Summary: Jasper and Edward are ordered to kidnap Alice and Bella. What happens when the captors and captives fall for eachother? AU all human. Jasper/Alice and Bella/Edward

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Edwards POV

Life at the moment was not going well. I have definitely hated having to work for this stupid rich dude who clearly held too many grudges. But Jasper and I have no choice. We were stuck doing his illegal schemes. There was no way out.

Normally we would have sucked it up and just agree to his orders. But this one went too far. Kidnapping could lead to serious problems. We are not only inexperienced in this area of expertise, but we are also somewhat reluctant.

I honestly have little confidence that we will succeed. The Swans are a very wealthy and important family in Washington. Even if we did successfully capture them, search parties would be sent out everywhere and would find us easily.

To make things worse, we have only until the end of the week to do it. Its Monday, leaving 6 days to plan, observe and capture. I have never meant it more than right now when I say that Mondays truly suck.

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