alright?"

"Ah!" He jumped, noticed Gaara, and immediately composed himself. "Gaara, what are you doing here? You're not working today."

He shrugged. "I was bored. I heard you're checking our stock of your own free will. Sounds awful. You should stop."

"I'm trying to…distract myself."

Gaara was suddenly painfully aware of the memory of how Kimimaro all but threw himself at the redhead that night on the boardwalk. 'Fuck me,' he had proclaimed. And Gaara would have, too, if Naruto, Kiba, and Shino hadn't scared him off. Thinking back, the timing had been terrible from Kimimaro's end, but it was also plain to see that the white-haired boy had harbored a deep, unrequited love for him for a long, long time.

Naruto appeared at their side. "I was thinking we should close the bookstore early and grab something to eat. And before anyone says anything, we're eating ramen, so if you don't like it, don't come."

They closed up shop and headed to Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto downed five bowls of beef ramen before he was satisfactorily full. Halfway through the third bowl, Iruka and Kakashi entered the store. Naruto waved them over to their table happily, and Iruka quickly obliged, anger clouding his features, while Kakashi headed straight to the bar.

"And what do we have here?" Iruka asked in a dangerous tone he usually only needed to use when talking with Naruto. "Here are my three bookstore employees happily enjoying noodles—with money made from said bookstore—yet I was under the impression that this little bookstore should be open for another hour and a half."

"Oh. Right." Naruto laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head and trying his best not to meet Iruka's eyes. "Well, you see, we were hungry, and, well, there were no customers at the store, so we all decided—"

Iruka cut him off. "You all decided, huh? Funny. It seems like Ichiraku Ramen would be your idea, Naruto."

More nervous laughter, more nervous scratching. "It is funny, isn't it?"

Usually, Iruka would not have hesitated to march Naruto right back to the store and tie him to the chair behind the register until his shift ended, but Kakashi returned with two cups of sake and a kiss.

"Iruka," he said gently. "These boys just want to have fun before they have to return to school and see your face for the rest of the year. It's bad enough you have be their boss, but you're their teacher as well."

Iruka was not placated. "Kimimaro graduated last year, Gaara is taking his test in two weeks to graduate early, and Naruto is taking his senior classes online this year. They have no excuse to cut work in order to see less of me. In fact"—he rounded on Kakashi, who calmly sipped his sake, pulling down his mask each time he wanted a drink—"that doesn't even make sense. Where in your perverted, tiny brain did that logic even—"

Another kiss, and Iruka quieted down.

"Iruka," Kimimaro said, "Naruto and I worked on inventory today."

Iruka beamed. "I didn't even have to ask! Kimimaro, you are a prime example of a perfect employee. And I don't believe for a second that Naruto willingly helped you in the slightest. Now, if only I could surround myself with more people like you…"

As Iruka prattled on and gushed over Kimimaro and Gaara while bashing Naruto and Kakashi, Naruto was trying to wheedle some sake from the masked man.

"Come on," he pleaded. "I'll be eighteen soon, so according to Konoha rules, I can legally drink. It's only a few more months…"

Kakashi held out his hand. "What will you give me in return?"

A light bulb flashed above Naruto's head, and a smirk spread across his face. "I know where Jiraiya is staying currently. I could poke around and see if I could maybe find the beginning of another Icha Icha book…"

Kakashi pondered this notion. He was friends with Jiraiya, but the old man never let him have sneak peeks at his books. This could be very interesting…

"Just so you know, it's very strong."

Strong was putting it mildly. One shot had Naruto almost falling out of his chair.

"Sip it, Naruto, don't shoot it."

Those words brought Iruka's attention back to his boyfriend and his student. "Kakashi, you didn't…"

Naruto couldn't keep the sloppy grin from his face. "Heeeyyy, Kakashiii… Let's finish drinking at your place!"

After the bill had been paid, Naruto loped after Kakashi and Iruka, who was trying his best to hold back the millions of lectures about to bubble forth. Kimimaro and Gaara watched the trio saunter off east down Hokage Way. When they were out of sight, Kimimaro hesitated. Should he head home alone, or ask Gaara if he any plans? Gaara watched him, pretty sure what Kimimaro was thinking and wondering what decision he would come to. When he still looked torn over a minute later, Gaara sighed.

"Well, come on."

Gaara walked west toward his apartment. Kimimaro followed.

"Where are we going?"

"To my apartment."

A fireball of excitement and nerves crashed into Kimimaro's stomach. He had wanted to ask to follow the redhead home, but had no idea how to begin that conversation. He couldn't believe Gaara had been the one to bring up the subject.

