Chapter Thirteen

For Want of a Happy Ending

'Don't you think we should get them home?' Ashley asked, watching as Dina, Saskia and Melanie disappeared into the buzzing crowds with their arms around each other. Ashley herself was still cut and bruised, although her head had cleared since leaving the maze – which had been considerably easier than earlier.

'If they wanted our help they would have asked for it.' The Doctor replied. 'They have families to get back to. Lives to live.'

Ashley slipped her arm through the Doctor's and sighed. 'Melanie was in there for twenty years.' She reminded him. 'I doubt that her parents are just going to welcome her with open arms.'

The Doctor turned and looked at her. 'If I found my daughter alive and well after twenty years, I would be happy.'

Ashley looked at him and saw sadness in his eyes. She wanted him to elaborate on the statement, but he looked away and she knew the moment had passed. 'Do you think we've got time for a quick go on the dodgems?' he half smiled.

She laughed. 'I'll probably pass out if I have one more knock. No, I think we've been here long enough.'

The Doctor pouted. 'Aw. We didn't even get a souvenir. I saw a t-shirt that you might like.'

'You bought me a t-shirt?'

'Well… No, but I can take you to the shop if you want to buy it.'

'I don't have any money.'

The Doctor only shrugged at her apologetically. She rolled her eyes and sighed as they began weaving through the crowds towards the exit.

'Why did that man do that?' Ashley asked. 'Why would he do something like that?'

'Because he's insane.' The Doctor sighed. 'Believe it or not, some things can be explained with that simple reason. I've seen aliens round up a whole species and having a clear motive. People like him are the scariest because they don't even know why they're doing it. He thought he was helping you I suppose… in his own way.'

'So he was just your run of the mill psycho?' Ashley asked. 'Well there you go. You even get psychos on the other side of the universe.'

The Doctor nodded. 'Yup.' He replied, loudly popping the 'P'. 'You get psychos all through time and space. Wait until you meet the guy who invented sellotape.' He shuddered. 'Which you won't because there's no way I'm going to his house ever again. He likes to tape… things.'

Ashley cocked an eyebrow at him. 'Sounds like fun.' She paused thoughtfully. 'So… he's going to be trapped in there, for all eternity? Never aging? Never dying?'

The Doctor looked grim. 'It's his comeuppance.' He replied, darkly.

Ashley eyed him for a moment. 'I always thought you were forgiving, Doctor.' She took her arm from his and pushed her hands in her pockets. 'Sometimes I feel like I don't know you at all.'

He didn't look at her. 'It's probably for the best.' He replied.

Ashley watched him as they walked, noting the look of exhaustion on his face. They had had it hard the past few days. He had had a worse emotional time. They needed a rest.

'I want to go somewhere quiet.' She told him. 'Somewhere where there's no big lights, hardly any people. Somewhere where we can just sit and chill out. I'll even share my Malteasers with you and I never share my Malteasers with anyone.'

The Doctor turned to her and grinned. 'Sounds like a plan. I know the perfect place.' He stepped in front of her and crouched. 'Get on my back.'

Ashley laughed. 'What? Shut up. You're built like a rake. You'll snap in half.'

'Hey,' he frowned. 'I have strong thighbones. From all that running.' He added hastily. 'Jump on or I'll leave you behind. You won't be able to keep up with that limp, gimpy.'

Ashley laughed and jumped on his back. He grunted, commented on her being heavier than she looked – to which she swiftly hit him on the back of his head – and he trotted through the rest of the park and out the exit to return to the Tardis. He ran the last few yards, making Ashley squeal out with laughter. Once inside, he set her down.

'You're mental!' she laughed, pushing him in the shoulder. 'I nearly get locked in an eternal tomb, you nearly get your face sliced off and you still act like nothing bloody happened. Talk about repressing memories.'

The Doctor only smiled and moved to the control panel. 'You should go wash that blood off.' He told her. 'Bathroom is down the corridor, third left, fourth right and second door on your left.'

Ashley cocked an eyebrow, and then followed the directions he had told her. Stepping through the bathroom door, her eyes fell upon the mirror. She looked at it for a few moments, examining her beaten reflection, and then picked up a towel and hung it over the front.


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