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Destiny Island, Sora's House

He sat in front of a computer. His finger had typed something for a very long time that it became cramped. Still, he didn't stop. He was so eager to finish what he type as fast as possible, although he knew he couldn't finish it soon. He rubbed his sleepy eyes as another took a cup of coffee from the table and drank it. Then he continued.

A knock.

"Come in." He didn't turn to see who was coming.

In the doorway, stood Kairi. She brought an apple for him. "Sora?"

This time, he turned to look at her. She threw the apple just in time and Sora was quick to catch it, avoiding him from being mocked by Kairi for his incautiousness. He took a bite from the apple. "Whassup, Kai?"

She walked over him and looked at the monitor. "You're typing again, aren't you?"

He nodded while still nibbling the apple. "Mulan should know the truth."

"What she knows is the REAL truth. We're the one who changed the history." She patted his back.

"Well…" He shrugged. "I don't care about it. Hey, don't you see the difference between the Three Kingdoms history she told us and the Three Kingdoms history we have experienced?"

She gave a nod. "Of course. The land is no longer in chaos. All the Three Kingdoms are now live in peace. And…"

"That's the most interesting part!" He snapped his finger. "Lu Xun and Shang Xiang!"

"Yes they are!" She nodded again.

Sora looked dreamy for a second. "It was really fun, the adventure."

"Yes it is." She affirmed.

"I wish I could go back to that world again." He looked up to the ceiling. "It was the most fun world I have ever visit. At the start, I thought it was a very horrible place. You know, people kill each other, war everywhere." He paused. "But then, I found a very good friend there."

"Yeah, Lu Xun's even a Keyblade master too." She looked out from the window.

"Lu Xun is my best friend there, but there are a lot more. Sun Ce, Sun Shang Xiang, Lu Meng, Ling Tong, Gan Ning, Sun Quan, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao, Huang Gai, Zhou Tai, Taishi Ci, everyone. Oh, and General Zhang Liao and General Xu Huang of Wei, plus Xing Cai."

"I too, find so many friends, especially the one from Wei." Kairi added. "I wonder how Zhen Ji's doing."

He rested his head on his hand. "You know? I just hope Mulan could experience the same thing too."

"What did she say about Three Kingdoms history?"

He sighed. "Well, she said it was the bravest history among all Chinese history, yet…" He closed his eyes, remembering how he killed some troops back when he was in China. "…so many was killed just for the warlords' ambition. Ironically, it's all ended with a raise of a dynasty called Jin Dynasty."

"None of them win?" Kairi took a seat on Sora's bed.

He shook his head. "It was all futility. The war, the death of the people, everything." He then turned to look at her, a wide smile appeared on his face. "But, since we have changed the history, all the three kingdoms, Wu, Wei, Shu, all lives in peace now. All of the kingdoms together build a new land of China."

"China will be a better land." She concluded.

"Of course it will." He said. "The resources there are enough to make a better living. In addition, I'm sure the talented officers there can develop technologies."

"Like… Da Qiao will invent cosmetic surgery and Xiao Qiao invent electric guitar?"

"Just like that!" Sora nodded. "Huang Gai will create nuclear bombs for mines. Gan Ning, along with Ling Tong, will invent cruiser. Sun Quan and Zhou Tai will go to Pluto." He pondered for another, while Kairi giggled. "Oh! And Sun Ce and Zhou Yu invent a game console called Playstation 2!"

"That's fun!" She replied, still laughed at his joke.

"If that's so." He placed a hand under his chin. "I will make a game about Three Kingdoms Era. The game will be called… ummm…" He frowned. "Do you have any idea, Kairi?"

"Let me think." She looked thoughtful too. "The game title… how about 'Dynasty Warriors'?"

"That's a DAMN great idea, Kairi!" His eyes widened in excitement. "Everyone will have their own story!"

"But, Sora…" Kairi cut him off. "Don't you think each story should have only one main protagonist?"

"Nah…" He shook his head. "It's HISTORY, Kairi. You know why it's called HISTORY. Divide the word into two. What do you find?" he asked.

"History… HIS and STORY?"

"Yeah!" He nodded vigorously. "His here is everyone. Each person has their own story, even the generic troops."

"If that's so, why…?"

He quickly cut her off. "I know what do you want to ask. Why isn't it using HER? Simple, Kairi. Because HISTORY sounds better than HERSTORY!" He ended it with a hearty laugh.

She punched him lightly on his head. "That's really funny, Sora."