As they walked, Kimimaro remembered how foolishly he had acted on the boardwalk, practically begging Gaara to have sex with him. Did Gaara think he was a whore, that he asked just anyone for sex? But if he couldn't bring himself to ask to hang out at Gaara's home, there was no way he could start that conversation…

When Gaara opened the door to the apartment, Temari and Kankuro were still out. Most likely Temari was having girl's night out with Anko and Kurenai and would probably be back late, if at all. Kankuro would often crash at a friend's house close by wherever he was working the following day. Gaara checked his work schedule on the fridge and saw Kankuro would be working nearly an hour away from the apartment the next day, so his guess at where his brother was was probably correct.

"Looks like we're alone."

Gaara said it so casually, but Kimimaro felt his insides squeeze together. What could he mean by that?

Gaara collapsed on the couch and switched on the television, flipping through channels. Kimimaro rigidly sat down on the opposite end of the couch, eyes glued to the television. Gaara huffed at the behavior.

"Relax, man."

Easier said than done, Kimimaro thought to himself. He did try his best, though, and finally Gaara seemed satisfied.

Gaara finally stopped the channel on a nature program about animals of the desert. Kimimaro fidgeted with his phone, thumbing through his ten contacts over and over, organizing his thoughts into what he was about to say next. When he was finally ready, his words came out in a rush.

"Gaara, I know you love Sasuke, but I've loved you from afar for a long time. Please let me date you."

Not shocked, but also not having expected those words right at this moment, Gaara thought carefully about what he should say. "Kimimaro, it wouldn't be fair to you if I dated you while I put aside my feelings for Sasuke. When I've settled them, I wouldn't mind dating you."

"But what if you never settle your feelings?"

Gaara's eyes narrowed. "I will. I have to."

But Kimimaro wasn't persuaded. "I've loved you from afar for almost four years. I never even once thought about asking you out. But ever since our trip to the hospital, and I saw your…piercing…and then our kiss on the boardwalk…"

Fuck. Gaara had forgotten he had showed this love-lost puppy his Prince Albert. No wonder he had been so shaken lately.

"Please," Kimimaro continued. "You can…I don't mind if you pretend I'm Sasuke."

Ouch. That was not fair. Anger shot through Gaara. He grabbed Kimimaro roughly by the shoulders. "You'd better not fucking regret this."

He crushed their lips together, and Kimimaro gasped at the suddenness. Taking advantage of his parted lips, Gaara pushed his tongue into the albino's mouth. Kimimaro did not resist. For being shy when it came to talking about his feelings, he was not at all shy when it came to kissing back. Kimimaro pulled up at the hem of Gaara's shirt, and the pair broke apart briefly to remove their shirts.

Gaara pushed gently on Kimimaro's shoulders to have him lay down on the couch. Gaara leaned over to place light kisses across his collar bone. His hands moved down to Kimimaro's hips. He ran the ball of his thumb over the barbell of Kimimaro's hip bone piercing. His body responded to the eroticism of the piercings, and he felt his pants growing tight. Not sure how far Kimimaro was really willing to take this, however, he angled his crotch away from Kimimaro's leg so the albino wouldn't feel his growing hard-on.

The kisses became more heated. Kimimaro ran his hands along Gaara's body, surprised at how toned he was. He nipped at Gaara's bottom lip and was delighted when he heard the redhead moan. He snaked his hands along Gaara's chest, pausing to play with his nipples, which stiffened under his touch.

Gaara gasped when Kimimaro's mouth sucked hard on his throat. Unable to hold back any longer, despite his previously turbid feelings, Gaara grabbed Kimimaro under his ass and picked him up. Surprised, Kimimaro wrapped his legs around Gaara's waist to keep from slipping. Gaara nuzzled his head against Kimimaro's neck before carrying him to his bedroom. He dumped him backward on the bed and froze.

The pale boy's mouth was open in pleasure, a pink flush across his chest and face. Gaara watched his chest rise and fall as he tried to catch his breath. Kimimaro's white hair was spread out in a halo around his face, some pieces sticking to the sweat beading on his neck. Kimimaro let out a small moan, and Gaara felt his heart quicken.

Perhaps he could learn to love this boy after all…


Naruto stayed at Iruka's for a few hours, wondering if Kimimaro had gone to Gaara's place, his imagination running wild as he thought of what they might be doing. Iruka wouldn't let Naruto drink anything other than coffee while Kakashi downed beer after beer. Iruka himself had a few beers, after which he became flushed and giggly.

Though Naruto couldn't handle his liquor well, it never took him long to sober up. Soon enough his buzz wore off. He excused himself when he caught Kakashi and Iruka exchanging heated looks when they thought the blond wasn't watching.

He took the long way back to Gaara's apartment. He passed his own place, hoping against hope for a glimpse of Sasuke. He thought back sadly to what Itachi had said earlier, about how Sasuke hadn't been home in a few days. He wondered if this were a permanent thing, or if Sasuke just needed a break from his brother…and his ex-boyfriend.


