When First we Meet



Another boring day at school.

Most people think that being immortal would be amazing having all the time in the world to do whatever you wanted, but it's not after a few decades things start to get boring and repetitive.

So here I am 106 years old and counting down the seconds until the end of my Spanish Class. As the final bell of the day rang I swiftly got out of my seat and started making my way to my car where the rest of my family were already waiting.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family and they do make everything more exciting, whether it's wrestling with Emmett, watching Alice go Shop Crazy every time a new store opens or debating with Jasper. I would definitely be lost without them.

As I got into the car I tried to stay out of my siblings thoughts (especially Emmett and Rose) but Alice's were extremely suspicious, she was translating "Hey Good-looking" into Japanese, obviously trying to keep me out of whatever was going on in her head.

"What's wrong?" I asked as she got into the passenger seat

"Nothing" she said turning to look out the window, well now I knew there was something wrong, Alice never gives one word answers.

"Alice come on, give me some credit, I know that something's up!"

She turned to look at the rest of our siblings. Emmett and Jasper were fighting over a football game and Rosalie was filing her nails. Seriously, she does that so much it's a wonder she has any nails left!

Look don't freak out, but I cant see anything!

"What?!" I said low enough that the others couldn't hear me.

My visions! They've stopped! I can't see anything. This has never happened before, its like something's blocking them

"Or someone" I mused aloud

And sure enough as we entered the driveway to our home we all smelt it, but it wasn't what we expected, it was human.