Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters belong to KOEI - Dynasty Warriors and Square Enix - Kingdom Hearts II

This story take place from Dynasty Warriors 5 and Kingdom Hearts II.

Pairing will be Lu Xun x Sun Shang Xiang, Sora x Kairi, Riku x Xing Cai



When the sun set,

And the day turned to be night,

The Tiger slept inside the forest deep

The Phoenix perched over the high mountain

The Dragon rested in the dark sky

Aware not of what would come before them.

For what the night that may came

Was a moonless night without single star

The darkness wouldn't cease, yet they left hopeless

Until the sky finally lit them with its sparking light.

In the east, the peaceful mind, belongs to a bright prodigy

In the south, the pure soul, belongs to an intrepid youth

In the west, the loyal heart, belongs to a valiant adolescent

In the north, the brave spirit, belongs to a noble king.

They looked upon them, for they are their only hope.

To chase away the darkness, to drive away the nightmare

The four light awaited their command, and they said

"The Tiger, the Phoenix, and the Dragon,

Would you unite your strength and repel the darkness with us?"

The Tiger, the Phoenix, and the Dragon

The three looked at each other.

Would they?


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