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Chapter 25

Alice's POV

"Listen, I've been thinking about this," I told her, " and I think we need to get a message out to Charlie." Bella just looked at me like I was crazy.

But as I thought through everything more and more, it made perfect sense to me. Get a message to Charlie, and we could be saved. If anything, I can't believe to took me so long to think of it.

"Before you object, just hear me out. If we can let Charlie know where we are and who has us, he can send us help. This way, we can all go free," I finished, thinking of Jasper and feeling a sudden burst of hope as I said the words out loud.

Bella only sighed.

"Look Alice, what you are saying makes sense, it really does. But honestly, do you really think we will be able to find a way to communicate with anyone in the outside world?" She raised and eyebrow as I smiled.

"Well you see, that is where Emmett comes in." She considered that for a moment.

"And when do you expect to see Emmett and inform him of you brilliant plan?" she asked, in a doubtful tone, but with a small amount of underlying hope. She wants to go home just as much as I do.

"Well I haven't completely figured that out yet." She rolled her eyes. "BUT," I continued more firmly, "I have a feeling he'll drop by soon enough."

"Whys that?" asked Bella.

"Rosalie," I stated simply.

"Rosalie?" This time, I rolled my eyes.

"Open your eyes Bella."


I felt smug when I saw Emmett walk through the door. Granted, it wasn't until late the next day and I was beginning to feel disheartened, but I would never admit that to Bella now that I have won.

I simply smiled and she rolled her eyes in response.

"Still dosen't mean your plan will work," she reminded me. I shrugged, before returning my attention to Emmett, whose gaze was locked with Rosalies.

"Emmett," I greeted. He tore his eyes away from the beautiful blonde to smile at me.

"Hey kid," he said. I scowled, knowing I wasn't but a few years younger than him.

"Listen, I have a favor to ask of you," I said in the nicest voice I could.

"Sure kido, what do you need?" he asked.

"So you promise to do it?" He eyed me curiously.

"I can try."

"I need you to get a message to Bella's dad," I told him quietly.

I put my hand up to quiet him, before continuing to fill him in.

Edward's POV

After being dismissed, I made my way to the kitchens for lunch. Lately I have found myself trying to stay occupied at every moment. No matter how much I try to distract myself however, my thoughts always drift back to her.


Everytime I think of her, I feel a variety of emotions come spilling into me. And they all seem to contradict themselves.

Happiness, sadness,

love, guilt,

desire, hopelessness.

How happy I can be when I am around her, yet sad at what I have out her through. The love I feel for her seems to grow for her, as does the guilt. And my desire for her presence seems to have intensified, but so does my hopelessness of being near her.

Then add to that the guilt of dragging my mother and adopted sister into this mess. I'm surprised I have been able to keep myself together relatively well. And I know Jasper is feeling the same. I can barely keep him from telling Billy to go f- well, telling him to let them go to put it nicely.

I even miss being around Rosalie and that's saying something. As much as I love her she can be a bit overwhelming at times.

I finally made it down the stairs and was turning left towards the kitchen door. When I walked in, I found the room empty, all except for Emmett, sitting at the island in the middle of the room.

He looked up as I walked across the room and opened the fridge.

"Hey Ed," he said.

"Hey," I responded, pulling out a coke and turning towards him. I looked to see emmett holding a cell phone.

"PLanning on making a call?" I asked.

"I just did actually," he told me.

"You know Billy dosen't want us contacting anyone on the outside," I pointed out.

"They didn't tell you?" he questioned.

"Apparently not. Who didn't tell me what?"

He sighed. "Alice had me call Charlie," I froze. What the hell could she have been thinking?

"She has a plan I guess," he continued.

"And you agreed? Do you realize how risky this is. What if Billy finds out?"

"Well we won't give him a chance to." I sighed, running a hand through my hair.

"So, a plan huh?" He nodded.

" I think it could actually work. Alice seems pretty confident about it."

"Of course she does," I muttered. "Care to fill me in then?"

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