Then, Kairi looked at the monitor and read the typing. "Well, Sora, it looks like you've made some mistakes with your spelling and grammar." She looked at him, who looked at her disbelievingly in return. "Mulan will surely find it difficult to read this long thick novel if you don't fix your mistake and improve your writing."

"Awww…" He slumped from the chair, almost falling to the floor. "Should I type it from the very beginning again?" He let out a loud yawn. "I'm tired…"

Kairi sighed, hand on hips while shaking her head. "Okay, I will continue for you. Take a rest."

"Kay, thanks, Kai." He stood up from her chair and made her way to the door. "Anyway, where's Riku?"

"In the beach." She answered, then her smile faded. "I think he's still thinking about Xing Cai, even if it has been 3 years."

"I felt sorry for him. I think I should check." He sighed. Opening the door, he took a last look at her. "Okay, bye…" He smiled playfully. "…honey."

Kairi was a bit startled, but as soon as she turned, she smiled in return and blew a kiss for him. Sora waved his hand while mouthing something like 'I love you'. He exited the room soon after.


Destiny Island, Beach

Riku sat on a a Paupu tree. He started at the golden sun which started to set. It would be dark soon. But he was too deep on his own thought to realize it. He recalled the event three years ago, when he was still wield that Dark Keyblade of his. But it wasn't what he recalled most. His mind picturing the girl who made him, for the first time, knew how good and pleasing it was to live in the light. His star is now gone, but her light still remained in his heart.

Then someone interrupted his train of thought from behind. He received a pat on his shoulder but he decided against turning around. He didn't want to be annoyed while he was still enjoying the solitude.

"Excuse me?" A girl voice. "Do you know someone named Riku here?"

"That's me." He answered coolly, just wishing her to finish her business as soon as possible. Just go away already...

To his surprise, his head was poked by the girl. That made him finally turned around, ready to yell. "What are you…?"

When his glance met hers, they fell silent. The girl gave him the sweetest smile he had ever seen, but he was too shocked to reply it. The girl spoke up. "Well, three years and you've already forgotten me?" Hands on hips.

The girl in front of him was Xing Cai. "How… how you are here?" He said in a disbelieving tone. "Our worlds… the door… it's supposed to be locked after we defeated Xemnas."

She shook her head. "That was what I believe for the first time. But then…" She paused, tried to remember the event. "…Lu Xun told me that I can go to your world. As a prove, he gave me this." She withdrew a bottle and showed it to him, but when he extended his arm to take it, she refused to give it to him. "Lu Xun told me not to give this to anyone other than Sora."

"Oh," He looked disappointed.

Xing Cai continued. "This bottle looks like it comes from your world, but Lu Xun found it the eastern sea of Wu. As soon as he told me this, I looked for you, Riku. That could only mean one thing." She didn't continue, allowing Riku to speak the rest.

"Your world and my world… they're not separated." Riku said. Then he gave her a wide smile of happiness and joy. "Just like us."

"It happened three years ago." She looked at the setting sun. "Yeah, I've been looking for you for three years." Then she returned her gaze to look at him. "But now, I find you and I won't let you go."

After three years missing each other so much, now they shared a long embrace. Now that they had finally united, nothing would separate them again. A gentle breeze blew past them, as if congratulating them for that. Xing Cai was almost cried but why should she cry when she was happy?

Then someone called him from behind. "Riku!"

They quickly broke the embrace and looked so hesitant for a moment. It was then Sora could take a good look at the girl, who then he realized her as one of the Chinese warrior he had ever met. He looked at the girl with wide eyes, jawdropped.

He pointed his finger at her. "You are…!"

Riku and Xing Cai exchanged glance. They shared a smile before the Chinese girl answered him. "Well, I'm Xing Cai, Sora. have you forgotten?"

"But…" He still couldn't recover himself from the shock. "How can you…!?"

"No time to answer. Just ask Riku later." She then handed the bottle to Sora. "Here, this is from Lu Xun."

"For me?" Sora tilted his head.

"Looks like you lost it somewhere, or someone wanted to give it to you." Xing Cai explained.

Sora took the paper from the bottle. As he read the writings, he recognized the neat handwriting as Kairi's. He read the first line. "Thinking of you wherever you are…"

"We pray for our sorrow to end, and hope our heart will blend…"


Before he could finish reading, the writer of the letter had called his name from behind. He quickly hid the bottle and turned around to find her ran over him. Her hand held another bottle. She panted after stopping her pace and she found Xing Cai, standing beside Riku, which then made her jumped in shock.

"Xing Cai?" Kairi blinked, unable to believe her sight. "You're… here?"