That phrase hit Naruto harder than he had expected it to. Two tears escaped before he managed to regain his composure. His heart still ached for Sasuke. It just felt so right when they were together, like they stood still in a river of time as the world passed by around them.

His feet finally dragged him back to Gaara's. He took the stairs up to the fourth floor and used his spare key to let himself inside.

He was surprised that there were no lights on in the apartment, though the TV was on. He flipped on the entryway light and wondered if Gaara and Kimimaro had gone somewhere else—maybe to Kimimaro's place. He was tempted to call out the Sabaku siblings' names, but if Gaara had come back alone and fallen asleep, Naruto didn't want to wake him.

He walked to the TV to turn it off before poking his head into Temari and Kankuro's rooms. Both were empty. He pulled out his phone and texted the pair, asking if they would be home that night or if they were staying elsewhere. Finally, he poked his head in Gaara's room and froze.

Gaara was curled up beside Kimimaro, both wrapped in a comforter, and he was sound asleep. Naruto couldn't believe it! Gaara couldn't even fall asleep beside Temari or Kankuro. The only way Gaara could fall asleep was alone after days and days, or curled up next to Naruto.

Unable to suppress his smile, Naruto silently closed the bedroom door behind him. He felt his phone vibrate and saw Temari respond that she was staying at Anko's that night. Grabbing a quick shower, Naruto quietly crept back into Gaara's room, changed into fresh boxers, and let himself into Temari's room. He threw all the decorative pillows she horded onto the floor and curled up in her bed.

He took a picture of himself in Temari's bed holding his fingers in a peace sign and sent it to her. A few minutes later, she texted back a picture of herself pretending to make out with Anko. Naruto opened the drawer of her nightstand and took a picture of the countless sex toys lying within, with the message, "Which should I use first?" He lay back down in the bed, and before he checked again to see if she responded, he had fallen asleep.


When Naruto woke up the next morning, he checked his phone and couldn't help but laugh at the texts he had missed from Temari. There were several pointless pictures of close-ups of her face, but her retaliation text of the sex toy picture had been priceless. During girl's night out, Kurenai usually passed out hours before Anko and Temari were close to finishing partying. Somehow, Temari and Anko had managed to duct tape the poor woman to the ceiling of god-only-knows-where. There were three photos of the aftermath: one upon immediate completion, one of a furious Kurenai waking up, and the final taking place after they let Kurenai down.

He checked the rest of his texts and saw Kankuro had let him know that he was staying at a friend's house. A second text was a reminder from Kakashi that Naruto owed him a rough draft of Jiraiya's next Icha Icha novel.

Naruto tiptoed to Gaara's bedroom and pressed his ear against the door. Not hearing movement, he slowly opened the door. Gaara and Kankuro were right where the blond had left them. As he went to close the door behind him, Gaara's eyes fluttered open. He saw Naruto first and sat up in bed, stretching.

"Morning," he mumbled.

His movements brought Kimimaro out of his sleep. The white-haired boy seemed confused for a few minutes, unable to place where he was, before his memories caught up to him. When he saw Naruto hovering in the doorway, at least five sets of emotions crossed his face at once.

Grinning sheepishly, Naruto simply offered, "Breakfast?"

"Yes, please," Gaara said around a yawn.

When Naruto had made his way to the kitchen, Gaara turned to Kimimaro. "I slept," he said bluntly. "I don't sleep."

"What does that mean?" Kimimaro asked.

Gaara kissed Kimimaro on the cheek. "It means I like you." He sniffed the air. "God, it smells like sex in here. You can shower first, and I'll start a load of laundry. You can borrow some of my clothes, though they may be too small. If not, you can always borrow something from Kankuro or Naruto."

Gaara watched lecherously as Kimimaro walked around the room naked. Gaara felt himself stiffen under the bed sheets.


Gaara stood to help Kimimaro find something to wear, very much aware of the white-haired boy's gaze on his hard-on. Wondering if they could have a quickie while Naruto made breakfast, Kimimaro dashed those plans when, upon finding clothes from Gaara's "this laundry hasn't been sorted and could belong to anyone" pile, he quickly hurried into the bathroom between Temari and Gaara's rooms and locked the door behind him.

Gaara stripped the sheets from his bed, gathered up Kimimaro's clothes, and stuffed everything into the washing machine. He then helped himself to the bathroom in Kankuro's room.

By the time the two boys were showered and dressed, Naruto had already eaten his helping of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon. When Kimimaro finished in the bathroom, Naruto took his turn in the shower.

As Kimimaro and Gaara ate their breakfast, Kimimaro realized he had never had a "morning after" experience. He had slept with two men before this night but had left well before morning. Expecting awkward silence, he was startled when Gaara said, "Be my boyfriend."

"What about—?"

Gaara held up a hand to silence him. "Don't even mention Sasuke. My feelings for him were settled the moment I invited you to my place. I know that now. I can't fall asleep next to just anyone. Having slept beside you—that's my body's way of letting me know who really owns my heart."

