I do not own Bleach. Bleach is by Kubo Tite.


In honor of the lovers that personify the word 'love'…


My Flight


It may seem like I have flown a million light years away from my home

The servants that awaits my every move

The skies that scream the nobility of my name

The stares and bows I receive as I walk my way

I have left them all and crossed the gate to the human world

The sight of the clashing swords

The silent whispers and seals of hands

The swiftness and speed of the fighters lead

I moved away from the fights I once lived for

I was feared, revered and honored

I was held up against the moon and the sun

I was looked up to by the world I once lived in

I was the princess, the heiress of a noble clan

I was a goddess, venerated by my kind

I flash like a light and fights like a lord

I am as swift as cat and as mighty as a lion

I was a captain, a commander, a leader

However in your eyes, I am your woman

And that means more than all the things I had in my past

To lay in your arms and look into your eyes

I have given up my life

To get home and see you waiting

To hear your voice while I'm yelling

To feel your touch as I'm sleeping

If I was their princess, I know I am your queen

Beside you I will stay, for you I will slay

The games and tricks of life I will play

To keep you with me, if there's a god, I will pray

To fight against the ironies of life, I will be with you

The mind that thinks and sings like the wind

The sandy hair that adorns your face and the ridiculous hat you love to wear

The comforts of your words and presence calms my soul

I know I can cross beyond death as long as you held my hand

That ridiculous 'word' is a promise we held

And to live away from each other, is the most painful way of death

Clear the sky and murmur to the winds

Beyond the moon and past the sky, we took our flight

With that ridiculous word, they call love…

Yoruichi Shihouin