Xing Cai rolled her eyes. "Here comes the question." She then looked at Riku.

Riku shrugged as a reply, before looked at Kairi, whose hand still holding the bottle. "Kairi, what's that?"

"Oh!" She finally remembered the purpose of all her running. "This is… look!"

She handed it to Sora. Riku and Xing Cai looked at the bottle too. In the bottle was a rolled paper. On the one side of it was King Mickey's stamp.

"From the King?!" He was so surprised that he quickly took the paper out easily. It dropped on his hand and the four read the first line with wide eyes in shock.

Dear my friends…

As they continued reading, they became more and more surprised. When they finally finish reading the last line, Sora looked at Kairi, Riku, and Xing Cai, who still recovering from their shock.

"So, what do you think?" He asked them, expecting a quick, but a good answer.

"There's no other choice, then." Kairi answered. "We should prepare NOW!"

They nodded in agreement. Soon after, they found themselves running toward Sora's house, of course with laughter and cheer.

The paper dropped to the ground when they were still running. Written with a seemingly high-qualified ink, the writing was so clear for everyone to read.

Dear my friends…

I finally found a way to pay his kindness. As we already know, he had sacrificed almost everything three years ago to fulfill his duty as a Keyblade master and thought of the other world, which made him then finally joined the final battle. Thus, we were finally able to defeat our villain. Had it not for him, we wouldn't have won.

Now, I know how to repay it. As you now, Lu Xun and Shang Xiang are soon going to be married. For that, I offered them to hold the wedding party on the Disney Castle, so that even the people from the other world can join the celebration too. Of course the people from their world would be welcomed. And now, they too, invite you to come to their wedding party. So sorry that I sent you this letter a bit too late. The wedding party will be held tomorrow. Be sure to come, okay?

Your friend

King Mickey


Wu Capital City: Jian Ye, Wu Palace, Lu Xun's Room

Dad, thanks for everything you've done to me. Even if you're not here, this diary is what connects us. I always feel that you're always with me when I write my feeling on this diary. Whenever I feel sad, I know you will hear me when I write.

You've taught me how to withstand against every sorrow, every problem. Now, it's already over. Tomorrow I and Shang Xiang will be one forever. Moreover, China is now live in peace. Wu, Wei, Shu, all live together to build China. With that, there will be no more war, which means no more sorrow, no more pain.

I know it's time for me to stop writing, as I finally reach the last page. With this peace, and the marriage, I know then we all will live forever in happiness, just like in the fairy tale that once Sora told me. There will be no more tears. Now you don't have to be worried anymore, dad. Everything will be alright, started from today. I won't be sad anymore, now that I have Shang Xiang with me. As you've told me, yes, she will be a good wife, and I'm so grateful for that.

If we finally meet again, I hope I can find you waiting for me with mom.

Lu Xun put the pen beside the diary. He closed the diary but felt that he had finished writing. He wanted to write something more, but didn't know what. As he kept thinking of the unwritten sentence yet, the door knocked.

"Come in."

Then she came, the princess of his heart. She walked over to him and took a seat on the edge of the bed. "Well, are you scared?"

"Of what?" he asked back.

"Tomorrow." She answered simply. "Yes, tomorrow, everything is the beginning of everything."

He nodded.

"Well, have you prepared your clothes?" She inquired.

"The one Sora and friends gave us that time?" Asked Lu Xun. "You mean… that will be our wedding clothes? Are you sure?"

She gave him a nod. "Just think of that, Lu Xun. It will be nice if we wear that attire. It's cool for a wedding party." She said. "And sometimes, we have to break free from our custom. Let's try something new!"

He smiled and nodded. "Alright then. If you wished so." He lowered his head. "I hope Sora, Kairi, Riku, Xing Cai will come too."

"They will, don't worry."

"It's good then." He sighed in relief. "Anyway, is the preparation complete? We will be going tomorrow."

She stood up from her seat. "I will check." Then she walked toward the door before taking a last glance at him. "Well, you'd better sleep now, Lu Xun. Tomorrow will be tiring." She sent him a kiss before left the room.

Now he was alone again, but she still stayed in his heart. He once again turned his gaze at the diary, once again thinking of the missing sentence that would complete the diary. Then, something that she had said earlier made him found why the diary was still incomplete.

"Yes, tomorrow, everything is the beginning of everything."

Then he took the pen, wrote a last, simple short sentence on the last line. He put the diary on the drawer and locked it using a key. Then he blew the candle before lying on the bed and finding himself on his dream.

On the last line, last page of the old book was written:

"My story ends here, but in my end lays the beginning of other stories."

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