Before Kimimaro could answer, the front door opened, and Temari walked through. "Good morning, little brother!" she called when she saw him at the table. "Who's your friend?"

Gaara felt a smile tug at his lips. "Kimimaro is my boyfriend." He turned to Kimimaro. "This is Temari, my sister."

Her grin rivaled one Naruto's trademark smiles. "Boyfriend, huh?" She chuckled before helping herself to the rest of the bacon and eggs.

Kimimaro had the morning shift at the bookstore and left soon after breakfast. He wanted to stop by his own place and grab some of his own clothes to wear to work. Gaara had the afternoon shift and said he'd bring Kimimaro's clothes with him.

Naruto, meanwhile, was not on the schedule for the day, so he settled himself down on the couch in preparation of spending his day off doing absolutely nothing. Gaara continued what he started with the laundry and also started cleaning the bathroom.

Temari plopped down on the couch next to Naruto. Her hair was seldom seen without its trademark four ponytails, but today she had brushed it out and let it hang down. She gently took Naruto's hand in her own. "I wanted to talk to you about Sasuke." When Naruto didn't answer, she took that as her cue to continue. "I've been through several bad break-ups before, and not a single one of them couldn't have been fixed, if I had really wanted the relationship to continue. Relationships take work, even those built on the purest love."

"Well, what can I do? We were both so angry with one another that we used sex to get back at each other."

"Naruto, you could have slept with every member of the Yukigakure Polar Bears hockey team, and you could still fix this. But you can't fix it by moping around on the couch—especially not on my couch."

Naruto shifted uncomfortably. Temari was still holding his hand, so he roughly took it back. "And if I don't want to fix it?"

Temari laughed. "Naruto, don't even joke about that. A blind man could see you're still in love with Sasuke. Look, even if you go talk to Sasuke, there's no guarantee that you'll get back together…but you won't ever get back together if you don't even try. And the longer you wait, the harder it will be to mend the bridge between you."

Naruto crossed his arms in a huff. "Well, I wouldn't even know how to get a hold of him. Itachi said Sasuke hasn't been home in a few days."


Gaara had been eavesdropping from the other room. He marched up to Naruto and smacked him across the head.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"Have you even tried calling him?"

"Well, what if he doesn't pick up?"

Temari glared at Naruto. "You're so stupid! You haven't tried calling him yet? What do you mean, 'What if he doesn't pick up?' If he doesn't pick up, you leave a voicemail. You text him. You leave another voicemail. You have your friends call him! You do everything you can until he answers you."

Growling, Naruto stood up angrily. "Listen, while I appreciate you two badgering me about this, I still haven't decided on whether or not I even want to get back together with him!"

"It's obvious that you do," Gaara countered. "We know you too well for you to convince us otherwise."

"I'm going for a walk!"

Naruto slammed the door behind him as he strode angrily out of the apartment. He knew Temari and Gaara were looking out for him as a friend, but it was still frustrating to hear other people voice what was already going on in your head. And so what if he hadn't called Sasuke since their break-up? Sasuke hadn't called him, either. Clearly Sasuke didn't want to talk to him, and Naruto didn't blame him for that.

He walked aimlessly around town for nearly an hour, passing in front of his own apartment five separate times. He ended at the park where Hinata had had her birthday party what seemed like years ago. He remembered how Sasuke had ended his trip early and had shown up to the party as a surprise.

Naruto walked to the edge of the lake and toed off his shoes. He rolled up his jeans as far as they would go and waded out into the lake. He stared off across the lake, watching couples and friends canoeing and swimming.

After twenty minutes, he waded out of the lake, grabbed his shoes, and headed to a secluded bench tucked away under a tree. He pulled out his cellphone, took a deep breath, and dialed Sasuke's number.

Sasuke answered on the third ring. "Naruto?"

Naruto's voice caught in his throat. Just hearing Sasuke's voice brought on a rush of emotions he thought he had locked away. Hoping Sasuke wouldn't hear how nervous he was, he went with a simple, "Hey…"


"Sasuke, can we talk?"

"We're talking now."

Naruto was suddenly frustrated. It had been over a month since their break-up. Sasuke didn't have to be such a bitch! "No, I mean, I want to meet up somewhere and talk."

Sasuke exhaled into the speaker. "Do you really think that's such a good idea?"

More anger bubbled to the surface, but he fought the urge to scream at Sasuke. "Yes, yes I do! Now, will you meet with me or not?"

Naruto heard someone speaking in the background. He pinpointed it as a male voice, deep, but couldn't determine who it was. Sasuke answered the voice. "It's Naruto. He wants to meet with me." The other voice responded. Sasuke let out a groan of frustration before answering Naruto, "Fine, we'll meet. I'll text you the address."


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