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Chapter 1

A new Agent

"Hail Ilpalazzo!!" "Zzo!" screamed Excel and Hyatt prepared ad ready for Lord Ilpalazzo to assign them their mission.

"Good morning agents Excel and Hyatt" said Lord Ilpalazzo

"GOOD MORNING LORD ILPALAZZO!!" said Excel "Sorry about last mission Sir! There were army men and soldiers everywhere!! And then there was that incident with that Tibetan guy who grew tomatoes and ate flies but in all honestly that wasn't my -"

Just then Ilpalazzo pulled the rope opening the trap door.

"But I wasn't finished!! Hey!! There's nothing but dirt down here!!"

Ilpalazzo cleared his throat. "Anyway as we all know our last mission didn't go according to plan, but hopefully this new mission will help overcome at least SOME corruption, and soon ACROSS will finally rein F City!"

"Excuse me Lord Ilpalazzo, but what exactly is this mission?" said Hyatt

"I find this mission might be somewhat complex so I've decided to hire an agent from HQ"

"A NEW AGENT!? WHO? WHO!" said Excel crawling out of the pit she fell into.

"Say hello to Seiko! Our new and third agent of ACROSS!"

The doors opened behind the 2 agents and out came a cute young woman with extremely bright pink hair.

"Hi Seniors, I'm looking forward to working with you both" she said walking up to Excel and Hyatt

"Hello Miss Seiko, my name is Hyatt"

"It's nice to meet you Senior Hyatt… And what's your name Senior?" said Seiko facing Excel

"My name is EXCEL. Looking forward to working with you Seiko! Might I ask how old are you?"

"Well the same age as you Senior Excel" said Seiko

"Oh! So that would be - "

--Random Silence--

"Anyway, Seiko is one of our advanced agents from HQ. She is highly trained and will make a great addition"

"Thankyou Lord Ilpalazzo" said Seiko bowing

"Onto today's mission… I have heard that this city is being protected by Civil Servants. Your mission is to stall and take them out! Remember agents, these Civil Servants carry the latest weapons. So I advise you to take caution"

"Will do Lord Ilpalazzo! I'll even make su - "

"Seiko! I also need to arrange a meeting with you sometime this week" he said purposely interrupting Excel (poor thing!).

"Sure Sir." said Seiko

"I'll see you 3 soon"Hail Ilpalazzo!!" said Excel and Seiko

Hyatt on the other hand…"Haaaaill… Il-Ilpa-lazz" she said collapsing on the ground like she usually does.

Seiko turned to shock "HYATT!! WTF!?" she said lifting her frail body up.

"Oh you don't need to worry about that Seiko, she does that quite a bit" said Excel

"HYATT!! SPEAK TO ME!! WHOA! BLOOD!?" said Seiko wiping the blood from Hyatt's mouth.

"Y-you don't need to worry about m-me Seiko…" stuttered Hyatt

"You're my Senior, as my duty I must look after my Seniors when they are ill"

"Umm… I think we should be leaving now" said Excel. "Okay" said Seiko helping Hyatt up. "Lead the way Senior Excel"

And so the 3 Agents left the secret underground base to accomplish their mission.

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